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  1. On the subject, my favorite was when the A's had like three different players using WWE themes, plus a crew in the bleachers with all the belts
  2. They tried to get Colt too. Since it's the last time in that building for the promotion.
  3. The New Day/Andrade & Vega Ride Along is great.
  4. Interestingly if they called them War Raider Ivar and War Raider Erik and added Valkiery Sarah then it wouldn't be as cheesey.
  5. Or a mr America skined hulk Hogan (Fuck hulk hogan)
  6. Agreed. It's even his Upupdowndown handle.
  7. I've seen more non hockey things at their arena, including wrestling and concerts. Than hockey. Of which i have gone to zero games lol
  8. You can be glad someone is off tv while being sad at the reason.
  9. I actually wouldn't call him cunt or asshole. Id call him smegma.
  10. Wrestling is the best. Said as he watches Orange Cassidy matches.
  11. I just got the show 19. Time for knuckle ball Robinson to take over the bigs.
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