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  • 2 weeks later...

I gotta catch up on Steve Maclin's ongoings. I've been missing the shows since WWE became watchable/good again. I haven't found the right day or afternoon for skimming the Impact tv product. I'm really interested to see where some of these IMPACT players end up. I suspect at least a small bidding war on Josh Alexander, but Maclin's proven some strong value and even greater potential during this run. Obviously he has a history with Helmsley, but he also seemed to hit his WWE ceiling with him. Deonna, Chelsea, Bailey, the Guns, etc. etc. are likely in for some better pay days in the next year or so. 

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1 hour ago, kafkonia said:

Is there a connection between Rosemary and The Inhabitant? Other than the add.

Just the ad, Impact's done some different promotions with a couple movies in the last few months. But the intro was cool and makes me wish she was in it or something similar. 

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On 10/4/2022 at 6:22 PM, Wee Bey said:


this headline bothers me. "We want to stay with AXS TV" and "We are looking at other options" are not complementary. So in other words, there's no news here. thanks for wasting time and digital space, @POSTwrestlng.com

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I don't know. Where would he slot in in WWE or AEW where there isn't someone who could already take that spot? I think sticking around in Impact with NJPW dates is the best spot for him right now. Things might change in a year or 2.

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Impact Machine is up and running and it’s 2008 IMPACT!’s on Wednesday’s so let’s go!

This is the March 6th 2008 edition, the Destination X go home show.

Show starts off with a cold open in Kurt Angles dressing room with Tomko and AJ Styles this is back when AJ was in love with Karen Angle and this furthers that.

Jim Cornette is in the ring with Matt Morgan. Cornette puts over the show we are gonna get AJ Vs Kevin Nash, Tomko Vs Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle Vs Christian Cage all in gimmick matches. So Kurt set up the matches in his segments we had graphics after the opening and then Cornette announces the matches that 3 times in like 5 minutes. I guess they didn’t want anyone to forget.

Cornette then Brings out Booker T, the week before Robert Roode whipped Booker T with a strap so at the PPV three days from broadcast. There’s more strips added involving Traci Brooks and Payton Banks but there’s too much to follow. Book is about to talk then Robert Roode comes out to the entrance. He says screw you a lot and the crowd taunts him to with “you suck” and “Bobby” chants. Book charges Robert and they slug it out on the ramp as security and Matt Morgan break them up. Didn’t these two feud like this for like 6 months? Just a never ending feud? That’s how I remember it.

Backstage with Joe Nash and Cage. These 3 are facing Kurt and his boys at Destination X in 3 days time. So they are all wrestling each other tonight. Cage cuts the bulk of the promo but he should cut the bulk of the promo, he’s a good promo. Joe and Nash stand there looking scary which isn’t hard for them. Nash cuts a promo as Hulk Hogan to end it. “AJ Styles whatcha gonna do when Kevin Nash and his 17 time surgical repaired knee drops down on you?”

AJ Styles Vs Kevin Nash in a street fight is next. Both men are dressed for a street fight both are rocking jeans and cut off tshirts. The channel started crapping out at the beginning of this match by the time it came back Pluto was at break doesn’t mean the match is over Pluto’s ad breaks don’t also match with the programs ad breaks. But I missed the beginning of the match but I saw fragments of the beginning and it looks like Nash was standing there and AJ bumped off him. Back from break, IMPACT! Was coming back from break as well and AJ has the offensive edge. A clip Is aired of what happened during the break, AI drove off the railing onto Kevin Nash into the crowd. That was during the break. The high spot of the night was during the break, on a taped show. Nash is back in control. Jack Knife and Nash’s knee gives out. AJ targets the knee. Phenomenal Forearm caught into a Choke Slam Kevin Bash gets the 3. I didn’t see much of this match but I don’t know how much of a match this was.

Black Reign is backstage with Crystal and he cuts a promo on Eric Young in a spooky voice. Black Reign threatened to eat Kaz’s face off at Destination X.

Crystal is backstage with Black Machismo Jay Lethal and So Cal Val. TNA should’ve went all the way with Black Mashimo and made him World Champion.

Payton Banks and Traci Brooks are fighting backstage. I watched an IMPACT! From November 2007 and Payton Banks was an obsessive fan in the crowd. All this Bobby Roode shits been going on since November it’s now March.

JB is backstage with Eric Young he’s afraid of the monsters in TNA, Judas Mesias Black Reign and Rellik, which is killer spelt backwards. I think this is the start of the Super Eric Angle as JB tells Eric he has to find an alter ego deep inside to face the monsters. 

Match number 2 is a Destination X Battle Royal everyone involved has a match at Destination X and the winner will be able to add a stipulation to their PPV match participants include; Curry Man Alex Shelley Black Regin Chris Sabin Eric Young Hernandez Homicide Jay Lethal Jimmy Rave Lance Hoyt Rellik and Sharkboy. Team 3D come out to participate but they don’t make weight so they said screw you guys and go home. I’m not gonna try to keep tabs on eliminates. So much is going on. SonJay Dutt comes out to get donations from the fans as he’s in his love guru gimmick and flirts with his boy Jay Lethals girl Val. Scott Steiner comes to ringside as Petey is his boy. Raka Khan is there too. Steiner helps Petey eliminate Eric Young so he served a purpose. The final 3 are Curry Man Rellik and Jimmy Rave. The smaller guys team up on Rellik but that doesn’t last long as Curry tosses Rave to the outside. Rellik tosses Curry Man to the outside but Curry MAn lands on Jimmy Rave his fight never touch the floor. Curry man comes back in and lariats Rellik over the top to win. Curry Man grabs the mic says Japanese Wrestlers names Stone Cold Sharkboy grabs the mic and cuts one hell of a promo and adds a stip to the match at destination X and that’s a fish market street fight. That’s the fishing line cuz Sharkboy said so. The Fish Market Street Fight rules so the battle Royal served a very important purpose

JB with the Beautiful People and Roxxi and they are giving her a makeover next week. 

