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  1. Wow, that tag match was the perfect spotfest. Like the pinnacle of the sprint style started with Michinoku Pro. My goodness. Then, as Excalibur said at the end of the extended footage @ChesterCopperpot posted on the last page, the cage was the only thing that could've followed it. Tag battle royal was fun, their best battle royal to date. Toys look great. Cobb/Mox had the usual lull of Moxley selling but overall it did its job of establishing Cobb as a tough guy and Mox as the man with the unbreakable will who's resourceful enough to survive and thrive against all odds. Moxley getting to Revolution in a million pieces like this gives him an easy out in not winning if that's the direction they go. If they can keep this kind of show-to-show excellence going, it will quickly get into that upper echelon with peak Mid-South, ECW '95, '96-'97 Nitro, and '97 WWF of one of the best weekly wrestling shows around.
  2. I hope it's more of a fight than a stuntfest.
  3. Who thinks going from Manuel Pellegrini to David Moyes in 2020 is an upgrade? West Ham look like a relegation side and they deserve every bit of it. I hate not having them in the top division but fuck that shit.
  4. Damn, it's a private account or something. It's rtnba's post of Westbrook smiling as he's dunking at the ASG.
  5. Great promo. Lex Luger and his finger pointing with thumb out is the stuff of legends. Love me Luger at his best. Edit: It's crazy how many similarities Luger has with Batista. It's become a thing to discuss among my rasslin' fan friends.
  6. https://www.instagram.com/p/B8r573EgSAycvHyQCvnL9o6H3VGmts66lESs4o0/ I'm dying over here.
  7. That was such a no brainer transfer but I am thinking he and his father felt it best to go somewhere he can get minutes, slightly out of the spotlight, and it wouldn't be a big cultural shift. He also finds the media tiresome, so going to England or Spain would suck. Dortmund was perfect for him as he is perfect for Dortmund. Atletico/Liverpool went about as expected. Salah had two good chances and squandered them both. Hard to generate clear cut opportunities against such a side protecting the lead. These next three weeks will feel like an eternity.
  8. That's exactly what they're going to do for now, long term this could be a serious push towards a super league. Fuck anybody that isn't an old school die hard City fan going to those matches. Circumventing pricks.
  9. I am fine with the other two characters but I couldn't do the deal with the electricity/blue robit.
  10. There are many clips on Twitter of him calling fans fat and what not. I think of any professional wrestler on the face of the planet, you don't have to worry about MJF breaking kayfabe.
  11. Is that githyanki on the back of the dragon at the end of the trailer. Not going to lie, that excited me. I am so fuckin' pumped for this. Edit: githyanki on dragons vs. a fleet of mind flayers. Oooooh hell ya. Can't wait.
  12. Some journos are pushing this as the start of the super league. I don't think supporters will get behind that idea and would revolt. This should've happened in the '90s but better late than never. Next up PSG and Barcelona.
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