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  1. So Lawlor/Kojima happened and next in the line is Lio Rush, probably for Resurgence show?
  2. Naito/Sanada vs ZSJ/Taichi singles matches are worth tracking down. No, if you don't like these guys then they are not going to change your opinion here, but all 4 matches were solid fun with Naito's being a bit better than Sanada's. And they had zero (I guess someone could make an argument for one match) fuckery.
  3. Because it wouldn't be mutually beneficial? Either Shingo beats top guy from another promotion with them never getting their win back or NJPW ends up showcasing midcarder from smaller promotion on their big show.
  4. G1 ends October 21th so probably unlikely that any big names will make the trip.
  5. Club of 1982 has been mentioned here and there, but I think it is first time it was actually referenced in official NJPW video. I wonder, are there any other years that have produced so many high quality wrestlers?
  6. TJP looks to be booked like a dad and Clark ain't young Lion anymore.
  7. That was 15 heel/face turns ago, I think you might be peeling a bit too hard here
  8. So its going to be Finlay/Juice vs Omega/White in near future? White/Finlay already have title match set so likely Juice is going to challenge Omega?
  9. Posters are not spoilers, but this one seems to say that Yoshi is in: Everyone else is no-brainer.
  10. Sanada not winning the big one is kinda of a lame excuse since we might as well have betrayals in every faction every few months. Even if he was not winning the big one he was getting higher and higher on the card so progression was there. Sanada's elevation has been working perfectly till Covid, and arguably after that with G1 finals and singles win at WK. Why change his path? Like, obviously they could do it, but "don't fix what isn't broken" and all that. Evil on the other has been coasting for a while and was 5th most relevant guy in the faction, ahead of only Bushi who is content with being #6. Evil needed change, Sanada doesn't. I really didn't like Eagles as a heel in BC, but I think it is possible that he might join Empire here and pick up the surprise win after Oka runs in. It would be rather easy to rationalise - when he joined NJPW he decided to forge his own path instead of following Ospreay and he flopped in BC, now he isn't going to make the same mistake, he is going to follow Ospreay wherever it takes him. And Empire has a bit different style so maybe he would fit there better than in BC.
  11. Previous PPVs after Covid for me had those "ok, its almost good" feel, but I feel like this one finally delivered. I think I liked most of what I saw thou I have to shake my head at RoH still doing "title challenger loses major singles match before his title challenge". Or the fact that we have guys like Flip and Taven with title shots for over a year. And we now can add Rush to the list who'll likely challenge way down the line at Final Battle or something like that.
  12. Same teams feuding over tag team titles has been the staple of NJPW for a number of years already.
  13. Last year we got: Kota Ibushi, Sanada, Will Ospreay, Evil, Jay White. Tetsuya Naito. Kazuchika Okada. Kenta. Taichi. Zack Sabre Jr.. Jeff Cobb. Hirooki Goto. Tomohiro Ishii. Hiroshi Tanahashi, Shingo Takagi, Juice Robinson, Minoru Suzuki, Toru Yano, Yujiro Takahashi, Yoshi-Hashi. So lets speculate who is out and who is in? Ospreay is probably not healthy enough by then. Suzuki felt like "we need bodies" last year so might not be in this year and Yujiro should definitely not be in this. So in my opinion we got 3 slots open. Oka is definitely in. Finlay got far in NJ Cup and is getting title match at that USA show so I feel like he is definitely in as well. Who gets the last spot? Maybe Henare? Otherwise his heel turns feels kinda pointless.
  14. Kojima is back in Japan so I think they probably already taped Lawlor/Kojima since I doubt that they'd fly him to the states two times in few months. Rosser is my favourite as well, this week he again picked up a win and he has called out Lawlor a month or so ago. But I also could see Lio getting last title match before he goes away. In other news we got Resurgence show coming up and it looks like it is selling pretty well: I'm sure that this being first USA show in a while and having Mox is helping a lot so it will be interesting to see how show is accepted since asides of White/Finlay and Moxley it is probably going to be mostly Strong guys filling out the card. And they are also selling tickets for tapings now so I guess Strong will have audience in late August or early September.
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