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  1. I had to look it up but the cacophonous sounds during the atomic bomb are actually a composition: I was thinking the only comparable piece of film/TV that came to mind is 2001. Funny enough, Kubrick used Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima in The Shining. I definitely agree with your sentiment that the show should win all of the sound design awards. And all of the other awards too, dammit.
  2. I just got Darkest Dungeon on a GOG sale, so I don't mind you going into detail if it's not a big deal. I probably won't be playing the main game for a while but it's nice to know what the main game got so right and what the DLC got so wrong. Also, I will forever be broke because I can't help myself. After seeing the E3 footage of Mario Odyssey, I knew I was going to wind up getting a Switch eventually so I said fuck it and found one at The Source (Canada's hobo level version of Radio Shack, think about that for a second). It just came in and ARMS is such a fucking blast with the motion controls. The screen/console itself is way smaller than I thought, though I don't know what I was expecting seeing people lug it around in their advertisements like a slightly larger than normal handheld console.
  3. I think the two obvious candidates are Naito and Omega. I'm guessing it largely depends on whether Kenny is sticking around another year or not. At this point, seeing how WWE uses high end talent that they didn't develop, I hope he stays in Japan for the rest of his career. I'm thrilled with the blocks. So many amazing matches. I feel like SANADA gets some big boy wins.
  4. Or they could do a draw. Either way, with a 30 minute time limit, I expect a very different match. Guys, we get Ibushi/Naito. I hope the final is Ibushi/Omega. Omega made it pretty clear that one of the main reasons he wanted to stay at least another year in Japan was so he can get a big, marquee match with Ibushi. If he's not going to get a title run they could do it in Sumo Hall.
  5. Just skimming through the prelims. Jeremy Kimball hit a man with a standing hammer fist or some such nonsense. Whut. the. fuck. Pure savagery. "That's the grizzly."
  6. Last I heard it was just Rowe going to NXT. Has there been news of Hansen joining him? I don't see much in Rowe as a singles competitor but would love to see War Machine tear it up in the tag division.
  7. What's the hold up on Kyle O'Reilly and NXT? How are all these other ROH workers joining and he's stuck in indie purgatory? Not that I'm complaining, he's been great in EVOLVE and PWG.
  8. This is the worst free agent class yet, right?
  9. Young Bucks are big draws as far as indie wrestlers go. I can't think of any bigger US indie draw right now. They also have the personality and charisma of (modern) stars. The Elite nickname is pretty appropriate when it comes to the Bucks and Kenny.
  10. I have still yet to be in on a Jason kill. I'm starting to friend players who use mics and aren't assholes so hopefully it's something I can see soon enough. There are way too many people who don't use a mic. Kind of defeats the purpose of the game.
  11. I'll never be able to look at him the same again.
  12. PS4 unfortunately. Only level 23. I'm finding the servers have been mostly shit since double XP weekend started.
  13. Meltz has been talking about this kid for a long time. I was excited to see what he could do. Now I know he can get rocked in like 10 seconds and choked out by some dude.