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9 minutes ago, MonteCarl said:

I was at Walmart earlier today (looking for the new MOTU Origins, which they had none of) and saw my first AEW fig in the wild. A black haired Kenny Omega. They also had the ring and AEW title. 

The one near me that had a clue had a few rings and title first time going there.  Then next time out it was just one ring and the pegs were empty to begin with.  From what I hear assuming Walmart gets them and cares to stock them the figures do sell out.  Which is great as there's high demand for this.  I just hope that Jazwares knows to increase supply and make sure they're actually being accounted for.  But maybe for now a road trip to a few stores isn't the worst thing in the world.

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I've been on the hunt for Jazwares Fortnite merch for my nephew and niece several times, and while the figures and playsets tend to pop up all over the place on social media, the distribution is just the pits which is why I just started buying everything for them online and shipping everything to my sister

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3 minutes ago, Tromatagon said:

That Sting mask looks like London 1888's work

Yeah, that's their work alright.  I want to say I saw it on there at one point but my memory may be fuzzy on that one.  I do see they have a Hollywood Hogan one on there though.

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