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    Pretty much. I'm still having flashbacks to last year and it's keeping me happy. Sweet, sweet member berries. I hope they come back hungry next year.
  2. Purotopia General Discussion: 2017!

    I liked the new year battle royals during the early '90s. Nothing incredible but fun seeing guys that are used to working 1v1/2v2/3v3 in a different setting.

    Dude, the pitching isn't the biggest issue. The bats have been sleepy for the large majority of the post-season. This primarily falls on the heart of the line-up doing jack and shit at the plate. The defensive mistakes don't help either. The nice thing about the Cubs is their young core will be around for a long time and they should be one of the better teams for the foreseeable future. The pitching staff may change a little bit going forward and, yeah, the bullpen needs strengthening.
  4. 2017-18 NBA: FIRST HALF

    That was fucking disgusting. I didn't want to think that's what it was, but you can definitely hear his leg snap. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
  5. WWE 2K18

    Cool. I have no recollection of that but hopefully by the time I've gone through South Park it'll be a little less buggy.
  6. Purotopia General Discussion: 2017!

    Here is a list of all battle royals Suzuki has participated (on record). Probably the Diamond Ring one if your timeline is accurate though All Japan sure loved a battle royal.
  7. WWE 2K18

    This series has never had much in the way of post-release support, has it? Like patches take forever to drop and when they do they usually miss a lot of significant bugs out. It's really fun but I'll continue to hit up Stardew Valley on switch and Fractured But Whole on ps4 for the time being. Oh and still shooting for that perfect run on fucking night trap! God damn game!
  8. That's the rumour. Vince backed Big E and Triple H supported Roman. Still, isn't The Rock the only #1 brand/A world champion in WWE history that's black (and he's half black)? Henry and Booker had the secondary world title but Vince's history with black wrestlers is appalling.
  9. He's like an inch or two shorter than Cena. It's because he's built like a brick shithouse he looks shorter than he is. His skin colour is likely more of an issue with Vince than anything.
  10. From F4W: It was a stable and you guys were right. I mean, I'm glad they're not closing up shop but it's typical scummy bait and switch. And I'm not paying Evolve a dime to watch their shows when Im still paying Floslam until next spring.
  11. Pretty much. Last I heard about it was Dave saying they aren't really looking for more foreigners.
  12. Marty Scurll is going nowhere except maybe WWE eventually. He's ridiculously popular and the large majority of indie fans love him, so ignore him or learn to tolerate him. I don't think he's nearly as terrible as some here make him out to be but he does too many cutesy spots. He's actually pretty good at general match layout most of the time and is very charismatic. I think he's capable of being pretty damn great with a few tweaks here and there. I do wonder if ROH will be the destination for most of the guys should a decent chunk leave. TNA is a shit show and can't help but tripping over itself. New Japan is pretty much maxed out on foreigners and has the strong Japanese sense of loyalty to older natives and foreigners that perhaps should be let go at this point. Where else do they go? Is there a new bigger indie promotion created that works more frequent shows like an ROH alternative? I really wouldn't be surprised if there's a great exodus from WWE and the indie workers return to their familiar territory with bigger names and higher booking costs. Between shirt sales and the indie boom, I'm guessing most of them would make more on the indies than in NXT at least. I would've thought Zayn would be the kind of guy to leave seeming as he's been killed off but then they did the big turn so I hope he runs with it and makes it work because he was way, way too fucking talented to be curtain jerking.
  13. Sexual Assault and Harassment in Hollywood

    It makes them complicit and enablers.

    They talked briefly about trying to make edits cross platform once the ps4 version is out but were vague and non-committal, which usually translates from Japanese to English as a no. I am no programmer but it seems to me that if the data is just a bunch of code uploaded to a server, that information shouldn't be too hard to translate across platforms. Only issue would be with Steam I'm guessing.
  15. They don't even need to split up New Day short term. He can be the singles worker and the other two tag. Just let him retain some of his humour and attributes that make him so cool and likeable instead of super serious stern IC champ Big E. I know most people have given up on Wyatt too and that's fair. He is pretty much damaged goods at this point but I think there's big money in both a Bray vs. The Machine storyline (and Roman is The Machine) and Rusev as the USA loving foreigner. All of this goes back to them pretty much cannibalizing their entire roster in hopes of getting Roman over. They had huge chances in both Dean during his initial run after the shield breakup and Seth upon his return from injury. Dean has been in coast mode since his depush and Rollins never got that big babyface turn moment. The excuse that's often trotted out is that they don't know how to book babyfaces. Partially true but I think the fact they've invested in Roman at the cost of every other potential top face is far more damaging.