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  1. I bet you're wondering how i got here ...
  2. That's how it works in my industry. Particularly for client services professionals. Unless they bounce to a smaller firm.
  3. Also they used to tag as "the mighty don't kneel"
  4. Jeff Parker and Matt Lee are the chikara team of 3.0. they recently joined nxt (like late last year or early this year)
  5. Cole made the mankind title win seem epic as fuck. The streak ending was a great call as well.
  6. I pretty much only use it right below my nostrils. Not in mind coz then it ends up in my sinus cavities and that sucks..
  7. It was really good. Taker is such an interesting dude. Him choking up talking about mania 30 was haunting.
  8. Benoit was probably the nail in that coffin. Before that was probably the Rock going to Hollywood
  9. Probably just the downside. Less travel bonuses less merch from less face time.
  10. So in the "who the hell likes the rusev/lana/lashley angle department" no surprise but it's Vince.
  11. I really liked the idea of the match happening during "intermission"
  12. Both of those dudes and many of the No Limit artists were pretty good as guests. Not so good at tryna carry a whole project.
  13. It really is That graphic design company was all over my life during the early 2000s
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