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  2. Westbrook is a fraud and should just give back his MVP.
  3. Since we are posting random things here:
  4. One ten second match and now she's a Nakamura-level slacker? - fickle like DB says, RAF
  5. And Crazy Luke! Acid flashback film stock!! Square meters of sideburns!!! Florescent lighting!!!! That's some good stuff, boy howdy... - RAF
  6. Reminds me of Sonny Shine in Happy! And Timmy Mallet and any other creepy kids presenter. Could be fun.
  7. I'm pretty sure, both in the books and the show, that Edmure was installed back in Riverrun after surrendering it to Jamie, with the caviat that he and whatever Tully forces were left sit the rest of the wars out and that Lordship of the Riverlands was now Walder Frey's. Edmure was controlable because Jamie pretty much implied he'd go Castamire on the Tully's, including Edmure's wife and son, should he not play ball and serve as Walder says. I can see it a Ayra just decided to leave him alone after knocking off the Frey's solely because Edmure wasn't worth the trip.
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  9. As for the finals, I'm going to assume Shingo vs. Ospreay is indeed the most obvious...and the most awesome! No problem with that if that's where they're going. Gresham clearly has the interest from New Japan, so I expect some breakout matches for him. At least, he will continue to impress. Titan is one of CMLL's real standouts this year, so they're catching him at a truly pivotal moment in his career. Matches with either Ishimori or Dragon Lee (or both, thank you very much) would likely be incredible. Maybe this tournament is finally Marty's proper send-off? He came in this way, goes out the same way. Makes sense.
  10. You guys realize that if they're going to run Kofi/Owens at MITB, they had to pull the trigger this week since the PPV is in like... 3 weeks.
  11. Gonna have to do some scouting tomorrow.
  12. I knew Owens attacking Kofi was going to happen, but I wish they milked it for a little while longer. Maybe to the night Big E returned so they could do something like IT'S BIG E AND THE BIG O. Owens flashes a smile and then BOOM. He lays out Kofi and with the help of some others, he lays out the rest of The New Day. But alas, as we know they can't do that kind of long term planning at least with Vince changing everything on the fly. Roman and Shane btw might be the dumbest feud ever. I mean, Shane being all "thats my dad...you can't do that to him" was funny. But who on earth wants to see Shane and his shitty punches against Roman?
  13. Billie Kay looked very different when she was still Jessie McKay, and was apparently a much better wrestler as well. Somehow the WWEPC transformed her... possibly she figured there was more money in being a gimmick, and that having long matches was bad for your long term health. Makes sense in a way. if you were used to busting your arse for peanuts, and suddenly you could get paid a fortune to lazily coast in ten second matches, you'd do it, right?
  14. I was rooting for Bayley. Hell I was rooting for the lady in the second row too. Anyone but Charlotte at this point. No offense and nothing against her but I’m over her right now, especially when you’ve got an influx of new faces to use. Whatever.
  15. I understand that. I'm not disputing the stoppage itself, because it did look like that fight was ending one way, but everything surrounding it just came across as bush league.
  16. At the Death Before Dishonor PPV a mystery attacker jump Tenille backstage and we saw her laying on the ground. Commentary wondered who attacked her and when she did commentary she was still trying to solve the mystery of who it was briefly then go back to calling the match.
  17. Ross would do it but instead of screaming like Cornette he would be quiet and sound like he is bored out of his mind or with the same joy of getting a root canal.
  18. Aces and Eights Bully Ray was a lot more fun than 2019 Bully Ray.
  19. I think Dame has elevated himself into a top 5-6 position in the league. He was 1st team All-NBA last season and dragged the Blazers to a much better record than they had any right to have even though they had a rough series. This year basically the same thing. You can say that LeBron, KD, Harden and Greek Freak are better. Steph too. But he's on the Anthony Davis, Kawhi Leonard tier for me. I think he's better than Westbrook and Kyrie.
  20. They are essentially a satanic version of Terry Funk or Onita with all the fake retirements.
  21. Not heard anything. WWE were setting up Kevin Owens for a babyface run when he returned, those videos as the man of the people. I think WWE's turned KO back as other alternatives were ruled out. I'd have liked to see Kevin Owens as a face for a change in WWE.
  22. Ref might have been pestering him but obviously the ref was hearing Khan's trainer wanting to stop the fight. A better ref would have made things clearer for lack of a better word. Khan was looking for a way out earlier in his corner, this provided it without another KO or violent stoppage on his resume and we were spared potentially 6 more rounds of a fight that wasn't a great matchup to begin with. Then we got the old man Bob Arum rant after the fight. Poor Crawford there is literally nothing for him right now remotely intriguing
  23. I’d go with Becky winning vs Lacey but losing vs Charlotte, (even if via Lacey interfering if they feel it’s not protected enough) because the Raw division badly needs Becky, it keeps her and Charlotte separated for months, and gives a big match to build to if Ronda doesn’t return, in addition to leaving the cash-in as an open story element rather than using it right away like last year. And hopefully in the meantime they could each help build some more stars on each brand.
  24. Yo, save some of this stuff for the actual review thread! Thanks.
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