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  1. Nah, The Women's Tag Straps allow the multi brand thing... Sasha is technically a Raw star, and Bayley a Smackdown star. While I like the idea behind the angle, and it works great as a heel thing, It does oversaturate the top half of the Womens Roster, and WWE is really bad about undercard fueds in general, and the Women in particular.
  2. 3.0 is hitting the weights. They are like 5.0 now
  3. Two women power trip vs bliss cross Kabuki warriors is my jam.
  4. So i am rewatching Kobashi/Sasaki and I forgot Kobashi does a fuckin slingshot plancha. Sasaski does a fuckin Top Rope Rana. This match is bonkers. Yup Bonkers.
  5. Because i was talking about this match to my middle sister (she is the middle child, middle girl, and older than me)
  6. Of the three. Only Sasha hasn't actually evolved (pun intended) character wise. Becky and Bayley had to step up for various reasons.
  7. She is sayin that if she had 10 more minutes she woulda stole Seth from Becky
  8. For more random nostalgia, I am pretty sure I signed up right around the time Dean killed Non-Stick. That was a very silly place.
  9. I would love for Chris Hero to be dropping reviews and knowledge about matches in like the clubberin thread and the blood sucking freaks thread and in "not march madness threads" that would be entertaining as fuck. Someone should ask him to come back.
  10. on the subject of bannings and such... One of my fav rpg boards has a sub forum where they post "infractions" so you can see what the last start for warnings, temp bans, and perma bans was. I low key enjoy reading those. That says something about me. Also, Faye Jackson got the cosign from Xavier Woods on twitter today with some cool stuff... Ima go post the photo in the photo thread if it hasn't already been posted.
  11. I am right there with you with "tiered" finishers man. I miss them too.
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