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Iizuka's transformation to roughneck shithouse has to be one of the more extreme makeovers in rasslin history. He was really dry but very mechanically good as colourless technician. Bonus points for being in one of the best matches of all time (w/Nagata vs. Kawada/Fuchi).

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I'm digging the Tenryu love here- looks like I'll be binge-watching his matches this weekend. 

So I'm reading this article about TJP getting released from WWE, and someone in the comments section made mention of some backstage differences with Prince Devitt. Did these two have heat in New Japan?

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Which one was Kitao? I haven't seen Muto since he came back from his double knee replacement, but surely he's at least in less pain.

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The match should be fine like the other experimental matches of this year.  The Tokyo Sport's article goes on mentioning one on one fighting and for the tv and the net and not for the crowd experience. And then UWFI.

Will it be Cinematic Shoot? Or some other new hybrid?

Muto walks and stands more better now but doesn't run much. He also had stem cells injected in his knee's. One of his knee's replacement didn't work out so well, so he might have to replace it again.

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I’m still posting Tenryu matches to this thread. Here is one:

This comes from my favourite Tenryu period and probably the best Kojima period, too, though I admit I’m not really into Koji’s career.

Also, look at this weird lineup:

It’s like Tenryu’s in PWFG or something.

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From purolove.com, via Google Translate:

For weeks the Japanese wrestling scene has been whirled by the effects of the new corona virus. The leagues had to react to ever new recommendations and regulations, which meant that almost the entire company had come to a standstill since the beginning of March. In the Japanese House of Commons, wrestlers and officials from several leagues met with the former NJPW wrestler Hiroshi Hase, who is currently the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology within the Japanese government. The goal of the appointment was to receive corona tests for the wrestlers and staff members as well as financial support.

The following people were present for the wrestling leagues: Takaaki Kidani (Company Director, Bushiroad Group), Hiroshi Tanahashi (NJPW), Naoki Sugabayashi (Chairman, NJPW), Suwama (AJPW), Takenori Fukuda (Representative Director, AJPW) , HARASHIMA (DDT), Akira Takahashi (Operating Executive, DDT), Naomichi Marufuji (Executive Vice President, NOAH), Masashi Ishiguro (Head of Public Relations, NOAH), Mayu Iwatani (Stardom), Katsuhiko Harada (Representative Director, Bushiroad Fight ), Yuka Sakazaki (TJPW), Tetsuya Kouda (Representative, TJPW), Kyoko Inoue (Diana) and Taishi Fuwa (Diana).

The wrestling coalition was led by Bushiroad Director Takaaki Kidani. The application signed by him states:

"The current pandemic triggered by the novel corona virus has significantly impacted the entire pro-wrestling industry, including, but not limited to, Bushiroad Group members New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Stardom.

Pro-wrestling is a contact sport and even matches without spectators pose a risk in the current situation. We cannot allow the pro-wrestling flame, which has been shining brightly in this country for over half a century, to be destroyed.

For this reason, we have the following requests (or demands):

1. Corona tests

While we understand that providing medical supplies is a priority for those struggling with the disease in frontline hospitals and facilities, we request that corona tests be performed where possible to conduct testing and protect wrestlers and staff members to provide.

2. Compensation for wrestlers under contract

Not only the wrestlers under contract in our group, but everyone in the industry who make a living as a result are negatively affected by the fact that they are currently unable to perform. We request that wrestlers under contract be compensated in a manner appropriate for full-time employees. "

Various wrestlers spoke up with descriptions of their current situation and their outlook into the future. Hiroshi Tanahashi even said that he expects pro-wrestling to be the last sport to return to full activity, but that this will be the final proof that the Japanese entertainment industry has fully recovered. At the end of the appointment, Hase said: "Many thanks to all representatives of the pro-wrestling industry who reported their plight. There are measures during these times that we can take to support companies, leagues and wrestlers, and I want them Deepening conversations. The current situation will not last forever. Fast and correct tests, effective treatments and medical developments are things that the whole world is working on. Pro-wrestling has a huge and very important role in the fight against COVID-19. I ask all staff members and all wrestlers to continue working and to stay in the best possible shape to please the fans with great matches soon. "

Takaaki Kidani summarized the appointment as follows: "This was a big first step, not only for pro-wrestling, but for live entertainment as a whole. The goal of being back in business is still a long way off, but today we were was able to discuss different support methods and I was very happy to present our application. "

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On 4/13/2020 at 1:09 PM, Curt McGirt said:

Mutoh. What, you think Mutoh was supposed to be the Shootfighter? 

I'm not sure if double knee replacements make someone more mobile or less... or if mobility remains static?

It's called a joke based on Kitao being a fatass and a shootfighter. I still love his lone non-sumo win was a worked fight over Nathan Jones. I dread how bad the ones he lost were.

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