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  1. the top rope AA was/is a good example of that. Cesaro breaking out the UFO on night 1 is another good example.
  2. Big E was the agent for both title matches and he wanted clubberin?
  3. Other thoughts were that night 2 wasn't as good as night 1, but that 5 way was great for all the mini stories told, and could of been better if Carmella was there for all the sub layers of former partners that would of existed in that match.
  4. The funhouse match was a good meta narrative on the whole john cena era of WWE , and vince's preferences.
  5. This post. There are layers.
  6. I didn't watch any of the build, other than the video package they ran during the preshow. I just enjoyed the absurdity and action/drama movie violence of the match. Honestly the only real complaint I had was that taker needed to watch some of the old Sting beats up the NWO scenes for when he was punking the OC Druids.
  7. I fucking loved the Boneyard match. That shit was exactly what I wanted and I hope the firefly funhouse match is even more over the top and crazy.
  8. This gone be a good topic. Big meaty men and women slappin meat. https://youtu.be/FpwzJhhJeQI
  9. heh, Discord is basically IRC for the 2020's and beyond
  10. I am not a mod, but can easily create the server then hand over the rights and stuff (like it literally takes two seconds since I have discord open on my computers)
  11. making a DVDR discord would take like two seconds.. It can easily be done for live chatting during the insanity
  12. Did Hogan wear the boa with trunks? I though he only wore them with the long tights?
  13. Even though I am not participating, I love reading these reviews.
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