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  1. I'm a multi-millionaire net-short in the market since January 2022, but you do you my friend. We will re-visit that post before the end of this year. I won't call you vulgar for that insult, as your naivety is cute. Anyway, back to the wrestling!
  2. No - he was just being rude and offensive. Given how the 'collective' are quick to call out gross behaviour in the outside world, it is enormous hypocrisy to let it fly or even 'like' / embrace it within the community. Call a spade a spade. No excuses: no "having said that..". Have manners; be civil. Easy. Jade would seem destined to out-grow PW, full star-power. Still only 30, too. p.s. -- likely a 30% pure upside in BTC at the moment, but deep down (as with all assets) next year. As with all things, time will tell ..
  3. Account is dated 2016. "I don't agree with calling people cunts and clowns .. that said ..". I have posted plenty of positive AEW comments over the years when the direction and emphasis of characters has been good -- if you think they are on a good trajectory here with the decisions taken, all power to you. Time will tell. Carry on y'all. Just remember to be civil; the social-hypocrisy is at its flimsiest when you are calling people cunts and clowns with no provocation other than "bad faith" (??) statements.
  4. Woah. "Let's forcibly shut down discourse because I don't like the sentiment!". Not sure that's the way to go to be honest. "Cunts", "clowns" .. anything else to throw out there? Pass over a comment or debate to the other-side; AEW gets credit (e.g. - Kingston / MJF would be a compelling storyline from two people who have built out unique & over characters), the question of why the tv audiences have abandoned in droves deserves conversation too (just as it did frequently & deservedly when the shoe was on the other foot with WWE). The world need not be candy floss or ash. Civility wins the day.
  5. "Common sense is lost on anti-AEW clowns"; "i honestly never knew so many wrestling fans were financial analysts". Chill out buddy - no need for the vitriol. Do not partake in the conversation if you do not want to partake.
  6. Ironically I think the less that is spoken about on air, the more likely it is that he quietly leaves at some point over the next 18 or so months. RE: AEW -- the biggest concern for them at this point is not finding a new deal for ROH, its keeping the existing Dynamite deal they already have. Big ratings week for them. Did not appreciate they went as low as 750k during the last show w/ the 800kish average. Given for a long time they were talking up getting more money on the next run, difficult to see how that tallies given the YOY comparisons at this point plus change in economic climate.
  7. Yep. Both hugely over. Kingston the Foley to MJFs Triple H. Huge upside for both (irrespective of outcome).
  8. MJF / Kingston may be the best program they can run actually. Taps into Regal's disdain of "sadist" vs thoroughbred. Promos would be great & authentic.
  9. Wait, wait - you forgot one! "He could walk on water and people would say "he can't even swim!" Ok, phew, now the agenda is all ironed out and the discourse is well-reasoned. That's better.
  10. Thread is perfectly alive. If somebody posits the idea that the crowd cheering MJF is down to 2022 being this remarkably "immoral and nihilistic" world we live in compared to a decade ago, which was demonstrably far sleazier in many ways than today, they should be able to deal with a riposte without becoming .. scratchy? I can see it is a sensitive subject though, clearly, so happy to let that pessimistic view be embraced. As for why MJF was actually cheered .. well, as other posters have already highlighted, its because he has the best character work in the company and has done a beast of a job at keeping things fresh even when dealt some very poor material / circumstances and most of the rest of the show has become terribly stale around him. Or .. it could be because they're all immoral nihilists. Who knows. Carry on.
  11. Far less than he would if his career was alive today in this cess pit of immoral nihilism we all live in.
  12. I'm sorry - shall I try and make this simple for you?
  13. Oh no, you're right. The Jersey Shore era of 2011 with Snooki and Pauly D was a bastion of social morality and good-taste compared to today. Whatever was I thinking?! Kids today just don't have manners.
  14. Mate - the Jersey Shore was at its absolute peak in 2011. This is not some new age of amorality: if anything it has heightened in the other direction (see: Caster's previous suspension).
  15. The diminutive fake-fighters scuffling & biting each other on the set of their television show was real after all? Is the TV viewership being cut by 40% and the arena attendances being decimated the work then? These things confuse me. I'm very silly. Thanks for keeping me up to date on these things.
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