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  1. It's too bad quack turned out to be scummy. He would be perfect for getting the fiend story to actually be cool.
  2. Other random thoughts. Bad Bunny did great. Omos was low key perfect in his role. And that main event was aces and a half. The tag turmoil should of been on smackdown instead if you weren't putting over the Riot Squad. I did enjoy the new day basically playing heels until the omos tag then getting squashed even if i didn't want them to lose tonight cuz new day rocks.
  3. The only things that matter from this mania. The ufo. And that fucking gunshot that was sasha getting whipped by bianca's braid.
  4. On the returning to office situation, i work on downtown sf. Lots of tech companies are like. Work from home if you want. Less money spent on corp real estate. My firm is but requiring people back in the office until september currently. And even when we go back lots of the old working on the office perks are going away. No more buffet style catering for a while no more big meetings. No more in house haply hours ect.
  5. Someone send that to the new day pod! It will go great with their toy tourney
  6. yeah, no televised brawls coz that could open them up to liability. Now members of the clique/road doggs family comin out to chop it up off camera? absolutely.
  7. Another Hot Take. We need more big beefy men bumpin meat on the regular. Fat boys, tall big dudes, short rounds. We just need more beefcake in the ring.
  8. A&E is doing 8 wrestler bios. I just saw the advertisement for it.
  9. Like most older business folk Vince uses an iphone most likely
  10. I liked when they used legacy for bray/cena. The match was booked wrong. But that video package was awesome to me.
  11. My hot take posted and promptly ignoring the replies.. WWE in ring isnt nearly as bad as people say.
  12. I did the 4 month plus ad free. Ill see how much i use it.
  13. He is the master and the ruler of the world!
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