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  1. Oyaji


    Glad to hear that. I hope he can parlay the WALTER match into a career revival and not just fade away into obscurity. But still, that match had some scary spots that I hope he doesn't try to pull off every time he's out there. Rey Horus has the one fantastic ddt spot but I never come away loving his matches in PWG or LU. He's looked tentative/sloppy in PWG for the most part though he's seemed to settle as of late. It's looking more and more like Brody King is a guy they'll put all their weight behind and I get why. He's a big guy that does agility spots and the SoCal crowd loves him. To me, he's getting these big spots that he hasn't earned yet and I'm not impressed with his slow motion high flying when Chris Hero was doing shit at a way bigger size about 10x smoother. I also don't buy the tough guy/striker offense and no selling. Just don't get him, I guess. I don't really care for the majority of the new guys PWG has turned to and BOLA seems to be all about them.
  2. Oyaji

    NHL OFFSEASON (New Season Stars 10/08/18)

    Holy shit, Zadina is still there at 6. TRADE UP, DUMMY!
  3. Oyaji

    NHL OFFSEASON (New Season Stars 10/08/18)

    NBA having the commissioner just get on with the selections is so much better than the awkward and unnecessarily long selections at the NHL draft. Sabres aren't allowed to suck now, right? If they fuck Dahlin's progression up, they should just shut it down.
  4. Oyaji


    Yeah, I didn't even read Puma King as Puma... I take it back. TWO guys of interest and a lot of hard passes and indifference.
  5. Oyaji


    Their match at 16 Carat last year is one of the best you're likely to see this decade imo. His big title challenge vs. Bad Bones was scary because of headshots but really well done. I really don't dig PWG's rebuild this turn around. I don't want to stop watching but this field looks like dog shit outside of Ilja and to a lesser extend David Starr. I loved WALTER vs. PCO but I don't know if it and PCO's lost old man eyes are things I'd want to see on a regular basis. All three of Starr, PCO, and Dragunov have had outstanding matches, and from what I've seen, their best matches with WALTER. It's almost like WALTER is really good.
  6. Oyaji


    Wendell Carter Jr.'s matching outfits with his parents is the best.
  7. Oyaji


    The one thing I'm worried about Doncic is he seems awfully slow of foot, so I don't know if he's going to be able to break down more athletic defenders in the NBA but a really exciting prospect regardless. Mo Bamba's 7'10" wingspan and eye popping dunks... So much fun to watch.
  8. Oyaji

    Football Shirt RESTART OMNIBUS thread.

    I really like that kit even though it doesn't really scream Bradford City.
  9. Know anything about Naoki Inoue? 21yo and 11-0 caught my attention. Heavy Hands guys were gushing over Petr Yan too. I'll pay close attention to his fight. Guy is lookin' REAL jacked.
  10. Oyaji

    MLB 2018 - June

    Isn't the pants injury one of the random ones you encounter in OOTP?
  11. Last year's G1 completely cemented Yoshi-Hashi's jabrone status and Naito even called him out for it.
  12. Oyaji


    After giving up on it about a year ago, I blasted through it earlier this spring and it's great. Sometimes the dialog is unnecessarily long, sometimes quests become too grindy, but I really did enjoy it. I haven't touched much of the DLC, so I'll probably do that first after I get off work. Unrelated: Jurassic World Evolution is fucking GREAT when you're not having to wait around for funds to accrue. I love how easily agitated the raptors and T-Rex are during stuff like tropical storms. This is pretty close to what I wanted. I wish there was a bit more to do, that we got water dinos (hoping it's in a future dlc pack), and maybe a few more modes but I haven't even touched sandbox mode yet. I love how you are put in positions where it's okay to backtrack to a previous island, use some of the huge amounts of money you've built up to research and finance expeditions and so on to make life easier on the start-up islands you're still building up. Goldblum is unsurprisingly magnificent too. Didn't mail it in as I thought he would.
  13. Oyaji

    NJPW G1 Special in San Francisco

    Of multiman match openers? Fuck yeah.
  14. Oyaji

    NJPW G1 Climax 28, LIVE AT THE BUDOKAN! 7/14-8/12

    I don't think anybody would believe in White is close to ready for the WK main event. His matches are almost always drawn out and have little or no heat until perhaps the very end. I think he has a strong future but right now anything above playing spoiler for one of the big names is a terrible idea. I don't think a single person would see him as a legitimate threat to whomever wins B Block.
  15. Oyaji

    NJPW G1 Climax 28, LIVE AT THE BUDOKAN! 7/14-8/12

    I almost feel like Tanahashi can't lose to Okada so soon again. Draw to eliminate probably makes the most sense but an outright victory in Okada's moment of self doubt/weakness would be perfect. The hair match is such a great fucking idea too that will never happen. Omega losing the belt to Naito, who has seemingly cooled off, before getting to defend it at WK after putting in that performance at Dominion reeks of Baba booking Kawada to be a dork.