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  1. Yeah, but at the same time tho... he's such a great raconteur and genuinely funny. Plus, that strut he always did with the guitar. On the one hand, New Jack is the worst. On the other, he's the best. I had a blast watching this except for the few parts I had to look away, then I really quickly did not have a blast.
  2. He's not even going to tell them where the event is happening. This is so fucked up.
  3. Okamoto laughing, then suddenly realizing dude isn't joking and having to hold the lulz in is an all time moment. Holy fuck. This man is capitalism personified.
  4. I need a remastering of the first two in the worst of ways. Witcher 3 is up there with Red Dead 2 and Breath of the Wild for game of the generation.
  5. Excellent news for both. He's tremendous from the little I've seen of him.
  6. That led me down the rabbit hole of awesome '80s welterweight/middleweight fights (easily my favourite period in boxing history) and has there been a wilder top level one round fight than Barkley/Benn? Benn runs out of the corner at the bell and starts raining power punches, knocks Barkley down, hits Barkley while he's trying to stay up on the ropes, then Barkley starts his comeback after surviving for about 30 seconds. Barkley has Benn on the ropes but then the latter starts hitting crisp uppercuts and hooks after catching his breath. There is the slightest of lulls followed by Benn scoring a knock down with a series of uppercuts and overhands AND THEN HE GIVES IRAN A STRAIGHT RIGHT WHILE BARKLEY IS ON THE CANVAS. HOLY FUCK. The referee chastises Benn but doesn't deduct a point and still gives Barkley the count. Barkley answers only to be put down again (technically his gloves hit the canvas, his body never does, but it's still a knockdown even though the referee takes about 5 seconds to call it off due to the three knockdown rule). Wild, wild, wild and so great. I need to just binge all of those great fights of that era between some of the greatest fighters of all time. Hearns is my guy but there's just a long list of talented fighters of all varieties in those light/welter/middleweights of the '80s to early '90s.
  7. Just about the harshest condemnation one can give a pro wrestling match. Maybe the HHH/HBK 3 stages of hell match, that particular piece of shit went ten minutes longer at Armageddon '02. Also, the scariest thing in the FFH match was the crazy thigh gap Cena was rocking in those prototype shorts. What the fuck, man?! Shit is gross.
  8. Okay, I don't watch WWE anymore but I had to see the 'Taker/Styles match and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to check out Wyatt/Cena. I really dug it too! It wasn't a masterpiece and of course it was convoluted and silly, but I like Wyatt's mind games finally breaking Cena at the end. I would've cut the WCW stuff out but other than that, I thought it was neat how Bray took Cena on a trip down memory lane and directly referenced their last Mania match, showing how he's evolved. If only every non-Bryan match of his could be done in this way, that would be great. While I was trying to find where Cena/Wyatt was on the show I was lucky enough to witness just about two minutes go between Edge setting Orton up for the conchairto and him actually doing it. The worst of the worse bad wrestling acting right there. Fuck that shit. I feel for Drew. He worked his entire career for this moment, to main event the biggest show in pro wrestling and get his first big coronation over a dominant champion and he gets it in front of zero fans. Heart breaking for him.
  9. One of the best wrestling belts I've ever seen. Fantastic. A++++++
  10. In tears. Jason is a saint. edit: to clarify, despite his absurdist, completely random title... this is SFW... other than the title.
  11. I wouldn't hate it if they did something along the lines of the TNT champion getting a world title shot after N number of successful defences.
  12. His twitter feed is an essential service at this stage. He is all of us. See you (anxious millennial) cowboy.
  13. And despite all of what you say being 100% true, he's somehow managed to go 12 fights in a row without snatching defeat from the jaws of victory in the sport's toughest division. He's an anomaly and definitely one of the best fighters to watch in combat sports from an entertainment standpoint. My memory is completely terrible remembering how fights of the past went 99% of the time. Has anybody threatened Khabib from the bottom with a submission? With how he entangles one's legs with his kneeling figure four stance, how good he is at maintaining posture AND control, I'd find it hard to see a way in snatching him with any legitimate submission.
  14. Does anybody here think Tony can withstand Khabib's inexorable wrestling game? Closest level of wrestling he faced was Kevin Lee, right? It's been about 4 years (fuuuuuu) but Lee landed 3 of 6 takedowns in that fight. As dynamic, wiry, durable, and strong willed as Ferguson is, I have a hard time seeing him pulling it off. Still feel we absolutely need that fight later this year or whenever the Madness stops despite that.
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