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  1. Oyaji

    SOCCER - WINTER 2019

  2. Oyaji

    All Elite Wrestling 2019

    What's the formula on that one? So long as their overhead isn't ridiculous, I can't imagine it would be too hard to be sustainable. But again, almost all of this hinges on the TV deal. Monthly PPVs in big venues are nice but they won't be enough long term.
  3. Dodson is a pretty big step up in competition. Looking forward to that. Is this Santos' trap fight?
  4. Oyaji

    Wrestling What Ifs

    Brother isn't over.
  5. Oyaji

    All Elite Wrestling 2019

    Forgotten Sons Steve Cutler, but your point stands.
  6. Oyaji

    All Elite Wrestling 2019

    When you first said Brandon Cutler, I thought you were talking about that JAG from NXT that's been in developmental for years.
  7. Oyaji

    All Elite Wrestling 2019

    Mjeff to dump him out from behind at the end. HEEEAAAT!
  8. Oyaji

    All Elite Wrestling 2019

    Holy shit, yes. That was such an effective hype video.
  9. Oyaji


    Just shutter it. Why fucking sit around and hold people back from making a living when it's done?
  10. Oyaji

    Puroresu General Discussion for 2019

    Ibushi is a weirdo.
  11. Oyaji

    All Elite Wrestling 2019

    He, Kota, Naito, and Hiromu almost killed each other multiple times in their CEO match from last year. I don't think he's going to halfass his vanity project.
  12. Oyaji


    Please no. Don't grant it, WWE. Keep him hidden for years. Dillinger is the very definition of Just A Guy.
  13. Oyaji


    Courtesy Cubs Fan: Taurus kills Vikingo. Between Taurus and Puma King, I need to start watching AAA again. There is some seriously mind bending shit in that match. Wow.
  14. Oyaji

    All Elite Wrestling 2019

    The tournament also featured I believe the first Ishii/ZSJ match. Shockingly, it was excellent. I totally didn't think of the tournament when spouting that.