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Has anyone ever gotten a good match out of Axel? I mean good, not "nothing technically wrong, but still insanely boring."


Maybe he's gonna be the future of the company. He's gonna be a big time player in this machine called NXT. He's the next big thing. He's the next generation. And starting this moment, from now... From this moment on... This'll be the moment, starting now, of the genisis of Curtis Axel.


But really, I'd expect him to be more Brodus Clay and less Tyson Kidd as far as NXT rehab projects go.

He worked Sin Cara on Superstars recently and it was *really* good. Clearly a guy who was trying to make the best of what he had in terms of card positioning, and Sin Cara more than did his bit as well.

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Does NXT exist in it's own little continuity that doesn't exist in the main WWE Universe. Because I had an idea on another board and wondered if it could work. John Cena, NXT Heel. This way the IWC gets their long awaited John Cena Heel Turn, it has 0 effect on Cena's merch sales, and you get to have the top star in WWE work with the NXT crew giving them some OJT. Have him come down for a taping and take on Balor/Itami/Zayn/Neville.


Also if Batista has a free night I'd like to see Bluetista/Blue Meanie/Blue Pants vs. Enzo/Cass/Carmella

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