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  1. Other than Joanna? Nobody. It's like a bigger gulf than when Silva ran roughshod over the middleweight division at his peak.
  2. Jesus Christ, again. Not quite as bad but a massive gulf in talent that could end badly.
  3. I need that Golden Lovers match on the big stage. I otherwise agree. That's my primary reason I hope AEW and NJPW work together. And the tag matches and other fun shit you could run like Hiromu vs. Fenix and Taichi vs. Pentagon.
  4. Oyaji

    NJPW G1 2019

    Yup. Kind of surprised they're not featuring Moxley more and that he's likely returning the favour for Juice on the last day already. Really sets up B Block as a bore beyond watching Taichi and Yano doing their best to make things interesting.
  5. For now. People were saying there was no reason for NJPW to partner with AEW. Now besides TV exposure, here's another reason.
  6. But that's hiding your star attraction in the undercard in a tag match. They need to move tickets. Unless Moxley's deal with NJPW prohibits him for working singles matches in America for whatever reason (unlikely), then there's no viable excuse. Fudge the blocks, start with B Block, or have him be an exception.
  7. He was basing that on the people in queue for tickets right? It's a flawed system but he should qualify that statement with where he's getting that idea from.
  8. They better. I looked it up after posting the above. They've tarped off the entire upper deck and there's still quite a few tickets left on the floor.
  9. I picked White vs. Ibushi for last year's final. Seeming as the final block matches are practically spoilers at this point, I may have been a year early. Here's hoping it's Moxley and not White. Also, with ticket sales struggling for the Dallas show (that's still a thing right?) and the company bringing in a white hot former wwe champion, of course you don't feature him in a singles match because of block order. This company has never quite gotten their US expansion right.
  10. How many times have they run Ibushi/Naito recently? I would find it difficult to think that they'd do it again for one of their biggest matches of the year. The top of the card is pretty stale right now. I feel like Moxley is a lock for the final when you look at the distribution of top stars and the fact that this will likely be a one off for a big international star.
  11. You're right in that is his big white whale. He should absolutely be the one to cost Okada a spot in the finals. Ibushi should also beat Tanahashi. As they phase out Tanahashi, they should start to phase in SANADA if he's going to be that guy up there with Okada, Naito, Ibushi, and White (who I still don't think is quite backing up his push - I wasn't a fan of the February Tanahashi match despite it serving its purpose). Had they put KENTA in block B, I would've thought he or Moxley would serve as this year's Akiyama to put over the home talent in the final. As is, it'll be interesting to see where they slot him in now that he's in there with most of the big boys. Should be telling as to whether or not they are thinking long term with him. This is a fascinating tournament. We're also getting a rematch of Ibushi and Ospreay: Kota's Revenge. It'll probably get more time than the 18 they got at the Dome and it'll be a feature match. I always think this is the year they start to really get behind Ibushi but now that he's signed on full time, there are no more excuses. This should be his year and he should have to beat Tanahashi at the end to get into the final. If they're not going to go with him, then they could easily go with Ibushi vs. Omega as the main event of the other night, though politics may be iffy (60 minutes, baybeee!).
  12. Oh my God. That is just about as good of a lineup as they could've done and will be the first time I'm hyped for NJPW this year. Taichi was the name I looked for first. The pop in the video shows where he is at even if he'll end with probably only 2 or 3 wins. A Block is fucking ridiculous. I don't even understand. It's cool that KENTA is in there too. Absolutely the right call on Suzuki. His body can't handle it. Last year doing his 30th anniversary match with Okada in the rain and the followup in the tournament was a fitting end to his run at the top. This should be the start of him fighting the transition and Zack inexorably taking the top spot in the faction (never change the name). I was down on last year's tournament from the block announcements and we all knew it wouldn't be able to live up to the highest of high standards the previous two or three tournaments set. It over achieved but still wasn't there. With this lineup, we could be looking at the best month of pro wrestling ever. Hyperbole be damned. KENTA vs. Ibushi. Taichi vs Moxley and Taichi vs. Yano. ZSJ in the block with his best rivals: SANADA and Ibushi. Is this the year they start to pull the trigger on SANADA? I cannot wait.
  13. Didn't they lose their first 14 this year? That's a good thing!
  14. I could see Jamal Crawford going there to be a 6th man or playing with the stars should they need instant offense. Bobby Marks is talking about how they can save money/room if they delay the trade until late July, so perhaps the deal won't be official official for quite some time. edit: That would be incredible. Fill out with vets chasing a ring and that is your favourites for the 2019-20 season.
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