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  1. From my balls to the hole. I hate this company so much right now. And i am usually one of the people who rolls with the bull shit WWE puts out.
  2. Ahem. He's a Mad Dog maverick out for revenge. He's a high profile Sweet voiced announcer with a mind for mayhem. Together they fight crime!
  3. I was at that show live. That's really all i have to say about it.
  4. Yall are sleepin on the mission district in San Francisco
  5. I think more wrestlers should go the Cody Rhodes route and have a kayfabe account and a shoot account
  6. Being lost slash ignored is that Cena used the twisting AA variant to put some extra oomph on that final blow
  7. I'm not even mad about the result. Just the paths they took to get there
  8. Everyone go look at Rusev's Twitter
  9. I'm all about Quakenbush and UMB in chikara
  10. If I remember correctly he tested positive for clophamine which is used for post cycle therapy when coming off the roids
  11. War games was cool because it was basically everyone who was feuding with the horseman beating up jj Dillon
  12. If you are doing 5x5 you are already doing the core power lifts. squat. bench. deadlift. When Cena was on Austin's podcast he mentioned that he got Cesaro into the Olympic lifts as well. the snatch and the clean & jerk.
  13. its also one of the few "fast food" places that you can get reasonable body builder/gym rat style meals that aren't 75% rat testicle meat