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22 hours ago, ChesterCopperpot said:


Stacy Keibler. One of my all time favourite women in wrestling ever since my parents bought a WCW Magazine (June 2000) with a feature on her as Miss Hancock.

Yes, settle down, Naturaletico.

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Muta really was freaking great. And the mist will always get a pop, just as sure as Ric Flair saying Whooo will. He could do it from a wheelchair at age 100 and people would erupt.

I wish Sting could have inducted him. The Sting vs Muta feud is 1 of the great mysteries that I wish we could get a look at. They wrestled against and with each other their whole careers. They were always feuding in kayfabe and it only ended just now I’m assuming (I don’t watch AEW). I’ve never heard them talk about each other. Heck I’d never heard Muta talk until I watched the clip on YouTube just now. 

Did he ever actually talk somewhere? Or is he 1 of the last wrestlers to manage not to? It was part of what made him so badass. A simple walk down the aisle is all he has to do to be taken seriously. Then he built on it in the ring by just casually doing stuff we’d never seen right after only doing what we’d seen every wrestler do. He was so not-intense that it was intense. Every punch, kick, and insane wrestling move he did just hit different. I loved it. 

I don’t know as much about Tim White as most people probably but I think he deserves to go in. I thought the controversial skits were hilarious and original fwiw.


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