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  1. I bought the AEW ring with exclusive Cody from Smyths, and I don’t know why. I’ve not even opened it. I have nowhere to put it. I don’t even collect the AEW figs, I only have a Hangman. And when the package arrived this morning it woke up my girlfriend who isn’t a big Cody fan already. I said “it’s a package. Cody Rhodes.” And she shouted back from the bedroom “fuck Cody Rhodes!”. So I suppose that rules out having it on display. also Chella have the Bull Nakano proto
  2. I was one of those people that didn’t get Darby at all at first. Skateboarding, I’m half-dead, edgelord… didn’t get get it. now I wanna be an edgelord too. I want an emo face-paint daddy too. Do I? Well I want Darby to have one if he wants. When you’re that size you need to throw everything at your opponent. He can’t just do some leg kicks and expect to chop Miro down. He has to put his entire body on the line, and he did that. He’s tremendous.
  3. Good lord, Cody Rhodes. What the fuck are you babbling on about, mate? “The most self-aware wrestler”? This man has lost his mind. Tony needs to get Cody in his bus, tell him they’re gonna go full Lex-Express, send Cody on tour around the good old USA for 6 months, and drive it off the fucking Grand Canyon. What an abysmal promo, is what I’m trying to say. Miro/Darby was excellent, and I could watch that every week.
  4. Cody had his bus stolen, no less. He had to scrimp and scrape to afford that bus, he is the humble grandson of a plumber. but I wonder if Cody was in fact on board the whole time. Was he in one of the sleeping compartments having a kip, and woke up in Jacksonville? You can understand why he’d be cranky. Or was this a case of Cody buying himself a bus with his tattoo on the side, and Tony seeing the writing on the wall just went straight up to him and said “yes... you can drive it into some bins on TV if you want”
  5. I've seen a lot of comment about LOL Cody did a figure 4 on a bus! But I've thought about it, and surely there's something to be said about not throwing a man to his death and just hurting his leg a bit instead, isn't there? Sure, he betrayed him, but maybe while he was up there Cody thought about it, and considered the options, maybe didn't fancy murdering a man on TV. Cody is a noble, and honourable man.
  6. Can I change my board name to Emo Facepaint Daddy? miro looks like a real killer and I hope we see him wrecking fools for a while.
  7. Yeah this is from Chella who are doing the hasbro style figs.
  8. I never imagined I would come to a wrestling forum and read the sentence I just read.
  9. What about Steiner as an authority figure (hear me out) that stops interviews being interrupted. Call him PromoCop. He already has sirens.
  10. Retro Piper and Mean Gene? Just when I thought I was out...
  11. I loved Kenny’s breakdown this week. He’s so upset, he’s telling Don to hand him the microphone when he already has it in his hand. Silver/Darby was awesome. Silver looked emotional and intense throughout, really sold the importance of the opportunity he had. Sting needs to stay off the ramp. -1 was in his ear this week saying “bro, if you’re not in the match stay on hard-cam, bro”
  12. I’m guessing getting those to the UK is gonna be a bitch and a half.
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