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  1. CreativeControl


    Flair stated he gave it up to do more appearances, and from listening he was dogging it for months by phoning in to talk to someone who had also phoned in with Conrad in the studio, so I don't know. Bret's I never bothered with, I think he made a conscious decision to stop as he was getting a rep for being a curmudgeon
  2. CreativeControl


    Chono won the tournament at the 92 G1 which was between NJPW and WCW wrestlers (still never seen that, is it worth looking up?) and dropped it to Mutoh who Windham then won it off so I guess you could still class it as a world title. Barry was coming off my favourite run of his tagging with Dustin, so if he wasn't at his peak he was only just on the turn. IIRC from his shoot interview, he'd had cartilage in his knee replaced with cadaver material but it didn't take which was why that match went awry. His run was definitely too late, but great for what it was. Loved the Lone Wolf character and refusal to rejoin the Horsemen and kowtow to Flair but if he'd stuck around in 85 instead of getting pissed about a payoff he'd have got it a lot sooner, Dusty was definitely grooming him as his top guy but had to switch to Magnum. No he wasn't, which was a major point of contention among the remnants of the NWA and why the tag belts soon disappeared off the show and why it the heavyweight belt was rechristened. Someone did a pretty insightful write-up on that whole situation a while back but I can't find it. It was a stupid situation from the get-go basically Y'all can continue with your bullshit discussion of disparaging remarks from days gone by now
  3. CreativeControl


    That thread of great insightful debate that was never possibly going to be shut down? You know where the ignore button is...
  4. CreativeControl


    Wait. Wait. Why is everyone inferring Austin Aries is a truther from "You have no idea what my views are on those events or others, other than I don’t take what I am told via the TV and media as honest truth" I don't take what I'm told by the media as honest truth either, and you don't know what my views on those events are. Doesn't mean I'm immediately to be tarnished as a truther! You people. Seriously, this month has been the shits on this board. Has the summer heat sent you all loopy and contentious? Here's a great bout between a suspected Klu Klux Klan member and someone who probably said or did something bad once. Enjoy:
  5. CreativeControl


    I finally got around to seeing it yesterday and wasn't a fan. Loved how tightly focused and plotted the original was but this was all over the place with one of the most 'rush to tie it up' endings I've seen. Isabela Moner was fantastic in her role but it wasn't nearly explored enough
  6. CreativeControl


    Still probably my fave comic series, but I have no real interest in this
  7. CreativeControl

    Best Look or Unique Look

    Some of these are the most pedestrian examples you could possibly think of! The first bloke that came to mind, and someone pretty much no one likes in-ring...
  8. CreativeControl


    Looking at that picture, in hindsight was the NOAH formation a tragic misstep for puro? AJPW has arguably never recovered and went through all kinds of mutations and NOAH initially went to great heights but plummeted soon after Misawa's death
  9. CreativeControl

    The Dark Knight (2008): Ten Today.

    The measure of how good this film is, is that you could take all the DC characters out and replace them with normal people and it would still be an excellent story and an excellent film due to its themes of chaos and determinism. You can't say that about most superhero films. While the 1989 Batman holds a special place in my heart (and remains my favourite set design from any film ever) this is just pure menace and twists and turns and action and my favourite. One of the few times I've been drained when I left the cinema (the other time was Raid 2). I will never forget the cinema audience's reaction to the disappearing pencil trick as long as I live too
  10. CreativeControl

    ¡EL IDOLO FENOMENAL! - SDL - 7/17/2018

    If Randall had 1/6 the intensity of early 90s Rollins he'd be a much bigger star than he is. Considering one of Triple H's stated goals with Evolution was getting Orton over as the next big player, it's bizarre how every feud the two have had has set Orton back five steps
  11. CreativeControl


    Any UK/EU posters on here - Collar and Elbow are opening a Europe shop on Friday
  12. CreativeControl


    Needless to say, Sting's new friends turned on him after the photo was taken
  13. CreativeControl

    ¡EL IDOLO FENOMENAL! - SDL - 7/17/2018

    Cue terrible flashback:
  14. CreativeControl

    Your Wrestlers RIP Thread

    14 years since wrestling's biggest Hollywood star*, Bomber Pat Roach, passed away. My favourite British heavyweight *apart from the Rock