Next Match is Tomko vs Samoa Joe in a first blood match. He who bleeds first loses the match. So we cut to break but Pluto doesn’t cut to break so we are gonna have a random cut to break somewhere. This match starts off with both guys fucking each other up at ringside. Joe tosses Tomko into the commentators desk to start.   Tomko power slams Joe on the ramp it gets a replay so I assume it’s the high spot of the match. Joe says hold my beer and piledrives Tomko on the ramp. That does not get a replay. We are now in the ring and Tomko clotheslines Joe that gets a replay. Tomko is in full control now. Tomko has Joe in a headlock and is punching him in the head. Smart strategy actually cut the circulation off open up the head blood comes pouring out. Joe gets out of it however. Tomko grabs a chair. Chair is wedged in ring post. Joe sends Tomko headfirst into chair. Joe also kicks the chair into Tomko’s face. Tomko swings the chair at Joes head Joe blocks it with his arm that gets a replay. Tomko got 3 replays in this match. Joe gets Tomko in a choke ref calls the match. Joe is bleeding from the arm and the ref calls the match in Tomkos favor. Finish deflated the crowd. I was let down as the match was fun up until the finish.

We get an Elevation X match video package it’s a scaffold match. It’s Rhino Vs James Storm. They are playing up on Storm being afraid of heights. 

Here is the random Pluto ad break, Mike is setting up throwing to BG James and we go to break. We get a segment called Rough Cut it’s a look back at BG James and Kip James’ professional and personal relationship. This must’ve been when they broke up cuz they aren’t getting along in these segments taking jabs at each other.

JB backstage with James Mitchell and Judas Mesias. Abyss is missing. Mitchell did the world of Abyss. This is when it was revealed that James Mitchell was Abyss’s father as well as being Mesiases father making Abyss and Judas brothers. Mesias is facing Rhino tonight. 

And with that we get Match Number 3 Rhino Vs Judas Mesias. Rhino stole James Storms drinking championship the week prior and Rhino cuts an intense promo where he calls the championship and piece of crap destroys the belt and claims he will drop Storm 15 feet head first into the ring. Rhino is the face in this angle btw. We get still photos of three weeks ago when Abyss took his mask off and left the IMPACT? Zone. Abyss is missing incase you forgot. Mesias has blood coming out of his mouth at the bell. He’d have lost the first blood match. This ends up outside the ring fast. The brawl around ringside for a while. Back in the ring, Rhino is in charge. Mesias with a boot to the face and he takes control of the match. Mesias gets in a good bit of offense. He goes to the top rope, frog splash attempt Rhino rolls out of the way. This sets up The Gore and Rhino gets the 3. Match was short and Sweet. James Storm runs in and lays Rhino out with a super kick yo end the segment. 

Crystal with Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeeed. Saeed cuts promos on the Knockouts division and it ends with Kong and Hernandez having a staredown.

Match Number 5 is Awesome Kong vs Salinas. Salinas with side kicks to start. Salinas takes an ass whopping. She gets tossed around. Salinas starts throwing haymakers. Doesn’t work. King with a spinning back fist followed by an Awesome Bomb and Kong gets the 3. 

Crystal is backstage with ODB and Gail Kim they are facing Kong for the Knockouts Title at Destination X. ODB has a dip in.

Mike Tenay and Don West run down the Destination X card.

Main Event Time! It’s Christian Cage Vs Kurt Angle in a Six Sides of Steel Match. This starts off with chain wrestling then it starts to pick up and these guys beat the hell out of each other. A little more aggressive inside of the cage, shows what a cage does to how you prepare. Idk if that’s the approach they had going into the match but that’s how it comes off in exaction. Kurt Angle powerbombz Christian into the cage. We see a replay of that. Kurt hits a suplex in the middle of the ring. Kurt’s in control uses the cage to his advantage tosses Cage repeatedly into it. Headlock time! Christian fights out of it but no go Christian gets slingshotted into the cage. Kurt goes for the Angle Slam but Christian reverses into a  DDT this gets a replay. Christian is now in full control of the match. Christian with a frog splash off the top. This too gets a replay. Angle sends Christian into the cage again. Christian with an arm drag, he’s got counters for that Angle Slam. Kurt on top of cage Christian pulls him down. Both men on top rope. They are battling it out. Christian goes up top Kurt Finally gets the Angle Slam from the top of the turnbuckle. Another replay. Kurt at the door Christian drags Kurt to the middle of the ring. Ankle lock Christian rolls out gets to the door so close another ankle lock Christian is drug back in. Unprettier countered and Christian goes face first into cage. Angle with the German Suplexes Christian gets out before the 3rd German attempt. Both men on cage again Kurt has an ankle lock in on top rope. Christian does like a tuck and roll and Kurt takes the biggest flat back bump I’ve seen in some time. Christian tied up in the ropes Kurt tries to go through door but he’s blocking Kurt from leaving so Kurt climbs the Cage. Christie. Chases after him both are on the outside of the cage elbowing each other in the head. They both go tumbling down and Earl Hebner gives the match to Christian. This match was a ton of fun.

Angle Tomko and AJ lock Christian in the cage with them and soften him up for Sunday Joe Is at ring side trying to get in the cage he scales the cage Tomko stops him and we go off the air.

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