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  1. This reminds me of Misawa being completely perplexed about how popular he was in the UK when The Wrestling Channel brought him and Ogawa over for their first supercard in Coventry of all places. Strange times haha
  2. A lot of people seem to draw a line in the sand with the Benoit incident RE being a fan, but for me Misawa’s accident in the ring is the day any passion I had for wrestling died. There was an element of culpability that I don’t think we as fans ever addressed about his death because we had enjoyed that hard hitting high impact style so much over the years. When I found out what happened I just felt a bit disgusted and dirty about the whole strong style thing and taking enjoyment from it, no problem with clubberings and stiffness but the head and neck drops and going above and beyond the call of duty suddenly left me cold. Haven’t watched any puro since and with what happened to Shibata and Takayama after I don’t think any lessons were learned. Seeing some recent NJPW gifs of apron moves and high spots to the floor I’d say ditto there too
  3. Can't believe its been four years since Dream died. Posting mainly for the shirt: I really wish I had a comprehensive compilation of that Dustin v Studd feud leading up to this
  4. Any update on when Kentucky Route Zero is coming to PS4? I could've sworn it was supposed to be out last year
  5. I was thinking about that myself. I mean, I know why he's called it from TNA but to some regular fan he just sounds like a shit robot
  6. As cool as Triple H coming out to for Whom The Bell Tolls was, I think this will always be my favourite entrance. The fist-bump per fan quota is off the scale
  7. I don't know that you'd class either as great, but I'm never watching Interstellar or Avatar again because I don't think they will translate well compared to seeing them on IMAX on release. As far as great films that depressed the hell out of me, which seems to be where this is trending, Leaving Las Vegas hollowed me out and I couldn't bring myself to ever watch it again
  8. That's a real underrated gem of a podcast isn't it? Love the insights into the true territory days and hearing how big Dusty became in Florida when everyone there doubted he could get over as a face
  9. It always struck me as odd that he was brought in on such a hot angle and then left almost immediately with his dad. I mean, it worked out as his WCW career was premiere and his team with Windham is pooooossibly my favourite of all time but still.
  10. He's trying to be over/cool by association. See also:
  11. Holy shit, you have no idea how chaotic and ADHD this game feels coming off the back of the relative tranquility of RDR2 and The Witness (last two games I played). I felt like I was going to have a seizure those first few missions playing as Franklin all the while Lamar's blagging my head with his jibes. I need to find a safe space
  12. Read the whole thing rather than the headline (I know that’s hard to do on the internet in 2019 but...) For context: its a tshirt. From a photo taken in what looks like 92-94. You really don’t need to express an opinion about it
  13. RE: Taker's t-shirt. A lot of you really need to follow this advice:
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