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  2. Current Stardom with a bigger budget. That’s the ideal scenario, right there. I mean, now they don’t have to use whatever ring is available to them when they go from town to town. They’ll look like a legit top flight promotion, and probably have more eyeballs on the company, than just the creeps on the island.
  3. Angle-era Pittsburgh shows were usually hot.
  4. No offense to Peter Gabriel, and his marks. Prior to Phil Collins beautiful vocals, and pulse pounding drums, you could say any name you want, and anybody would believe you. That’s how unmemorable he was as lead singer. If you could call what he was doing back then as “singing”.
  5. I assume Bushiroad bought out Stardom before WWE did.
  6. I would’ve liked an in arena babyface promo for Janela about his brutal hardcore matches, and him sadly always come up short in them on tonight’s episode. But this show has literally been what NWA: TNA pretended that the last three initials meant, but really they wanted something that sounded like Tits n’ Ass to grab the pervs who needed to get a 10 dollar wank on a weekday night. It might break the formula to have more interviews. But once this tag tournament is over, I hope they add something to the format. They hired all those interviewers for a goddamn reason.
  7. Phil Parkinson confirmed as new Sunderland manager. Great get for the Black Cats.
  8. Adam Page & Dustin Rhodes forming a tag team, with Page turning on him way down the line, could lead into a Cody/Page feud pretty nicely. I dig it.
  9. Bobby Heenan was right about Fuck Hulk Hogan all along. The Brain, indeed.
  10. Yup... If last weeks team felt like Barry & Dustin, then this weeks felt like Lex & Barry. with the two blonde athletic partners.
  11. When I see a post on Bobby Heenan, picture or GIF, I have to watch the 1992 Royal Rumble match all over again. That's what I'll be doing later.
  12. I wonder if the commissions are going to come down on pro boxing now because Day makes the fourth death (at least) in pro boxing worldwide (FWIW one was a guy with probably a pre-existing condition impersonating his cousin in a country that just started contesting pro boxing bouts) and the second one stateside. I say that because Maxim Dadashev and Patrick Day weren't not just weekend warriors. Both were skilled professionals in the paid ranks. This should warrant a serious look into what is going on with professional boxing.
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  14. I so want the WK tag match to now be Tekkers vs Finjuice vs GoD.
  15. Watch them turn it into another BanG Dream!-like vehicle...
  16. I only ever really saw his post-Strike Force run so feel like I missed out big time. One of my fave competitive squashes is Flair v El Matador at Royal Albert Hall in 91
  17. Anybody playing Asphalt Legends on the Switch? It's a fun time-waster in the Burnout sense. Looking to join a club in the game.
  18. Juice is great at making you feel bad for him... until Archer just strolls in and makes him look like yesterday's news.
  19. I think it is just Liger talking like a babyface, always ready for another fight and all that. Suzuki on the other hand made it clear that this is it. Juice's promo was painful, in a good way, to watch. God, I hope he fucking goes on a winning streak and finally establishes himself as one of the top acts in the company.
  20. So sounds like nothing really changes asides of Stardom getting more money behind them? If you like both companies as they are then this sounds like a best case scenario.
  21. That would have been an epic visual. Damn that's an amazing story to tell. It's like the Undertaker / Jeff Hardy ladder moment for a new generation. I hope that eventually happens down the line. I like the way you think. King Of The Ring 1998 Mankind vs Undertaker Hell In A Cell was in Pittsburgh. Great reaction that night. 2014 Royal Rumble was in Pittsburgh. I was at that one live. Bryan vs Bray is the best match Bray has ever had and Bryan was close to peak 'Austin over' that night. Rey coming out at 30 and Boo-tista was a loud as hell reaction too. Also lots of loud chants during that Randy vs Cena match. Goldberg, same old shit, we want divas, ect. Crazy stuff. I don't think Pittsburgh is a bad crowd.I just think Pittsburgh only gives a shit when they are presented with something to give a shit about. I don't think anything on Raw in the past 3 or 4 years has been anything to get hyped over. Just my opinion tho.
  22. AEW's instagram referred to him as Clementine Cassidy.
  23. AEW's instagram referred to him as Clementine Cassidy.
  24. She was doing post match beatdowns on every bigger RoH show, would they really do that if she was injured?
  25. Seriously, the timing was so perfect too. Dunne just proved he can carry anyone to a great match. Not that Priest was bad; instead of thinking of him as a big man, I really should think of him as similar to Edge, really tall lanky guy who could sell. And the most personality I've seen out of him was his demonic shiteating grin near the end...
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