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  1. Desperado is quickly becoming one of my favourite non Hiromu/Kushida/Ospreay juniors. He's so much fun! He referenced a favourite song of his in a recent promo, perhaps that's what he's talking about.

    Oh shit, they are big boying up the Okada/ZSJ tag. Posters at F4W's forum (yuck mostly) were thinking it would be the main dudes and their hypemen in a tag here. I suppose that could be done in the buildup show to Sakura Genesis. I wonder if Elgin asked to not be booked to avoid backlash or if that was an office decision. KES is going to murder Chuck, but I'm happy that he's on the card! Bullet Club in-fighting! GoD vs. Marty'n'Cody. Dragon Lee vs. Hiromu interactions in the LIJ 8-man. I like it. I like it a lot.
  3. Random Boxing Thoughts/News v. 5

    Serious question: knowing how Dana treats 99% of his fighters, why would anyone in boxing want to work for him?

    Well, the easiest would be to subscribe to a collection, start up the game, create a promotion or two that your downloaded edits fit into along with at least one stable per promotion (so babyfaces/heels for example) and then transfer them from the retired section to said promotional stable. Doesn't take long now that they have the mass transfer option enabled. Before you'd have to swap them one at a time and it was awful.
  5. Reading Dean's review of this makes it seem like a take on the Godzilla arc in that he was a monster created haphazardly by man, set on a rampage of wanton destruction, only to more or less succumb to his own lust for destruction (falling into a volcano or some such banana slip they used in the later years when Godzilla was evil again). Also, I really do want to go to Mr. Danger's steakhouse. I will feel incomplete until the day that happens.
  6. It's so weird looking back and seeing Kohei Sato being called a young pretty boy. "What'd you call me?" "That's what I thought." It would appear Matsunaga really won in the end.
  7. The story (clips no longer work). Some footage. It's awesome. Matsunaga was such a bad ass, partaking in the first Japanese deathmatch in '89 and being surly for like 20 years. I hated the scorpion death matches but other than that, he's the man. Mr. Danger > Mr. Pogo by 1000.
  8. 2017-18 NBA: SECOND HALF

  9. Кубок Mира 2018 (World Cup '18)

    Thanks for the codes. App is kind of a mess, as it resets to the main window whenever you switch between apps.
  10. Main event was great. I think I preferred the SANADA match but not by much. Was it not a bit weird that Zack started by working over Tanahashi's neck instead of the more obvious targets? It's not like he's above such things. Don't serve that man warm beer after a match btw. Was a weird feeling in that I wanted Tanahashi to win to see him go out on his shield trying to stop Okada from breaking his record but when he went up for the second high fly flow I was dreading that it would connect. Great booking and if they give Tanahashi a rehab win over an upper midcard type, they can absolutely have Okada call Tanahashi out. Rest of the show was kind of there. The crowd wasn't really into much else. Even the Suzuki/Naito interactions didn't get huge reactions as one would expect. Don't be shocked if Goto retains over Juice. I could see Goto holding onto the belt for the better part of the year to avoid just repeating last year's series of events and to try and shed Goto being a complete goober (it's too late!). Juice is the guy who needs that belt and probably who the belt needs to get out from the rotation of tuff guyz. Well, we have the dreaded tie in our prediction table. Time for Archibald and Fowler to fight to the death. Or you two could do a predictions for SSE as a tiebreaker.
  11. WrestleMania XXXIV

    But... But I thought we were all psyched for that match?!

    No problem. It can be a little overwhelming at first but the collections feature on the workshop helps. It would be nice if Fire Pro Arena had a folder for fictional edits and one for real life edits. I mean, I created my own promotion along with my friends back in the D era so I totally get the process but believing others would be interested seems weird to me. Spike is doing a company-wide twitch stream Friday and announcing 4 new games. They said if there's any big fire pro news they'd deliver it then. Seems like they've got that sweet Danganronpa fuck money going now in full force.
  13. So Kevin Kelly referenced the restaurant commercial that the CHAOS *clap* "HEY!" pose is from. Anybody know if it's on YouTube? Shit cracks me up.