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NJPW World Tag League 2020 & Best of the Super Jr. 27

The Z

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Full line-up for this year's BOSJ:

  • Ryusuke Taguchi
  • Master WATO
  • SHO
  • Robbie Eagles
  • Hiromu Takahashi
  • El Desperado
  • Yoshinobu Kanemaru
  • Taiji Ishimori

Only one block, which I expected.

The line-up is a bit disappointing with Eagles being the only Gaijin in the tournament, but understandable given the situation.

However they also announced a Super J Cup for December 12th with this line-up:

  • El Phantasmo
  • Clark Connors
  • TJP
  • ACH
  • Blake Christian
  • Chris Bey
  • Rey Horus
  • Lio Rush

This line-Up is awesome!¬†I don't approve of using the Super J Cup moniker, though. Also, why no Alex Zayne? ūüė쬆

When are they going to announce the Tag League line-up? I'm still holding out hope for a looooooooooong overdue debut there.

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Oh, and while I do¬†understand¬†not having more outsiders in the tournament, I don't¬†understand how a promotion that has Dick Togo on their roster doesn't put him¬†in their Super Juniors tournament and gives¬†us DOUKI instead.¬†ūü§¶‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ

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On 11/2/2020 at 12:47 PM, The Z said:

When are they going to announce the Tag League line-up? I'm still holding out hope for a looooooooooong overdue debut there.

I think after PS since probably the winners of two main matches won't be in it just like last couple of years.

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I think Dick Togo would be in the tournament if Dick Togo wanted to. But I can't completely say it's a health thing - Togo made it to the finals of NOAH's junior league, looked good doing it, and was able to put in six singles matches in January of this year. But he's only had one singles match since July. The BosJ one-block situation means you've got to have 9 NJPW-quality singles matches in three weeks and it's understandable that a 50-year old Dick Togo isn't up to it. He's also never had a singles match against anyone in the field before. There's also a chance he figures into the Tag League. Jay, EVIL, KENTA and Yujiro would probably supersede him if they run two BC teams but I wouldn't be shocked if they pick Dick.

I think it's either going to be Despy, SHO, maybe Eagles winning BoSJ, with an outside chance of Hiromu if they've got an inter-promotional plan for the Dome / run the title match against the J-Cup winner (if that's even possible).

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Tag league participant and schedule announced. 

Looks like we’re getting another member of Ospreays new group looking forward to who that could be.
BC has three teams in it with a lot of the overseas talent coming over. Makes me wish guys like ELP and ACH were on BOSJ but whatever.

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On 11/2/2020 at 11:47 AM, The Z said:

When are they going to announce the Tag League line-up? I'm still holding out hope for a looooooooooong overdue debut there.

I thought this would finally be the year. ūüėĘ

Unless Mark Davis is still injured and Kyle Fletcher is the mystery partner, but I doubt it.

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On 11/9/2020 at 8:25 AM, EVA said:

Looks like Jeff Cobb is in Japan, so probably him.

And indeed it was.  Gedo loves having a monster tag team.  Wouldn’t be surprised to see O-Khan and Cobb win the whole thing and take the belts at WK.

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5 hours ago, EVA said:


Good damn it Hiromu, you are one of my absolute favorites, but you already broke your neck once. Think he's the potential biggest star among the younger generation in New Japan, but you got make it that far, and piledriver bumps on the apron with a surgically repaired neck are not the recipe for a long-term career.

Also, Cobb isn't a bad addition the The Empire, and it makes sense for the shithole Ospreay to have a couple of ass kickers behind him. That being said, one of the next additions to the group needs to have some personality (add I think Ospreay is pretty underrated in that department, especially as a heel where he can lean in on natural asshole tendencies).


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3 hours ago, Six String Orchestra said:

Yeah, I'm thinking Cobb/Khan are winning the whole thing. Thinking The Empire vs FinJuice in the finals.

I think I enjoyed the BOTSJ portion more today. Hiromu seems determined to break his neck again. Would like to see SHO go to the finals. 

