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  1. He really can't tho. He'd probably be the first to tell you that too. It really is remarkable.
  2. The German suplex off the stairs was nuuuuts. Love the wild but just in enough control spots like that.
  3. Everything is happening. I would love it. Hopefully they can bring it to a broader audience, pump some money into presentation, and get fans that aren't 58-year-old preverts wearing wife beaters (yes this is a gross generalization but you get my drift. It's a dirty feeling I get watching a lot of joshi because of how gross the fanbase is compared to the golden days). If it were to happen, do you think they would revamp Stardom World or would they offer it as part of NJPW World and perhaps make less money but increase its viewership?
  4. Yeah, I think this was a way to see if they load up on Dark what kind of viewership it could get. Edit: As for the match itself, it was a bit too long and dragged a bit especially for the audience who were in their third or fourth hour. Not a tonne of storytelling going on other than Omega trying to get into the hardcore elements and mocking Moxley by using Jon's signature offense. Janela could use some more rhyme and reason in his matches to take the next step up. That running headscissors he hit early on was beautiful though and he's getting into better shape so that's good.
  5. All we needed was one world class wunderkind.
  6. Wait, is it that Bushiroad bought Stardom? Is that the other Japan rumour going around?! That's insane if true.
  7. Holy fucking shit, why did Kenny do the topeconhello to the barricade and not the ramp? Janela barely touched him, that was more or less full force.
  8. You know it's bad when people like that guy are being negative.
  9. Somebody on Meltz's board is saying VOW claim that the big Meltzer (Meltzception) Japan rumour is NXT Japan with Meiko and Sekimoto as coaches (noooooooo!). Could also be working with BJW. Fuck.
  10. I really don't agree with your take on this. He was basically bullied into taking his comment back and how "complicated" the situation is after seeing the financial damage it caused. It really isn't as complicated as people who have business interests in Mainland China are making out. Morey is likely doing this softened stance bullshit to keep his job. LeBron talks that good shit about domestic policies but is two-faced when it comes to something that may interfere with endorsements, salary cap, and Space Jam 2 ticket sales.
  11. Yeah, not to pull a Natural, but Fuck LeBron James.
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