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  1. Pwg should reach out to Lindsay. She might give the ok. I love that song btw.
  2. Fyter Fest being more fighting game than general video game means more diverse in general. The fighting game community is more sexist than racist tbh.
  3. Needs Randy Ortons dropkick from his early pre RNN years
  4. For me it was the first nom add blurb on mobile. Prolly Google weirdness.
  5. You joke, but with as big as there roster is, they could prolly fill the stands with staff and crew who know the "script" and force a perception change on guys if they really wanted to go all in on the work.
  6. I kinda wish the kayfabe breaking thing of who be used to be was more common knowledge, but. Dude can go. I also have no idea how to do spoilers on mobile or I'd post it.
  7. And it was when Mox was on his leaving WWE tour. So no way he was getting booed
  8. When the fuck was this and how did i not know about it? Lol i live in San Leandro
  9. That suplex counter where he just elbows Hansen is awesome.
  10. There are levels to that gif right there. Levels.
  11. I really enjoyed the Starr/Cassidy match. Was my kind of comedy meets ass beating awesome.
  12. I kinda want Stokely to go by Charles Taylor For one show just for grins.
  13. The thing that would have to happen to actually fix raw, wont happen. Basically. Remove Vince from anything on the creative side. Full stop. Use the writing team they have to plot character arcs and story beats. Less long form promos and more short to the point affairs. Make use of multi person matches to advance multiple stories. Recap the c shows to drum up intrest instead of recapping what just happened five minutes ago. Treat your audience like you like them and want them back. Not like you hate them and yourself because you want to be Hollywood and not wrasslin.
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