I was thinking the same on both fronts. It probably helps that I haven't seen much of the Juniors recently so it's refreshing to see guys like Eagles and SHO again. As far as Hiromu goes, crazy's gonna crazy. For as much as Ibushi seemed to tone down the reckless risks in the G1, 'balls to the wall' is Hiromu's only setting.


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Not super looking forward to GOD vs Owens/Fale tomorrow. Just get it out of the way I suppose. 

Gotta add, for a moment there i really thought they were having a young lion tap out Wato in sub 3 minutes. I think he'll be in line for a big match vs Hiromu on the final night though. 

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Thought CHAOS vs The Empire to be really good, would like to see a rematch down the line. 

GOD/Bullet Club C Team was actually ok, was almost glad to see GOD back, looked good killing Chase "crown pervert" Owens.

EVIL fucking killed the timekeeper. Again. Worse than Power Struggle!

Togo died on that stunner!

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Bunch of random thoughts:

Is it just me or have GoD added some new moves/sequences to their matches? Or maybe I forgot how they even wrestle.
I'm not sure about Cobb/Khan winning WTL since then we'd have heels vs heels title match at WK.
Story of Tanahashi failing continues.
Evil/Yujiro so far are surprisingly good.
Hiromu reminds everyone that he is still crazy.
At first I was like who cares about Tenzan helping Wato, but I'm actually interested in Wato adding some of Tenzan moves to his arsenal.
Looking at the brackets it looks plausible that Sho might get to the finals, but I'm not really thrilled about that. Hiromu is obviously one of the finalists, but I think I'd prefer Desperado or even Wato as his opponent instead of Sho.

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Another fun show. Nothing mind blowing but at 2 hours nothing over stayed it's welcome. 

Uemura looked real smooth with his roll ups to start. Has a bright future. 

Wato-Eagles had a couple odd exchanges. Scary near botch on the reverse power bomb by Wato. A little surprised Wato won. Match was okay.

SHO-DOUKI had some nice reversals, crowd was into it by the end. Can't think of a better DOUKI singles match. I guess that is faint praise?

the woman by the left entrance is so excited every time someone walks past her.

Taguchi-Ishimori was average. Ishimori forcing us to see Taguchi's ass makes him the heel of the week in the wrestling world. Red Shoes trying to cover it with his hands though!

El Desperado-Hiromu was good as expected, probably motn. Desperado's stretch muffler is nasty.

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WTL night 3 was a average show. For being the show with all the factions facing their stable mates there wasn't a ton of friction. I thought maybe there would be more to GOD-EVIL and Yujiro but they all too sweeted right at the start. 

CHAOS vs CHAOS was probably motn. It wasn't anything special but they worked well together. Enjoyed YOSHI-HASHI trying to go with Ishii.

LIJ vs Dangerous Trekkers was a solid main event with a few odd moments. I think a rematch could iron those out.

Onto BOTSJ night 3!

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Crowd was super into Yuya! Desperado has cool heel status locked down. Nice pining combo by Desperado to win, I hope he makes the Finals.

Little DOUKI fans, you love to see it! I love his "If mortal combat had create a player" attire. Loved him attacking Ishimori as he takes his helmet off, he noticeably had trouble taking it off last time. DOUKI has a odd moveset. I never really doubted Ishinori's victory here but actually still fun. I love the ref just confidentially counting the pinfall with a pipe right in front of him.

Wato's kicks looked a lot better tonight. Taguchi sold well for him. Taguchi's ankle lock looks painful. We again are treated to taguchi's ass, this time in Wato's face. Who did he piss off?

SHO vs Robbie Eagles. What a dive by Robbie! I don't know about him in The Empire, I don't buy him a a heel. I think he will be their jr ace though. The Robbie Robbie chants are super dickish though. They shake hands, I was expecting Robbie to clock him to rub the submission in.

Hiromu-BUSHI. Plenty of BUSHI fans, glad Rocky isn't on commentary. Hitomu has a strategy guide for Milano. I actually liked this one more and more as it went on. The ending felt appropriate and earned.

DOUKI is actually having a good tournament and WATO is improving

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