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April 1991 WCW Power Hour! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFOVw1AV-zk

The Royal Family in action! Teasing a Stan Hansen vs Dustin Rhodes feud that doesn't lead to any matches! Stan Hansen in action! Owen Hart is teaming with Ricky Morton! The Young Pistols in action! Bobby Eaton vs Terry Taylor in a match with a time limit set by Alexandria York's "computer"! Lots of Superbrawl hype! Dustin Rhodes in action!

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"Lifted the heaviest weight in Japan at 195kg! ︎Pro-wrestling king imposes harshness on novice champion Minoru Suzuki VS Ryota Hama《Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship 2010/5/2》All Japan Pro-Wrestling Battle Library"


Ryota Hama was the heaviest former Triple Crown champ before that record was broken, but he is also one of the smallest to ever win the Triple Crown height wise, along with Nakajima.

Akebono is the heaviest ever former Triple Crown Champion.

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 NJPW Summer Fight Series 1983  04 08 1983

NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Championship

Tiger Mask (c) vs Isamu Teranishi


http://blog.livedoor.jp/verdigris28/archives/51478724.html some info in the blog about the match and Tiger Mask.


Cagematch has the wrong belt listed. I keep finding errors and omissions on cagematch.

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World Championship Wrestling (5/19/1990): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ack7S18JrOE

Jim Cornette and Gordon Solie hosting. JR is stalking Robocop at "The Armory". Cornette says this show was taped to explain how he's gonna be on PPV later tonight. This show is only an hour thanks to the Braves so it's not running head to head with the pay per view. Mean Mark wins a squash. Lance Russell is reading the Roos and A&W commercials. We get a long look back at the Flair/Luger feud. Ric Flair has a ponytail, which makes Windham's hair look less stupid. Sid is dressed way too nicely for this occasion. The Royal Family is in action! Captain Mike Rotunda is in action. Gordon Solie is trying his best to not be drunk on the air commentating 1990 WCW. An airplane spin finish in 1990! The SST is in action! A job guy almost dies! The Southern Boys are in action! You can hear a forearm spot being called on a taped show. That double team finish looked nasty. Gordon mangles the Capitol Combat name to call it "Return of the Robocop". Let's take a look back at WCW's security fucking up Sting's knee! Sawyer and Muta just standing around as the finish is counted. Ole refers to "Mr. Robocop". Arn with an amazing promo trying to analyze what they're gonna do with Robocop. The six man tag of Eddie Gilbert, Tommy Rich, and Johnny Ace vs Dutch Mantell, Samu, and Lee Scott. Which is an amazing collection of dudes. Gordon using the term Australian tag team match in 1990. Samu being in this match is a reminder that the SST is Fatu/Tama at this time. Eddie Gilbert is being billed for a match at Capital Combat but he's not gonna be making that show. This match is so important that the show ends before it finishes.

In theory, if WCW had the technology, this show really should have been at the Armory to give us an even more direct reminder to buy the show that'll be on the air in an hour.

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