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  1. I haven't watched Santo Gold commercials in 30 years and they are still amazing. THe WWE needs to buy the Santo Gold collection to ad to their library.
  2. Man I think I was pimping this match way back in the day as I'm huge CWUSA fan. Billy Two-Eagles made one of the last DVDVR 500's based on his stiffness and batshit oldman in garbage matches bumping...and was on one of Meltzers top 100's of 83/84(back when he was working for Joe Blanchard's fed), tiny Meixcan working a Native American gimmick. He was Relampago Leon and El Santo Negro in South West and may have showed up in AWA for a bit under one of those gimmicks. Buddy Wayne I think maybe trained Kozina and was trained by Colonel Debeers. I may be making that up, but he was a tiny guy who w
  3. I think he may have been in Inoki's UFO fed for a minute. My clearest ridiculous Reiss memory was when Dusty opened a wrestling school and decided to name it in memory of Dick Murdock ( Dick Murdoch school of hard knocks) he set up Reiss as head trainer.
  4. vs. tag partner Mighty Jon Quinn http://youtu.be/4eUJyWR5OtA
  5. I back Akebono and (really liked his title run and the tag tourney from last year) and Kraneo for current fat men. Intrigued to watch recent Cannonball Grizzly. I would add Golden Moose Cholak to the all timers. Him v Larry Chene is amazing: You are a fat man when you work a handicap match against a tag team known as the Hoggs
  6. For whatever it's worth, in Regal's autobiography Regal spends some time putting over Haystacks as a good wrestler past his prime, a guy who Regal liked to work with, Regal credits HAystacks for getting Regal his U.S. job. Unfortunately we don't really have much in the way of footage of him before his 40s. I thought he might be the big Irish guy who was in that Iraqi broadway match with Adnan, but I think that's more likely Ian Campbell. Never understood why the people who try to pimp Big Daddy as a WON HOF candidate, don't pimp Haystacks instead. Unlike Daddy, Haystacks seems to be well liked
  7. Eh, by 1997 there wasn't really WWE/WCW fans. Both feds had comprehensive international TV coverage. It wasn't like the 80s where certain fans could only watch certain feds (I know I couldn't see WCW, save for PPV or a couple shows here and there or TBS free preview weekends, on a weekly basis until some time in the mid-nineties), I think by the late nineties you had less "I'm a WCW fan!" or "I'm a WWE fan!" and more "I'm a wrestling fan". I mean, people had their preference of shows, but I don't think there was really any "I don't like so-and-so because he's a WCW guy/WWF guy" anymore.We k
  8. Goldberg, Savage, DDP, Luger, Booker-most of top faces were guys who at that point had WCW history.
  9. Didn't get over huge or draw much of value till Hogan turned.
  10. He was sympathetic face to Wwf fans who were Bret Hart fans. Not sure why that would mean shit to a WCW fan for whom he was just an outsider associated with long career in Wwf. Fuck, Hogan is one of the greatest babyfaces of all time and faced alot of rejection when he came in as outsider and eventually was turned heel.
  11. The WWF looked at the NJ3 +1 and thought the guy that had the mist real value was Too Cold.mThe Wwf didn't do much at all with Too Cold.WCW runs are what convinced people that Benoit, Malenko and Guerrero might have value to the WWF. Even after those runs the WWF weren't sure if guys really knew how to "work" or if all wcw smoke and mirrors that wouldn't work for "smarter" wwf crowd.
  12. Flair drew well. Georgeous George had female fans. But deliberately trying to construct tweeners does ring as false as having heat machine drowning out when fans cheered Vader's moonsault.
  13. The failure of Ring Ka King would probably be one reason. Did Ring Ka King fail or did the money men just fkit off to a different project.
  14. Jey is the larger of the two, I'm guessing that there is a general internet bias toward smaller tag partner, guy who sets up bigger partners spots. May also be just that they are always referred to be announcers as "Jimmy and Jey" and so were voted for in that order.
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