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  1. One of the best(and ridiculous) laughs in all of showbiz.
  2. Remember the last two years of posters complaining about Jericho was played out and how he was taking up a spot on the roster? Pepperidge Farms remembers....
  3. Was there a backstory for Regal doing his damnedest to spread Hashimoto's nose across his face, or is this some typical surly gaijin shit?
  4. I vaguely remember an episode of Nitro that had Scott Hall and other members of NWO caused Scott Norton to lose a match by accident, and they high-tailed it out of the building to avoid a pissed off Norton.
  5. One of my favorite scenes of all time:
  6. Spike Lee posted today that Bill Nunn, best known as Radio Raheem in Do The Right Thing, and Duh-Duh-Duh Man in New Jack City, passed away at his home in Pittsburgh today. Also didn't know that the lady who played Hatchet Face in Crybaby passed away last week.
  7. This should pretty much explain it to you:
  8. You can hate Sabre Jr. if you want, but that finishing sequence and in particular, that submission, was pretty damn sweet.
  9. Ran home from work under the guise of "an emergency" just to watch it. Brutal and bloody. I'm going to rewatch it when I get home, but as a wrestling fan, I feel somewhat complete now. Only thing left on my holy grail list is the early Kevin Sullivan devil worship angles.
  10. The reason why us oldheads are all excited for tomorrow.
  11. This is a pretty good episode, which features the debut of the Freebirds on WTBS as Michael lays it down on the introduction of all the members late-70's Southern Jive. Also, witness Gordy try to cripple young Tim Horner with a prototype-power bomb. Then you have Mr. Saito giving a fake apology to Steve Keirn for injuring him and then facing off against one of the "employees at the hospital" to take Saito on in his $5000 challenge. I've never seen Saito be that heavy in showing his amateur skills, but by gawd, is he a fucking beast on the mat! I'm gonna be looking up some of his early matches today. Harley Race is up next doing tv match against enhancement talent, and while it's a standard Race squash, it also reminds me that wrestling doesn't have to be fast-paced all the time. There was a simplicity and a brutality to everything he was doing and it was awesome. Freebirds show up again, and this time it's Hayes and Roberts. Hey look! Roberts gives a guy a Destiny Hammer!!! Who knew the 'Birds were so ahead of their time? Austin Idol closes this out defending the GA Heavyweight title, with Tony Atlas on commentary.
  12. I posted this on the dvdvr Facebook page. Didn't realize it was on YouTube.
  13. THIS. That's my main problem with him as a performer.
  14. How so? She's not my type. No big deal. I didn't say she was unattractive.
  15. Hey, I'm not mad. Folks like what they like and I don't begrudge them for it(most of the time) and with that, I'm off this.
  16. This is all I see when I see the Miz:
  17. Yes because the Rock and Miz are comparable. *blinks*
  18. Well here we go disagreeing for the first time. Im biased in my opinion because I actually love pro wrestling...for the wrestling. So Miz proved he's a company guy. Big deal. I'm sure besides the fact that he loves WWE, he did/does what he does for self-preservation. I'm not a fan because I think his ringwork sucks. Sure he can be led to a passable match occasionally, but let's not get crazy and call him a great worker. For a majority of his career, he's had X-Pac heat. He does have a gift of gab, that's why I said he'd be a great manager. You our broke my heart Burgundy.
  19. He's an entertainer, not a worker, and somehow Bryan, a guy who worked hard his whole professional life and took his job seriously is a moron and Miz, who was a quasi-reality star, who would get drunk and turn into his imaginary character, and who's life ambition was just to be famous....he's the smart one just because he'll do whatever wwe asks, no matter how degrading it is and because he has a semi-attractive wife. Am I wrong in my summation?
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