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  1. Man Dusty on commentary is just as happy making as Bobby the brain. In completely different ways. Also. Tables, ladders and scares sounds potentially hilarious.
  2. I think i remember talking with some folks about how defending the streak was actively killing Taker(the character) He kinda talked about the matches on the Last Ride doc. But I think that was the story they were trying to imply. Like He is winning the fights but the toll its taking on him to win is crazy. Which fits in with the bomb throwing that happened in that match.
  3. They only really put him there coz Sami is the champ. Although, weren't they on the same side most recently?
  4. I always figured the takeover name was like clash of champions or Saturday nights main event.
  5. I actually low key miss NXT the developmental... where you could watch someone like a Bayley or Sasha or Bo Dallas or the OG Wyatt family, and even Baron Corbin develop from green as goose shit to respectable to wow. When WWE went on their signing spree of clearing out the indies, you lost some of that. Gimme more of the sub 10 years in the business learning and developing and getting better, than the 10+ year indy vets coming in and choking out the new comers.
  6. That starcraft shout though. And yeah, that jumping tombstone to finish off the defiant HBK was lovely.
  7. In some respects. I can see the difference between Undertaker's Streak, and a generic winning streak gimmick. Taker's streak was "At Mania, this dude is basically untouchable" but he could lose the next night on raw, the next PPV ect and you still were able to buy into it. Even some of the later Streak matches (the HHH & HBK series in particular where it was built up like the keeping the streak going was literally draining Taker outside of mania (there was that awesome Kane feud that happened post streak match where Taker was giving off the vibe that his powers were waning) And
  8. Mr. Bivens for All The Things.
  9. Knowing Shotiz uses Arnocorps makes me sad i never got to see her at Get Your Ass to March before she got signed and ArnoCorps retired.
  10. this might be the thc talking... but wtf?
  11. Cena could be doin the Arnold drop some mass to be a better movie star thing.
  12. Personally, while yes, all suplexes are 'deadlift' in the kayfabe sense. I believe that most "deadlift" suplexes have the element of the opponent being prone rather than standing.
  13. That hbk golddust sequence is great, and that miro/cena gif needs a brazzers logo.
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