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  1. Now, for a positive potential comparison for Braun, I'd look at what Lex Luger brought WCW for a few years after joining as a big-name free agent with a questionable reputation on the first Nitro. Now, Lex came to WCW eager to prove doubters wrong after his time in WWE flamed out and also took a pay cut to prove himself again (and was a big asset for the company for his first few years back before his body started to break down and also being one of many caught up in the NWO storylines that went way past its expiration date). However, from the sounds of it, you are not getting Braun on t
  2. I'm also torn on Braun, as I actually liked him back when I was still watching WWE and thought that they dropped the ball on completing big pushes with him multiple times (he should have come out of SummerSlam 2018 as champion as most notable missed opportunity). That said, I'm not sure if he would be fully committed to AEW (and even if everything does not connect 100 percent, there's very little half-assing it in AEW), and of course there would be some backlash from his comments following the massive 2020 WWE layoffs. For what it cost to sign Braun, I'm saving that money for someone like a Ja
  3. To add to that, I think a cool way for a lot of these factions in AEW to evolve would be adding women to them (Kris Statlander has definitely added to Best Friends, agree that Leyla Hirsch joining Team Taz is a good shout, Anna Jay is awesome with The Dark Order when healthy, The Pinnacle would be a soft landing spot for Tessa Blanchard if AEW signs her). Now, just like the men, not every woman has to join a faction (The Good Doctor definitely should be on her own with Rebel), but it would help both some women and the groups with strategic placements. A fun show, and adding Eddie Kingston
  4. I was a bit worried about AEW's momentum a few weeks ago, but an awesome Double or Nothing show with a full, very hot crowd quelled those concerns for me. Once they are back touring in front of crowds and back airing on their normal Wednesday night time slot, things will be rolling again. However, after being ambivalent towards AEW moving off of TNT, I now strongly favor the move to TBS. Having to move shows to a bad timeslot for over a month is not conducive to building and maintaining your product. Now they just need to move Rampage to 6:05 Eastern on Saturday night (in all seriousness, whil
  5. I have not seen their tweets, but my political leanings (at least through voting) are similar to most on this board, as I have voted Democratic for every federal office since being eligible to vote save Alexi Giannoulias in 2010 (blame that one on Blago), for governor save Blago in 2006 (was correctly onto his chicanery by then), and my House rep Jan Schakowsky every time. Now, I'm much more of a Biden Democrat than the far left of the party, and still very much like Obama (though hindsight being 20/20, I would have wanted Hillary to be president in 2008, then Obama win in 2016). That said, I'
  6. We will wildly disagree about them in the ring, and I can accept the whole different strokes for different strokes things (I think they are a fresh, 21 century version of the Midnight Express, and no doubt Hall of Famers for any objective Halls of Fame). Away from the ring though, they are by most reports really good guys who are nothing like their current TV characters. Also, they had the guts to eschew big money and an easy schedule joining Vince and played a big part in revolutionizing 21st Century American pro wrestling by helping put AEW together. Even if they did nothing else after that,
  7. I agree that the first couple of Jericho promos after the Inner Circle face turn were not great (highlighting some of Jericho's worst tendencies as a face), but I think that they have really sharpened up since then, with last night being no different. Last night's Jericho promo was a fairly textbook babyface promo (in 2021 at least), but there's nothing wrong with being fairly textbook when the promo conveys intended message (the war with MJF and The Pinnacle is not over). Honestly, the Inner Circle are some of the best babyfaces on the current AEW roster, especially after Jericho stopped tryi
  8. Nothing I would terribly disagree with there, and basically reflects how much I enjoyed each match (and in the case of the battle royal, both the right person won and it was a good finish, which is just about all that matters in the match).
  9. I've almost always been of the belief that skill matters most (with personal exceptions of Luger and to a lesser extent Sting). From Bret and Shawn in my early WWF watching days, to Benoit and Eddie and the cruiserweights in WCW (and Flair both then and now), to Punk and Bryan, to now guys like Omega and the Bucks. My love of wrestling was re-born from the great skill in New Japan and NXT during their strongest runs, and now AEW (which really has been the best of all worlds for me).
  10. I have no issue with the Bucks being on equal or even slightly superior footing to Mox/Eddie in a tag team match (and difference between Eddie/Mox and say Hangman/Kenny for kayfabe purposes is that Hangman and Kenny knew the Bucks inside and out from being part of The Elite/Bullet Club together). Eddie and Mox should win convincingly in singles matches against them, but it's excellent old school booking for a true team to be a step ahead of two great individuals forming a new-ish team. Also, from both a storyline and arguably real-life perspective, the Bucks are wrestling much smarter since go
  11. Besides having plenty of over face challengers in all divisions to make for good chases, I would barely call Britt and Miro heels at this point (at least judging by crown reaction). Both of them should be able to go against heels and faces for the title and the crowd will be good with it. Also, Britt having to win straight up after having her heelish plans foiled tells a great story about how she does not have to rely on cheating to win big matches.
  12. Also, love that the crowd last night was strongly pulling for an AEW original over a Hall of Fame level wrestler that is just about universally liked.
  13. I did not notice that, and that is fair complaint (though I'd still qualify that as a small, addressable issue that did not take much away from the match).
  14. I would probably put the three way match in there also, and kind of want to find a spot for Hangman-Cage also just cause I really liked the match and finish. I've re-watched the first Pac-Omega match from All Out 2019, and it's good, but personally do not see it as quite top 20 list worthy. Now, I personally am also very fond of the Shida-Britt Baker match and rank it among my top 20 favorite matches, but objectively may not quite deserve that standing (but again is proof of how much a good finish can add to a match, taking it from solid to very memorable).
  15. That type of thing does not bother me. As long as you are getting the big things right (match endings, quality work in the ring, fans excited about the action), I am not going to worry about the refs being airtight about enforcing the rules to the absolute letter of the law (and thankfully, AEW basically does not do DQ endings).
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