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  1. Not trying to leap to the defense of Dave Meltzer here, but yeah, I think he was pretty clearly saying that there's a lot of pressure in pro wrestling for women to look a certain way and that seems like about as uncontroversial an opinion as could possibly exist. And I'm sorry, I don't know what the line is when it comes to Charlotte or any other public figure who has, uh, increasing amounts of noticeable plastic surgery. I'm not saying it's fair game for everyone to pile on and be an asshole or anything (if nothing else, it's pretty hacky Jay Leno monologuing about Cher kind of stuff), a
  2. I agree with the general consensus on most things: * Two nights is better than one night, both for viewing at home and I can only imagine for viewing in-person, too: People don't get as worn out, the pacing makes more sense, it allows for two legitimate main events, and it makes each match feel more important. * Night 1 was better than Night 2, but I don't think either was anything less than "Good." Easily the best Wrestlemania since 31. * Lowlights were Braun helping Shane do a front flip for all the dum-dums in the audience, Hulk Hogan both being and making everyone else uncom
  3. The Stump-Puller The Implant Buster (I know, I know) The Steiner-line (like the Steiner Recliner, it just sounds good to the ears) The Million Dollar Dream The Tongan Death Grip I always loved when Ember Moon's finisher was called The O Face, though the Eclipse is pretty good too. A lot of the classic moves just sound like a million bucks: Piledriver, Atomic Drop, Brainbuster, Power Bomb, Heart Punch, Tope Suicida, Gorilla Press Slam Re: Koko B. Ware's Ghostbuster -- I always assumed it was from when he was working as a heel in the southern territories, that
  4. That's a lot of gross fun. Joey at one point notes that "this is the best Sabu's ever looked," which feels true. I wonder if this was in his run-up to being signed to WWECW, where he was also looked healthy and was doing great stuff. He's in good shape, hits his spots clean (relatively), and he and LA Park move at the right speed with each other. Very stabby and passionate. There's a really nice moment in this where LA Park has been taking an especially vicious ass-kicking, and the front row get a chant going for him. It made me rewatch the Joe - Necro Butcher match and -- I heard a litt
  5. Yeah, and too much money to be lost if there's a bigger outbreak or if they get shut back down. He's evil, not stupid. He's the guy at the top who makes big bucks peddling slop to the rubes, not a True Believer. Though it would be funny to hear him give a David Icke style rant about lizard people.
  6. Maybe this is too internet smark circa 1999, but to this day (in ring) I really can't stand Goldberg. Couldn't wrestle longer than three minutes, couldn't even do the moves he had without fucking them up and hurting people, couldn't talk, had no juice without the streak (WILL JERRY FLYNN BE THE ONE TO BREAK IT THIS WEEK?), and then had (has? is still contractually obligated to continue?) a listless, heatless farewell tour. He's got a great entrance and was breath of fresh air in the dying days of WCW in retrospect, but truly the best thing you could say about him is that his matches were short
  7. For the Attitude Era, outside of X-Pac and Goldust, maybe I'm way off-base here but: Val Venis? Depending on how you define the era in either direction, I guess it could stretch to include Benoit, Christian, Savio and then you have Bob Holly and Al Snow as solid-if-not-exactly-ever-over guys that new talent always seemed to have a couple early go-rounds with.
  8. I checked out The Underground for the same reason I bought a bag of ranch Cheetos -- deep in my heart, I'm sucker for novelty. I don't mind it in concept (I also dig it as a "second location" for things to occur at, like someone else said), but it's not like I am dying to see The Underground Week 2 (or Weeks 3 - 7 or however long before they get bored of it). I don't remember who tweeted it, but I agree, there's something about WWE for the last I-don't-even-know-how-many years, where they're just happy to pop a quick rating and not looking to sustain anything. I think the year Shinsuke an
  9. Riiiiiiight. That's maybe the better reference point then. A Rocky IV situation, but in pro wrestling. That's a great example! It's definitely an undersized heel who wins the crowd over against a face, though if I was being nitpicky, I'd say Lio would have had to win to fully qualify. 1-2-3 Kid vs. Razor is really close! I think I had retroactively made Razor a more traditional heel in that match, but he was right at the cusp of being a major face and the crowd was definitely behind him. It's also a huge testament to Scott Hall that he could put Waltman over like that and not h
  10. I just saw Escape From New York for the first time, and here is my question: What is the best example of a Snake Plissken vs. Ox Baker match? Scrappy, undersized guy, despised by the audience, trying to tackle a humongous monster, who is also a completely beloved hometown face(?), where by the end of the match, the guy who started out (ostensibly) as the heel, wins not only the match, but also wins over the live crowd, purely through his heroic dispatching of someone bigger than him. Does this match exist outside of a John Carpenter movie?
  11. What would people say are the BEST Konnan matches? Because I understand his popularity in the abstract, but I'd love to be pointed to either a really great match of his or at least a match that shows how over he was at his peak. I more or less only know him from nWo-era WCW onward and I don't remember being exactly blown away by anything of his that didn't involve Disco Inferno dancing in front of it.
  12. I can see that and I'm 100% willing to be wrong. Maybe I'm just being cynical but it read to me a little more like a Three Percenter or Oath Keeper kind of thing. Like THE SYSTEM has failed us (but not The President, somehow?), so we're going to take things into our own hands. Less like Rambo in First Blood, more like Rambo in Last Blood. Jaxxxzon Rykker is no Zeb Colter.
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