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Last I checked, the bundle was the best selling item of the week at PWT, and the four animal ones that aren't Page were all in the top ten. So it's off to a good start.

Strangely, Page's Bullet Club shirt was outselling his Elite shirt. 

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18 hours ago, D.Z said:


These peeps have released some amazing merch. but the shipping is ridiculous. It's like $50 for shipping, plus $45 a shirt.

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On the topic of how well things sell, here's PWT's top ten selling wrestlers of the year

10 Adam Page

09 Tama Tonga

08 CM Punk

07 Steve Austin

06 Kota Ibushi

05 Bruce Prichard

04 Cody

03 Kenny Omega

02 Marty Scrull

01 The Young Bucks

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