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FAT MAN TOP 50!! Pimp your fatboy


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In the legends division  I nominate Adrian Adonis and Big Bubba (Big Bossman)

In the divas division I nominate Bertha Faye

In the jobber division I nominate CZW and Maryland indy wrestler Mr. Tofiga and Low Life Louie from Jersey All Pro and New York indies




Hope the criteria isn't that they are good  :P

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I back Akebono and (really liked his title run and the tag tourney from last year) and Kraneo for current fat men. Intrigued to watch recent Cannonball Grizzly.

I would add Golden Moose Cholak to the all timers.
Him v Larry Chene is amazing:

You are a fat man when you work a handicap match against a tag team known as the Hoggs
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I found a contender for greatest Fat Boy Trio of all time:


The Headhunters and Super Porky



out of the Headhunters, Super Porky and Gran Markus (?? unless Texano is the fat guy on the Steel team)... do they still all have their original feet or not?


edit: Texano wasn't even in the match and I missed Cien Caras in the match title

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