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  1. Random thought i had. I miss when they would tell you where the house shows were gonna be during Raw. Second random thought. Currently for attitude era finishers we have the following. Stunner- Kevin Owens Mandible Claw - The fiend Pedigree - Seth Rollins Rock bottom - Becky(maybe) she's used it during a promo segment but not a match... Yet. Any more of them in use? Specifically non attitude era wrestlers using them in WWE.
  2. Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens was exactly this
  3. My two favorite matches were Lee/Dijakovic and Nox/Kai And i think Nox/Kai gets motn just for the hate displayed in that match.
  4. I think the important part about Mick is the lack of ego. He will make your pretty boys look like the belong. He will make your monsters look monstrous. He will make your super heroes look like monster slayers. If he wins, it will be like he won a god damned war, if he lost it will be like he lost a god damned war. He is probably the most versatile promo ever to pick up the mic in terms of being able to get across both super serious and super silly and make you believe in them. The person I would pluck from their prime and drop into modern WWE, but not in the ring, as the # 2 creative guy, would be Mike Quackenbush. I think more than anyone, his ideas combined with Vince's desire to be a TV show that happens to have wrestling, would result in actually getting that to work properly. long term long form story telling, building to natural peaks and valleys and escalations without getting to far into the Dog Food, a grounded comic book style WWE universe would be awesome
  5. Random thought i had. I miss when they would tell you where the house shows were gonna be during Raw.
  6. If we're going that route i want it to be Ultramantis
  7. Me too. Its such a good venue for Wrasslin honestly.
  8. She says hey real name. She's like the second or third girl he gives the ribbon to.
  9. Randomly watching Chappelle show while i cook and laughing at Mae Young randomly showing up in a segment about great New York boobs.
  10. Christian needs to talk to Daniel Bryan and get his head fixed so he can get a mini comeback run too.
  11. Lemme see if i can find it. It should be on Naomi's Twitter under tweets and replies.
  12. So 3 couples in the rumble itself. 7 on the show. Interesting.
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