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Willis Jackson and His Gators- Gator's Groove  (not 100% sure of the year of this song. Early R&B instrumental)



Isley Brothers- Harvest for the World


Isley Jasper Isley- Caravan of Love


Isley Jasper Isley- I Can Hardly Wait


Shuggie Otis- Rainy Day


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Just so you all know, I'm about to flood this thread with songs from Slave! Someone already posted their most famous song, Slide. But they were so much more.


And the female singer, Starleta Young? Oh my GOD, if I were old enough back then I would've had a massive crush on her!


In all of these songs that I post here, one thing will be a constant theme in all of them: BASS!!!



Shake It Up. Dig the sax solo.




I'd Like To Get You



Just A Touch Of Love. I'm surprised no one's posted this one, seeing as how every rapper pre-Lex Luger/Three 6 sound sampled the shit out of it. Even Keith Sweat did a remake. And you can hear Starleta Young's fine ass singing in the background.



Watchin' You. Another heavily-sampled one.



Dreamin'. DAMN THAT BASS!!!



Feel My Love



Sizzlin' Hot. These boys wasn't playin' around!



Snap Shot. Steve Arrington at his best.



Wait For Me



Also, Slave had an offshoot band named Aurra, with the aforementioned goddess Starleta Young!


Are You Single


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