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7 hours ago, Horangi said:

Well I guess looking for some kind of positives... it was executed well and it probably means less Yujiro in tournaments.

Yes, I heard about it before I saw it, mainly because I wasn't planning on watching the match to begin with.  Like you said though, it was actually executed well.  Narita needed something, that's for sure.  The heel turn immediately seemed like the right choice.  Unlike the other H.O.T. goofballs, Ren actually comes across as legit sinister.  If they can manage to not make him cartoonish, it could work.  Also notable is having Despy on commentary when it happened, so I'm assuming that's a match-up they go to in the near future.  At least there's booking options.  On that note, I'm assuming for now this may mean Umino vs. Narita added to WK.  

I really enjoyed the TMDK-War Dogs match.  It was essentially a wild brawl from beginning to end.  Also, maybe nothing, but Gates of Agony brought along young lion Yuto Nakashima to the back with them after their match, which is often a sign of future alignment.  I wonder how far that goes.  

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Tag league finals are set for Sunday: Bishamon versus El-P and Hikuleo.

Ren Narita is already the smartest heel in wrestling as he and H.O.T. attacked Honma while Honma's dumb tag partner, Shota Umino was coming out of the back entrance through the crowd.

This Sunday's Frontier Zone (New Japan's term for dark matches featuring outside talent) will have current Kyushu Pro champion Kodai Nozaki and Aso-san against someone (not announced as of right now).

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I'm watching Eddie Kingston vs Claudio right now (banger of a match so far). As much as AEW brings up all these AJPW legends and the Triple Crown, why don't they try to help AJPW? I know they're linked up with NJPW, but it's not like they're enemies or anything.


Also, has anyone been watching the AJPW Tag League? If so, what are some matches to check out? I have an AJPW TV sub, but I've been so busy with other stuff lately.

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The new IWGP Global Heavyweight Championship will replace both the IWGP US and "UK" titles. Whoever wins the title will become the the inaugural IWGP Global Heavyweight Champion.

It will be the new secondary belt of NJPW. And meant for the world.


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It definitely is. Even the Japanese wikis say that when NOAH stopped airing, it ended 55 consecutive years of wrestling on terrestrial NTV.

If World Pro Wrestling can survive past five more years then TV Asahi can equal and eventually surpass that even though it's a 30 minute show that airs with a time slot that varies depending on which prefecture you live in. Where I am it's on at the choice time of 1:16 AM Mondays.

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They did air specials in the past. 

And those Fortune Dream cards on G+.


Anyway here's the 2023 Tokyo Sports Awards 

MVP: Tetsuya Naito (NJPW)

Best Bout: Great Muta vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (Pro Wrestling NOAH, 1.1)

Best Tag: Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI (NJPW)

Distinguished Service Award: Hiromu Takahashi (NJPW)

Fighting Spirit: Kenou (Pro Wrestling Noah)

Technique Award: Yuma Aoyagi (AJP)

Rookie of the year: Saito Brothers (AJP)

Women's : Tam Nakano (Stardom)


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Several groups in Japan announced the formation of an industry group. It includes NJPW/Stardom, AJPW, DragonGate and all of CyberFight.

United Japan Pro-Wrestling


New Japan Pro-Wrestling today announces that it is one of nine organizations that will constitute United Japan Pro-Wrestling, a new industry group representing professional wrestling in Japan. 

Without an industry wide group for professional wrestling in Japan, the unprecedented crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic made it all the more clear that there was a need to consolidate and express accurate information and best operating practices between promotions, as well as to communicate effectively with national and municipal governments. In a bid to better anticipate and adapt to societal changes in the future, nine Japanese promotions at the forefront of pro-wrestling in the country will be be part of a collective industry group (henceforth ‘the Group’).

The members of the Group will maintain their individual business identities and competition in the marketplace, but the Group will provide a space to discuss issues that concern the industry at large, and to exchange information with an interest in maintaining its growth. The formation of the Group will be marked by an event on May 6 2024 in Nippon Budokan under the banner of United Japan Pro-Wrestling.   

Mission statement

To further the presence of pro-wrestling and its cultural merit in Japanese society at large, allow professional wrestling to contribute further to cultural and sporting sectors, and work toward continued health and prosperity of the industry. 


The COVID-19 pandemic made it apparent that there was a lack of communication and unified approach to event guidelines, and no common point of contact between the industry and national and municipal governments. There was also a desire to discuss issues surrounding wrestler health and safety (including in their online presence), to create a pipeline to other sporting organizations and to further the image of professional wrestling through issues of corporate social responsibility. There was a shared desire between members of the Group to continue existing competition within the marketplace while also sharing relevant information and know-how on these and other socio-economic issues.

Core tenets

  1. Unity and integrity. The Group will be the representative spokesgroup for all of professional wrestling in Japan.
  2. Representation. The Group will be the public facing symbol for the collective whole of professional wrestling in Japan.
  3. Continuity. The Group will have a continuous presence and activity in the future. 

As a result, the existence of the Group will be made known worldwide, and its members will be actively engaged in actions of merit. 


Governmental communication and requests

Strengthening connections to other industries and sectors

Sharing resources and practices 

Including those related to wrestler health and safety, such as the provision of financial support for wrestlers while injured, and to offer compliance training. Group members will also consolidate event data for historical archive purposes.  

Any proceeds from the monetized use of iconography shall be split among the Group members. Joint events and festivals will be held. 

Group members

New Japan Pro-Wrestling (New Japan Pro-Wrestling Co. Ltd.)

All Japan Pro-Wrestling (All Japan Pro-Wrestling Co. Ltd.)

Pro-Wrestling NOAH (Cyber Fight Co. Ltd.)

DDT Pro-Wrestling (Cyber Fight Co. Ltd.)

Ganbare ☆ Pro-Wrestling  (Cyber Fight Co. Ltd.)

Big Japan Pro-Wrestling (Yotsuba Industries Ltd.)


STARDOM (BushiRoad Fight Co. Ltd.)

Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling  (Cyber Fight Co. Ltd.)

Further Group members will be considered in future. 


Founding chair: Seiji Sakaguchi 

Executive office: New Japan Pro-Wrestling Co. Ltd.

Executive chief: Naoki Sugabayashi (Chairman: New Japan Pro-Wrestling Co. Ltd.)



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So, that has to be the first time a WWE-contracted wrestler has won a Tokyo Sports award, right? 

I don’t mean a wrestler who has been in WWE at some point in their career. I mean, contracted at the time of the match. 

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