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  1. Macho takes Backlunds spot as the crazy vet and beats Bret for the title at survivor series 94. Diesel wins the 95 rumble and beats Savage at mania while Bret beats Shawn in a #1 contenders match. Diesel defends against Bret at the first IYH and it pretty ends like the rumble match with lots of interference but the biggest change is a re-debuting Sid taking Diesel out as Shawn’s new bodyguard. This sets up the summer of 95 with Diesel vs Shawn and Sid. Shawn can still turn babyface by the end of the year and get his mania win back from Bret for the title at mania 12.
  2. I was waiting on line to get into MetLife Stadium for Mania 29 and I overheard a few guys in front me saying, "That's Tanahashi over there." I looked around and a few rows parallel to mine, there he was Hiroshi Tanahashi with a baseball cap on and another Japanese fellow (could've been Liger for all I know). I knew I probably would never have the opportunity to say anything to him ever again so I walked over to him very casually, extended my hand and said "Thank you, I'm a big fan." He shook my hand, gave me a small bow and I walked back to my line. I'm pretty sure he was grateful I didn't ove
  3. Bret is my all-time favorite. He was the first wrestler I saw as a kid that hooked me and I've been a fan ever since. But Kobashi holds a special place with me also. I didn't learn about the All Japan 90s matches and early NOAH ( I didn't have a computer until 03) until the early-mid 00s when I got into ROH and saw Joe vs. Kobashi. Kobashi stood out to me the most because he had Bret level selling and could take an ass whopping and a strong emotional come back that made you cheer for him until the final bell. In Feb 2006 when I was 16, I was diagnosed with cancer. It was a rough time for
  4. We can all agree the WCW cruiserweight division from 96-early 99 was probably the best junior division between the major US promotions. But the Smackdown cruiserweight division from 02-04 is sooo underrated. I’d stay up on Saturday nights to watch Velocity just to see those matches.
  5. Kenta vs Low Ki at Final Battle 05 and Taker vs Batista Mania 23 are tied for me. Two totally different matches but both kicked ass. The Shield vs Evolution at Extreme Rules, AJ Styles vs Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules, The Revival vs DIY at NXT Brooklyn 2, Jay Lethal vs Jay Briscoe at Best in the World and Bryan Danielson vs Morishima at Manhattan Mayhem are honorable mentions.
  6. I cut my paid subscription to the network a year ago but I do have Xfinity, so I guess it works out for me also.
  7. I could see Orange Cassidy adopting a version of that for a finish.
  8. It cracks me up after HHH catches Funk he claps his hands. I guess he's happy because that botch could've ended a lot worse.
  9. That's not Savio, it's the Godfather. And I believe that's Samu in between Owen and Fuji.
  10. I was thinking about that recently too and with how the commentators are putting Wardlow over it looks like he'll eventually get a babyface push. AEW has been pretty good with building storylines so they'll probably go back to MJF berating him while the Inner Circle falls a part. I could see him and possibly Sammy or Santana/Ortiz coming out it as babyfaces as well.
  11. Pay attention walking to the ring
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