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  1. I think they changed their mandate for tv sometime earlier this year. It is fairly recent and definitely after I stopped watching.
  2. It was more cumulative damage than one stand out moment. A flawless victory. Song Yadong... I'm super excited. But... Now I can only think of Anik saying "it's Yadong" like he does "it's ya boi!" for Eryk Anders' nickname.
  3. Mandalorian is wildly inconsistent. I hated the first episode, then they introduce Baby Yoda who completely turns the show around and gives the Mandalorian something to play off of. The third episode is one of the best things I've seen from a TV show ever. Then they follow it with a run-of-the-mill, but good Star Trek episode/Seven Samurai knockoff (Carano was better than I expected). This week's episode... woof. I thought it was plodding, felt low budget, and just did not work for me. Not good. Highs and lows.
  4. Your comp to this being like a Bellator undercard was perfect. Just a mean squash match. I don't hate it. It's an effective way of building momentum for younger fighters among hardcore fans. Absolutely brutal.
  5. Pretty shit performance by Ruiz. AJ looked very good, no complaints there. Took care of business.
  6. I don't know how well it would work long term but Marty being behind all of the EEEEVYIL in AEW would be a really fun way to introduce him. Have him make the save for Cody and then stab him in the back like a true villain. One of the few ways I can think of having him debut as a heel potentially working. Nice idea, fellars.
  7. This the best I've seen from United in forever. Smacked Ass up in the stands loving this.
  8. That's "slapdick prospect" thank you very much.
  9. The Riddle match from one of the Janela shows was fun.
  10. You think they are going to fire a fighter with good potential and can talk well because she's failed to make weight? That is both harsh and absurd. If anything, she could bump up a class. I dunno but I'm getting a little tired of the moralizing going on here between the Beatdown Bus and wanting people to get fired for missing weight. This ridiculous weight cutting problem is symptomatic of the terrible system in place more so than individual fighters. Just go to the One system where it is based off of hydration levels and fighters fight near their walking weight.
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