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  1. Well then what the hell trilogy is Johnson working on?
  2. So, based off all the crying in this thread, do you think you'll rate this trilogy above or below the prequels?
  3. ^ me in response to every post DZ makes in this thread.
  4. Yeah I always thought those Spring Break Nitro's were great. Drunk Kevin Nash going in the pool, Sting arriving via choppah, it looked like a fun atmosphere
  5. It suuuuuuucks. This was the first WCW PPV I ever bought on tape as a kid so I guess I have nostalgia bias but I couldn't believe how low rent and dingy the production was compared to what I'd experienced with WWF. I at least thought the matches would help me get over that but nope, none of them hit the mark at all. The one saving grace from this show was it was my first experience of the Great Muta and I'd go out of my way to find anything with him on it.
  6. I wouldn't like to be between these two. Not even on a Terry Tuesday
  7. My immediate thought upon reading this was Grampa Simpson talking about being with it until they changed what it was
  8. This weeks (UK) American Dad completely tipped me over the edge with the return of as well as Principal Lewis giving Steve PEDs to up his Jazz scat game, Francine's "Cheque, please!" comment and Rogu, Roger's cute tumour.
  9. Cheers. Did RevPro finish their run on Freesports? Or is that still going too?
  10. Speaking of underrated, I much prefer the KOTR 93 rematch to the Summerslam title switch. In fact it might be my favourite match of all time
  11. Waste? I'd watch her walk around for as long as she wanted to
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