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  1. Game Deals and Subscriptions 2017

    I agree on Hitman's price. I was thinking about picking it up but not for that price. I remember you posting about Gang Beasts like 2 years ago? And I was so excited then and I'm so excited now to finally play with the buds on Mondays. Looks perfect for just picking up and playing with the homies.
  2. Purotopia General Discussion: 2017!

    Going off of Alan's MOTYC list: Hajime Ohara vs. HAYATA (5/27) (NOAH) ****1/2 Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Kenoh (10/14) (NOAH) ****1/2 Taiji Ishimori vs. Daisuke Harada (10/1) (NOAH) ****1/4 Taiji Ishimori vs. Hajime Ohara (1/7) (NOAH) ****1/4 Shiozaki/Taniguchi vs. Kenoh/Kitamiya (1/21) (NOAH) ****1/4 Atsushi Kotoge vs. Daisuke Harada (2/14) (NOAH) ****1/4 Go Shiozaki vs. Eddie Edwards (3/25) (NOAH) ****1/4 Shiozaki/Kotoge vs. Marufuji/Taniguchi (5/4) (NOAH) ****1/4 Kenoh vs. Go Shiozaki (11/19) (NOAH) **** Among others found in the above link. After really digging the little I saw of Kitamiya at the end of last year, I'm disappointed he's not on there more.
  3. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    God damn it, that's 2 for 2 of my favourite PBS shows between this and Charlie Rose.
  4. He absolutely is and he wants to do the craziest shit all of the time, it's only his opponents reeling him in.
  5. NJPW World Tag League 2017

    That guy is such a great con man/worker. He is never not working. Committed 100% and I love it. I hope he can turn things around at tna.
  6. Strickland has the talent and athleticism to be great but he's still figuring out how to effectively put it all together. He has some good matches but when he's off, it's awful. That match in PWG against Dezmomd Xavier was one of the worst of the year that I've seen at least. He's better when there's a story built into the match for him, like his two big garbage matches in Lucha Underground (against Marty and then Fox). So, I think he'll do okay here because they're playing a long game with him in MLW with a lot of story going into the matches.
  7. Purotopia General Discussion: 2017!

    I feel like they intentionally made it seem like Kenny won the third match not because he solved Okada but because he didn't take nearly as much damage from EVIL and Suzuki, and just as importantly, the other demanding matches of Okada's reign. That's why a fourth match is still so exciting and necessary. That wasn't the right time to truly blow off the feud. I'm greedily wanting Okada to retain at WK so we don't possibly have to wait until next year for the proper conclusion, but that's unlikely. I agree in that the third match is only incredible if you've been following along and I applaud and adore that kind of layered storytelling. It really is remarkable that they were able to have three truly epic, legendary matches that changed wrestling but were distinctly unique from one another and still played off the previous encounters and beyond. You rarely see that kind of stuff these days. As for the Miyahara stuff, I'll say this... As much as people adore the match structure of the Ishikawa matches, there are problems Imo. IIRC Miyahara does a lot of no selling later in those matches that doesn't fit in with his superb bumping and selling all the way up to that point, and to an extent betrays his excellent ground work he laid down getting to that point. There's also a lot of move spamming in the final acts of those matches, which is fine but don't act like it's 1983 Portland in comparison to NJPW.
  8. That's what he alluded to on Sunday's B&V&C show. The MLW show was on in the background at a friend's place last night. From what I could tell, Riddle and Lawlor was a little janky but pretty good. The rest of the show was mostly more regional indie guys and wasn't so hot (The giant 500 lbs guy was awesome though!) but yeah, that main event was a lot of fun. I've been a Darby fan since I started watching evolve regularly and he's really starting to put it together and become a complete wrestler. I hope the rumours of him signing with NXT come to fruition so he can get paid.
  9. 2017 Non-Event General MMA Talk Thread

    Fuck yeah. I'm all aboard Covington talking trash and then getting smashed.
  10. Purotopia General Discussion: 2017!

    Seriously, I'm kind of shocked with how little talk of New Japan there is on this board when they're in the middle of such an insane year that matches up nicely with any other year from any company in history. I get that it may not be everybody's cup of tea but there are like, what? 10-15 people talking about it regularly on here. Seems weird, especially when WWE isn't having the strongest year in terms of match quality and the storylines are mostly dogshit.
  11. Agreed. And there's already footage of Elgin boasting about sexually assaulting a woman out there. I love me some Meltz but he hasn't handled this well. I hope New Japan parts ways with him. He's not irreplaceable and Cobb can doing anything he does but better.
  12. Purotopia General Discussion: 2017!

    As much as I loved the second Okada/Suzuki match of 2017, I don't think it had the all time special feel of Okada/Omega I. I actually forgot about it until you brought it up, whereas I've never been so worked up by a wrestling match as I was the Dome match. If I wanted to nit pick it, I certainly could but I could feel my blood rushing, I was probably hollering at some of the bigger spots and the final run. I never do that. I felt that sense of dread and acceptance in the concluding series of moves. I bought into what they were selling 100% like I was a kid again and that just doesn't happen anymore. As great as the rematches were, the first one was so much more special and stands out more because of just how different of a feeling it was from anything I've seen prior to it. In my mind, it's the second best match I've ever seen behind 6/9/95 and I haven't watched that in ages, so who knows how I'd rank them after another viewing. I can understand why some people get turned off by how far Omega and Okada took things in their matches but watching Miyahara's big matches from this year, I can recognize they're generally smartly worked matches, great even... but I have zero emotional investment in them and they don't particularly stand out in a year where I've probably seen 25+ 4 star matches just from Japan alone. The Tanahashi/Naito G1 match is like the Miyahara matches but with way better atmosphere and drama in my opinion. That's probably the closest I saw from Japan to touching either of the first two Omega/Okada matches. The selling, pacing, and psychology in the block decider was so amazing and off the charts that I thought it blew away their Tokyo Dome match, which is saying something and I prefer it to the third Okada/Omega match, which was fantastic in its own right. I saw Takashita's title win and was impressed but going just on that he's not close to the level of Miyahara, much less the New Japan guys. I've been subscribed to Stardom World since like February or something and haven't used it nearly enough. Hopefully during the Christmas break I can watch some of the stuff from Kevin's recommendations, Alan's star rating list, and whatever listomania Voices of Wrestling produces at the end of the year for both joshi and Japanese indies. I'm also finding that I adore WXW's style more than I previously thought. Walter vs. Dragunov may be in my top 3 from 2017. Just unreal work and atmosphere. The tournament match Walter had with David Starr was phenomenal too. That's the beautiful thing about 2017 wrestling. There's so much variety and it's almost all available at an affordable price.
  13. Purotopia General Discussion: 2017!

    What would you have over 1/4 Omega vs. Okada?
  14. Pretty sure Elgin is tight with Alvarez and Dave and is one of their NJPW sources. Dave hasn't looked good at this but he's been very defensive about it on the F4W board. He said more or less that there's more to the text messages, with the implication being that some of the conversation was removed.