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  1. I am not saying NBCU over valued the WWE network and what it might bring to peacock, but I can also see it being a huge value add through cross over, both ways. People who might be tangentially interested in old wrasslin binges like binging The Office or Parks and Rec will be happy to have one service. and for someone like me who was never gonna get peacock any other way, if the accounts are merged, suddenly I can be like aight, I can dig this. From a purely corp consolidation standpoint, since Disney wasn't gonna scoop them up, and since NBCU got rid of their hulu stake, I can s
  2. They are also probably banking on the inflated numbers from the "Free" subs turning over into $5 subscribers who stick around for the non WWE content.
  3. Yeah. The story they were trying to tell us actually w good one all told. The execution of said story though was horrible.
  4. That Curry Man counter is banana.
  5. KO and Sami were working DBry really light from my recollection. He slowly got stuff snugged back up once he started down the road of being the NEW Daniel Bryan.
  6. I could change mine to Morganti the Office Faery, but people would have no idea what it was. That being said, I hope Allie Kat lawyers up soon enough to prevent the default judgement. Editing this post instead of doubling up... but the Kenny Omega/Xavier Woods video game top 10 on giant bomb is pretty good reading.
  7. Ebessan & Kuishinbo Kamen vs Liger and Super Delfin. Liger and Ebessan start it off with crowd chants and poses The Ref gets a chant and poses too! Two Big lockups end up against the ropes with a clean but disrespectful break! Ebessan however is dirty when he gets Liger on the ropes. Arm ringer into dance into stand off into hand shake and finger point has the crowd goin banana. Delfin and Kamen tag in and the pace quickens! Kamen is not as good at the whole leap thing but we get the HOP! Liger is confused why he hopped and complains to the ref before ta
  8. Who's on first is one of my favorite things ever. I even used to make whole wrestling stables and baseball teams of the roster.
  9. I think it would be cool if rising sun is his face theme and shadows is his heel theme.
  10. Yes. Yes it was. I remember exposing a bunch of high school kids to ROH and Puro when I worked at a bookstore. We went banana over Special K and Low Ki.
  11. I could see it being Corbin, especially considering his stints on practice squads in the NFL.
  12. Kenny Omega vs a 9 year old girl First things first. This is every Big person little person match where the tiny person uses there speed and the big person uses their size/strength. Kenny is pulling faces and selling through body language and disdain. Haruka is selling like you would expect a rookie to sell, and the crowd and ref are doing their part. The comebacks and hope spots are properly timed and while you don't think the 9 year old girl will beat the fully grown wrestler, you get the idea than in a decade or so shes gonna be great! And in the end, Kenny's hubris
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