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  1. Yup. Context is king. Bucks make terrible faces but great heels. Cornette, however, would be of the mind to hate on all and anything regardless - a very vivid & unremitting vengeful streak. I also suspect he’s a decent Committee voice, but not objective enough to run consistently as one man band not cede to compromise.
  2. @Ryan Faulconer - My main gripe with Cornette would be that he’s a pretty big hypocrite. As you say, he will rag on certain talent irrespective of what they do (I’m one who has enjoyed Omega a lot more recently; I think he’s veered more into early 00s Kurt Angle territory whereby he’s this snobbish perfectionist with a streak of petty cowardice, and he’s playing the role quite amusingly - the Nak stuff in recent episodes has been fun). Conversely, I’m not sure I’ve ever heard him say bad word about Cody Rhodes, despite Cody having served up some absolute dirge at times. He also at times sound
  3. If the alternative train of thought is having a 5 foot 3 inch man as a candidate for your World Champion, then I am quite happy being on this side of credulity.
  4. Thanks. Yeah saw he posted the clip on Twitter, so caught it there; he's definitely getting freedom to push the envelope more week by week. Speaking of which, Caster only has 12k followers, which surprises me given Acclaimed have had a lot of Dynamite exposure for the past 6-9 months. I mean for context, that's only very marginally more than someone like .. Luther. Weird. I'd have thought Caster would have resonated more, but perhaps he's just not for the core crowd.
  5. The point was clearly lost on you. Darby's charm derives largely from his underdog, fight-against-all-odds nature; Darby plays the role perfectly (I've called for him to Main Event since the dawn of the show .. with the slight exception of Starks & a heel-Cody, practically all talent I'd personally want to see the show built around in their appropriate role have received such, which is fun ..), but that charm is diminished if played out among multiple other smaller acts. The laws of diminishing returns. Especially when the talent around whom this topic originated among you specifically is
  6. Funny you should mention that .. exactly what I was thinking. The crash pad was a bit more exposed than say the Shane/Big Show backlash bump but hardly a big deal. I’ll be the first to call out what is lame on these shows, but that’s not it. For all the theatrical spotty stuff or tubby guys in gimp masks .. that’s going to be the thing that ruins realism? Nope .. The commercial break issues are going to be inevitable when running a match of this length on the TV show not PPV. No getting around that - is what it is. I haven’t seen Caster’s entrance - what was his line? I’m real
  7. Never seen Tessa Blanchard compete before. This piqued my interest. YouTubed to see her vs Brian Cage in a 1v1 of all things. Replete with the sort of hammy facial expressions the likes of Omega could only ever dream of. That was ... something. As you were.
  8. RE: Omega/Cage concept at top of page .. very easy narrative to run. Tazz said on commentary at end of Page bout "you could say that was an upset" .. have Omega call out Cage as part of his belt-hunter gimmick, have Cage chomping at bit to take title but have Tazz reticent at Cage being an under-dog and fearful at Team Tazz not being able to carry another publicly significant loss so soon after Sting/Darby & Christian refusal .. Cage takes the bout anyway, is uber-competitive and almost wins but loses due to some interference-gone-wrong from Tazz. You then turn Cage face and initiate break
  9. Didn't catch much of this show live other than the Cage bout but from YT clips .. Bucks make glorious heels. That transformation is one of AEW's best creative decisions. Execution has been perfect so far. Kip is lame and a terrible actor so its a shame he gets the Miro rub in a segment-heavy program .. but some sort of weird Ramsay Bolton/Reek retread could be interesting, I guess? Austin Gunn performing & dressing like someone with the child mind of Karate Kid but an adults body probably best done away with .. face Cody equally sucks, hope this (so far decent) storyline does not become a
  10. Ending sequence on the Cage/Hangman bout the best Cage has ever looked there. Brutal efficiency. Good look for him.
  11. Yeah it’s a very sad very horrible mind fuck. Almost Unimaginable to think of the fates that would await so many from that late-90s halcyon age.
  12. I mean yeah, if you believe in a 163 cm dude competing for the World Title is believable storytelling then absolutely more power to you. You’re right, it’s my opinion it is not. For context that’s a dude that Daniel Bryan of all people would have 6 inches on. So in my opinion it doesn’t exist, but if that makes a believable & marketable World title contender for you then to each their own. At that point it becomes more like a comic book than a pursuit of realism I feel, but perhaps that’s why some follow pro wrestling instead of boxing or MMA, say? I can’t speak for them, and if so fine, d
  13. Agree with you! In an authentically sports-driven environment the titles/belts should be the ultimate goal, and how the participant graduates (or doesn’t) to that level is driven by character. Sometimes the story of a talented but flawed athlete falling short of the top prize is as compelling as athletes who attain it. Ngannou, Khabib, McGregor for example have all been champions, but coming from very different societies/continents each have their own unique motivation/drive to get there (coming from poverty, achieving greatness, familial inspiration etc.). Similarly there are examples of
  14. Yeah .. the former I think you may find was a publicity stunt. The latter was a once-in-100-year achievement (quite literally, 105 years from memory) in which Jones beat an uber-journeyman (who himself had grinded the belt from a 40 year old Holyfield) for the title then would never defend the belt. So probably not useful to extrapolate. There are prodigies but typically we see elite prizefighters operating in fairly close weight range bounds, hence the enormous rarity of UFC multi division champs for example. In this context Darby can be presented as a prodigy, but you likely dull his achieve
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