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  1. Man, the philosophy of the best GMs in North American sports is pretty much remain competitive for a long period of time and one of those years you'll make it to the promised land. The Caps and Sharks have been so good for so long and have fuck all to show for it. And for the Caps, pretty much all roads to Lord Stanley's Cup lead to Pittsburgh unfortunately.
  2. They won the cup in their first year. To quote the Big Bad Booty Daddy, they don't get my sympy at all. There is such a huge chasm between the top 2 and everybody else, so of course we drop from #2 to #5, the lowest possible pick. I understand with the new rules that 4th was likeliest, but it's still pretty crushing just the same. Oh well, this team is going to be the shits for a long time, so we just got to make good use of the picks we get in the next ~5 years. No more Virtanens plz. Also, no more Lindenning while we're at it. Mittelstadt sounds like the guy we'll go with. At least he's skilled and fast. Glass is the other name but he sounds like Horvat 2.0. I'm so done with the responsible 2 way guys with pedestrian skill.
  3. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  4. Great fuckin' game. Most open playoff game I've seen in a long time. Even the 7uongo run, it wasn't anything like this. So many end to end odd-man rushes. Fuck yes.
  5. I want 15 games of this Spurs/Grizzlies series. Fantastic basketball.
  6. Snell'd.
  7. Raps gonna Rap. This is so ridiculously awesome. I switched over to hockey and obviously made a big mistake.
  8. Don't the Spurs have better defensive numbers without Kawhi on the floor this year than with him? Crazy, I know, but I'm pretty sure that's something Zach Lowe stated even as he said Leonard was his MVP. And now for something completely different.
  9. Okumura also recently had surgery.
  10. The Jet made a good point that having Gobert protect the paint allows the perimeter defenders to play tighter defense on their men outside. At this point I'm just hoping for a competitive series.
  11. The Jazz play beautiful half court offense with lots of off the ball movement and screens. Poor man's Spurs offense?
  12. After playing the Kickstarter beta in December, I have mixed feelings. It has a tonne of potential, the atmosphere is great, the core gameplay is amazing, but there were a lot of game breaking bugs. Beyond that, there was a lot of clunkiness that needed cleaning up too. Like you could make Jason look like an idiot by jogging around a 3 foot high wooden roadside barrier. He couldn't just step over the barrier or slash over the barrier. It was hilarious and ridiculous all at once. Playing as Jason was largely frustrating but that's mostly down to me not being good at the game and partially down to the aforementioned clunky shit. edit: and just like that, there was a dev post on their forums talking about how Jason can now break most fences in the game. Voila.
  13. So Joe Thornton played on a torn MCL and ACL. That is fucking gross. I hope they give these guys one more year and don't blow it up.
  14. Also that introduction was something else.
  15. I don't know what that is. In stanchion we trust. Man of the Year 2017.