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  1. God almighty, how did Crockett not die there?
  2. Every time this topic comes up, I feel compelled to mention Kung Pow: Enter the Fist One of those movies where saying that everything funny was in the trailer is actually true. And the trailer wasn't even that funny.
  3. About 3/4 of the way though Chris Kluwe's Beautifully Unique Sparkleponies. Actually pretty good. . .it includes some of the stuff he's written online, but it has plenty of other good stuff in it, too. After that is probably going to be Ben Mezrich's Straight Flush, a book about the guys that started Absolute Poker.
  4. Gonzo

    Feeling Poptimistic

    This is a positive, yes?
  5. Well, the Poptimism thread got blown up with the old board. This is unacceptable and must be changed. Since I haven't heard any of the really new stuff over the past few months, I'll just go with some fairly recent ones instead. Some Colbie Caillat. . . Some Ingrid Michaelson. . . And some Sara Bareilles Bring forth the pop!
  6. I'll only accept EA making a deal with the SEC if Finebaum is included in the game somehow. THEM BIG TEN BOYS JUST CAN'T HANDLE THE ESSSSS EEEEEE SEEEEE, PAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWL!
  7. I'm still at the point where the only podcasts I listen to are Penn's Sunday School (because Penn Jillette is frickin' great) and The Adam Carolla Show, which I guess pretty much everyone listens to. I am looking to expand my horizons on this front. But both of those are pretty good.
  8. From the court documents in the Marissa Alexander case: [Gray] moved to the living room where his children were. Subsequently, [Alexander] emerged from the master bedroom and went into the garage where her car was parked. [Alexander] testified she was trying to leave the residence but could not get the garage door to open. (The Court notes that despite [Alexander's] claim she was in fear for her life at that point and trying to get away from [Gray], she did not leave the house through the back or front doors which were unobstructed. Additionally, the garage door had worked previously and there was no evidence to support her claim.) [Alexander] then retrieved her firearm from the glove box of the vehicle. [Alexander] returned to the kitchen with the firearm in her hand and pointed it in the direction of all three victims. [Gray] put his hands in the air. [Alexander] shot at [Gray], nearly missing his head. The bullet traveled through the kitchen wall and into the ceiling in the living room. The victims fled the residence and immediately called 911. [Alexander] stayed in the marital home and at no point called 911. Not a "Stand Your Ground" case. She left once. . .to get a weapon. . .came back, and fired in the direction of her husband and their children. And she wasn't living in the house at the time, as she and her husband had been separated. Also, "warning shot" is a funny substitute for "nearly missing his head." (Although I certainly hope the documents mean "barely" missing his head. . .unless my English is off, "nearly" missing his head would mean that she hit him.) If people want to get angry about the Marissa Alexander thing, they should look at the 10-20-Life law in Florida. That's why she's doing 20 years. . .not because she "stood her ground."
  9. Would that allow them to use "real" players, too? Or is that a completely different deal?
  10. Kind of looks like that could be the case. http://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2013/7/17/4532348/ncaa-ea-sports-ncaa-football Know plenty of people that are not going to be pleased about this.
  11. So basically what you're saying is that, if I have two "turns" to move each of my characters that I should really only use one move, place them wherever, and then set them on "Overwatch?" Because that sort of makes sense, now that I think about it.
  12. I was lucky enough to get to see this in a 4-D theater. I'm not sure how many 4-D theaters there are in the States, or where they're located, but this was the absolute perfect movie to see in that kind of format. And yeah, it was fun. Stuff gets broken, stuff gets blown up, I want my own giant freaking robot. Can't wait for the next one. Can we get Ron Perlman to do a "War. . .war never changes" intro for the sequel? Because that would be awesome.
  13. The Kim Clijsters thing boggles the mind. She's not ugly. Looks like they found one "bad" picture of her and decided to run with it. That along makes the entire list kind of useless. Outside of that, I dislike the lack of Otis Nixon.
  14. Game 7, 1991 World Series. Upper deck along the first base side. I could live to be 120 and never see a better pitching performance than the one that Jack Morris put on that night. Absolutely amazing.
  15. Gonzo


    There was one death lacking though, that's my only issue. But you can't beat STEVE MOTHERFUCKING SANDERS chainsawing his way OUT OF THE BELLY OF A FUCKING SHARK!!!!! There needs to be like, 23424352345 sequels of this made. I can honestly see, with the buzz this got, a big budget sequel being made, for real. I'm thinking Bearnami. See, it's a tsunami. . .with BEARS! Should probably set up a Kickstarter. . .Gary Busey's salary isn't going to pay itself.
  16. See, I got a copy of XCOM. . .don't know what it was, but I tended to get my ass kicked a lot. I'd never played any of the previous versions, so I wasn't entirely sure what to do. It's something I'll probably go back to at some point. And based on everyone that's talked about it here, I picked up The Last of Us.
  17. If people want to get angry about something in this case, they should probably be pissed off at the prosecutor for 1) Skirting around a grand jury because they knew that, had they gone to a grand jury, there likely wouldn't have been any charges at all. 2) Levying a charge that they, quite clearly, didn't have enough evidence to prove. 3) Showing themselves to be so incompetent that I don't think they could have convicted George Zimmerman of littering. Then there's the small matter of the evidence that they withheld from the defense that was talked about by a member of the prosecution (who was subsequently fired for that revelation). Not to mention that the Martin family got used as a bunch of pawns in this whole deal. If Angela Corey is lucky, she gets disbarred.
  18. Is it bad that I thought that was Marc Mero until I saw the shield?
  19. Like a Dr. Ruth sort of thing? Or not that type of fucking doctor?
  20. Gonzo


    I got curious about other SyFy "original movies" when I was looking for a Sharknado torrent. And that's when I learned about Chupacabras vs. The Alamo. Starring Erik Estrada. I must see this.
  21. Gonzo


    Unfortunately, I'm on the other side of the Pacific at the present time. So my options are either 1) hope that AFN picks it up in the near future or 2) find a torrent to download somewhere. I'm guessing that second one isn't going to be much of a problem.
  22. I'm also hoping (likely against hope) that Henry beats Cena and gets a little bit of a run. Guy's been incredibly entertaining for a while now and deserves it, I think. The rest: Jericho jobs hard to The Ryback, I assume. Maybe Vickie gets involved somewhere. AJ over Kaitlyn, because people actually care about AJ. Axel over Miz, because there's no reason for Axel to lose yet. Smackdown MitB: Give it to Sandow. No reason, I just like Sandow. He probably has no chance, though. Raw MitB: Bryan is the best choice, I think. Ziggler over Del Rio, because he's Dolph f'ing Ziggler.
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