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  1. CreativeControl

    Random Boxing Thoughts/News v. 6

    I’m gonna continue to call bullshit on that. I’m not AJ’s biggest fan but he's taking them on at least whereas it took Wilder 39 fights to fight Ortiz and he’s shown me nothing much except he can bang. His fight with Fury is going to be interesting as i reckon it’ll boil down to who has the stamina
  2. CreativeControl

    Random Boxing Thoughts/News v. 6

    Povotkin seemed to punch himself out, hell of a rally from Joshua to finish it but fuck knows what he was doing up to that point. Every time I watch Joshua I get the sense he thinks he’s better than he actually is if that makes sense? But then having Whyte, Klitschko, Takam, Parker and Povetkin on your record no matter the state of the division and this early in your career is impressive so what do I know
  3. CreativeControl


    Isn’t it funny how social media impacts you? I’m already sick of seeing Phoenix in his Joker make-up thanks to retweets and instagrams ad infinitum haha. He looks like a great mix between Cesar (creepiest Joker hands down) and Heath (greatest). Jared Leto still looks like utter trash
  4. CreativeControl


    Okay, I’ve gone from ambivalent to interested immediately
  5. This looks like it will be good if you enjoyed Inside. Details: http://www.thesixthaxis.com/2018/09/20/mosaic-is-a-game-that-just-wants-you-to-break-free/
  6. CreativeControl


    Just caught up on the Bob Holly episode, it's amazing how my opinion of the bloke has changed since his book came out and this podcast reinforced it. I always thought he was dead weight (the superheavyweight team with Crash was about the only time he entertained me) and a bully back in the day, but I now see how that was just IWC influencing my opinion
  7. CreativeControl

    Random Boxing Thoughts/News v. 6

    It's not unreasonable for people to be suspicious of a system that only seems to break in one direction but it's unfortunate to see another entertaining, worthwhile fight overshadowed by boxing’s politics and “business and usual” stuff. Canelo’s body punching stood out and his enticing movement to draw leads was sublime while GGG’s weightless right hand leads and upper body movement was outstanding, so I reiterate that I really don't see how anyone can be upset at the call when it could have gone either way. It was a close, competitive fight, which is great for the sport.
  8. CreativeControl


    The whole thing reminded me of the opening 10 minutes of Resident Evil 4 a little bit
  9. CreativeControl

    Random Boxing Thoughts/News v. 6

    I thought it was a draw FWIW so wouldn't have been upset with either fighter getting the nod. The mock outrage at Cannelo winning is pretty poor though, he made GGG play his game and it worked no matter how close the result. One comment I have seen, and I do think it is a good idea that will never happen, is for the next bout to be over 15 rounds. That'll produce a decisive winner one way or another
  10. CreativeControl


    Not much of a horror guy, or a Netflix originals (formerly known as straight to dvd) guy for that matter, but this looks grimmmmm. Alas, it's got Gareth Evans behind it and Michael Sheen in it so I'm probably going to have to squirm my way through it
  11. CreativeControl


    This tweet gets a solid 11/10 from me
  12. CreativeControl

    Random Boxing Thoughts/News v. 6

    Tough call this. Canelo has A LOT to prove, GGG might be just past his peak if the talking heads are to be believed, but either way I hope the fight obliterates the sour taste the last fight and lead up to this left in our mouth
  13. CreativeControl


    Imagine if that was his gimmick. His new name could be the Ultimate Tweener
  14. CreativeControl


    What a bunch of masochists you lot are to not watch films because one of the actors in them did bad things. Imagine never watching Chinatown, the greatest noir of all time, ever again because Polanski is a creep. What a miserable outlook. It's not like those films are indicative or symptomatic projections of the things he is alleged to have done. If you implemented this outlook wholesale, you'd be left with a lot of thumb twiddling and not a lot of entertainment at your disposal, believe me. I remember a friend of mine getting shit off others in our group because he still listened to Lost Prophets after all that came out in the wash about the singer a few years ago, but his retort was that he could simply separate the artists from the art. And I respected that, but insisted the band still sucked.
  15. CreativeControl


    Naaah, I wouldn’t let it get that far. The logical end for the show would be the first PPV as a testament to all the deals and ducking diving Giamatti pulled off to get it that far, and then as the crowd cheers and the first wrestlers go out to kick off the show we fade to a graphic like on the last episode of Quantum Leap that just says “Paul Heyman never paid his wrestlers...”