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I played until 330am last night. I haven't done that in a long time. 


Joined a session with some dudes who wanted to go on a robbery spree. Once we got all ready to rob some stores nothing happened. Then the ring leader pistol whipped me and everything fell apart.


Then I played late night Tennis with a lady. So weird.


*ALSO*Plane races are very fun. So are some of the mixed paved road/off road races.


The crooked cops mission is probably my favorite just for the sheer insanity of it. I was able to get up to 16 kills by parking next to a building and picking guys off. There were about 15-20 cars clogging the road from all the re-spawns. 

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Finally getting back into this.  Unfortunately, either my mic or my 7.1 headset is fucked; the headset is fine unless I plug in the mic, then it starts popping like crazy and voice cuts in and out.  Ordered a new mic boom; if it still doesn't work I guess I'll be Silent Cliff for a while because I can't really afford a Bluetooth earbug or a replacement headset right now.

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