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Robbie Dynamite vs. Cody Rhodes  

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I am still not sold on Cody.  Yeah he's become a very fun, "five moves of doom" hot tag, but man alive when he is in there with his brother week-to-week it really showcases how much less good he is than Goldust as much as anything.  That's not a burial of the guy, and I enjoyed a lot of his matches this year, but I have no real confidence that he's gotten any  better, and expect he'll be back to the same old "sometimes he's good, sometimes he sucks" act when he and Dustin break up.


I know Dynamite would get squashed, but I voted for him anyway.  I thought he was the best guy in Brit wrestling last year.  Great lunatic bumper (his missed headbutt spot is consistently nuts), really good heel demeanor, strong as a tag or singles worker, good on the mat or as a bruiser, very strong body of matches from last year, et.  He never had a chance here, but I think he's easily a better worker than Cody 

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