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  1. This is the worst man utd performance I've seen. And we are relying on them taking points from City in a few days.
  2. Holy fucking shit. I love this roster. And having Dustin around to help bounce ideas off of and potentially agent is a huge get.
  3. Edmonton has those cups though. I know it's forever ago in sports years but those other teams would love to be so cursed to have the greatest player of all time and that dynasty in their history books.
  4. Yeah, I don't see how it can last unless they get a decent deal for their events through something like Dazn to at least offset some of the losses. I think the word since day one was they knew they'd be losing money for the first bit but I don't think they foresaw having to pay for TV. Man... if this is true, it's just such a huge fucking gamble on themselves and it'll have to pay off quickly. And it really is difficult to know how bad it is without knowing all the clauses that would be part of such a deal. Like, does WarnerMedia really do a 180 after figuring out ROH helped produce All In? What happens if Double or Nothing is of a similar quality or better? Do they magically do another 180?
  5. Sauce on that bad boy? If true, that's not a good look. Better than ending up on the B/R app but not a good look at all. Heck of exposure though.
  6. I dunno, man. Using his mom's health as an excuse is kind of lame. I would've liked that promo 100x more if he just took out the "not" in the "not because he was better than me..." line even if it weren't true.
  7. Jimmy Havoc is pretty fucking great and smarter than he lets on. You can have room for more than one goffix wrestler. The battle royal for Double or Nothing, man... These hype videos, I've cried twice already watching the backstories. The winner should be determined by the amount of tears their story elicits. And then MJEFF just comes in and throws that guy out. It's simple, real life shit that they're covering and it is so effective.
  8. Page press slammed him into a pole that was ringside in EVOLVE too. I think that was at La Boom?
  9. This is ridiculous. Lightning AND Penguins swept.
  10. Agreed. Both MVP candidates travel like a mother fucker. It's so stupid. Just change the rule to a hard 2.5 and be diligent in calling it.
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