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  1. Yeah, but I guess that it wouldn't be financially viable to book (get visas and so on) so many new guys for one show.
  2. Aren't they waiting a bit too long for that Moose/Alexander rematch? As I understand Hard to Kill will take place in January, no?
  3. So that explains how they'll fill three WK shows. Not being available for a week doesn't sound exciting, but at the same time I'll be surprised if the show will have many singles matches or tag matches without obvious fall guy.
  4. Probably as long as we get double dome shows. Which makes me wonder, what was the original plan? Because surely they didn't plan that Ospreay is going to vacate the title, or did they? Anyway, to me it looks like Goto/Yoshi/Yoh vs Evil/Yujiro/Sho is going to be WK title match for trios belts.
  5. Narita/Ospreay probably MOTN? This was first time I saw Buddy and I wouldn't miss any sleep if I never saw him again. Really have no clue whats next for White asides of going to WWE or AEW.
  6. Ospreay is pretty much doing "I never lost" angle that has probably been done dozens of times before him. Some probably have used belt replica in the past as well.
  7. I was thinking at one point that maybe they should give G1 to Shingo to make him look "real", but since that didn't happen then I feel like there is no point in pretending that Shingo is anything, but placeholder.
  8. Ospreay and Okada are more important than Shingo so its not surprising to me at all. Lets not forget why Shingo is the champ in the first place.
  9. Wasn't Shingo announced for this as well?
  10. I know we all have our favourite eras, but I think at this point it is a bit ridiculous to bring up guys like Pearce or Gabe. It is just a one division. "Normal" matches far outnumber pure rules matches. As for the news, it looks like it could go either way. If Final Battle flops and they can't figure out hot new direction then that might be that for RoH. On the other hand if FB is a hot show and they manage to sustain interest then the reboot might work out. But looking at RoH's track record I'd bet on this being the beginning of the end.
  11. Surprisingly Desperado/Kanemaru lost Jr. tag titles to TigerMask/Eagles. One last run for Tiger?
  12. First major show after NJPW decides to have more matches on shows: Fujita/Oiwa vs Kanemaru/DOUKI TigerMask/Honma/Makabe vs Gedo/Jado/Tanga Wato/Taguchi/Nagata vs Hiromu/Bushi/Sanada Yoshi/Goto/Ishii vs Sho/Yujiro/Evil for trios titles Yano vs O-Khan for KOPW thing Eagles vs Desperado for Junior title Tanahashi vs KENTA for USA title Okada vs Tama for briefcase Shingo vs ZSJ for world heavyweight title We'll get three Road To shows streamed, two of them have elimination main events, while last one (10/26) has Eagles/TigerMask vs Desperado/Kanemaru for jr. tag titles. And Henare is back. I don't know, I could have lived without these three undercard tags. Only the one with young lions makes sense to me. To me good thing about "less matches" cards were that lots of fat was cut. If it was me I'd just move trios title match to one of the Road To shows that has elimination match for main event and drop second and third matches entirely.
  13. Did everyone really want it? I don't really remember having problems with this show: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_Struggle_(2020)
  14. Very likely that Tanahashi/Chase will happen here and maybe Cobb will challenge him for USA title at the dome.
  15. I'm not sure if it makes sense to analyse promotional talk like this. Its not like he is going to say "we peaked, I'll try not to screw it up".
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