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  1. And to further clarify... Impact is basically doing a pro wres event promoting a bunch of Chicago indies. She's not directly linked to any of them specifically... But her boyf is also participating in the same event.
  2. In the words of Hannibal Buress quoting Lorne Michaels... That was conceptually adventurous... And dumb as fuck.
  3. The thing about a shoot figure four is leg placement. If you cross the calf above the knee you can put a serious hurting on someone. The downside being that if the can roll you over it hurts you like a mutha.
  4. False. Hes dressed as Ricky Spanish.
  5. Hoodslam is also on twitch every Friday night.
  6. I disagree with this. The Fiend can totally squash Rollins or whomever, then Bray can be on TV with Firefly Funhouse weekly. The Fiend can then wrestle in dark matches and at ppvs. Slowly build up some hench humans for him to use to wrestle weekly like the old Ministy.
  7. That actually came up in an IWA-mid south event back in like 05. In the end Rhino tossed out zg and his prosthetic to win the match
  8. Ponytail flair looks kinda looks Geese Howard
  9. From comments made, that is/was her home promotion. And she's working her boyfriend.
  10. They will be going to 2 hours in October I'm pretty sure. If i remember all the back and forth it's that usa has some stuff that was scheduled that they can't change yet.
  11. eh, my ps4 stream was stuttering when i started it (right at 5pm because i forgot that they start the damn things at 4pm pacific now.)
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