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UFC on Fox 24: Johnson vs. Reis (4/15/2017) - Kansas City, MO (Sprint Center)


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UFC on Fox 24: Johnson vs. Reis 
April 15, 2017 
Kansas City, MO (Sprint Center)

UFC Flyweight Championship: Demetrious Johnson © (124) vs. Wilson Reis (124) (tenth defense) - Johnson, SUB (armbar), R3 (4:49)
Rose Namajunas (116) vs. Michelle Waterson (114.5) - Namajunas, SUB (rear naked choke), R2 (2:47)
Ronaldo Souza (186) vs. Robert Whittaker (185.5) - Whittaker, TKO (punches), R2 (3:28)
Jeremy Stephens (146) vs. Renato Carneiro (145.5) - Carneiro, DEC (split)

Fox Preliminary Card:
Alexander Volkov (245) vs. Roy Nelson (262) -  Volkov, DEC (unanimous)
Patrick Williams (136) vs. Tom Duquesnoy (135.5) - Duquesnoy, TKO (elbows), R2 (0:28)
Bobby Green (156) vs. Rashid Magomedov (155.25) - Magomedov, DEC (split)
Tim Elliott (126) vs. Louis Smolka (126) - Elliott, DEC (unanimous)

Fight Pass Preliminary Card:
Aljamain Sterling (135.5) vs. Augusto Mendes (135) - Sterling, DEC (unanimous)
Devin Clark (205) vs. Jake Collier (205.5) - Clark, DEC (unanimous)
Anthony Smith (186) vs. Andrew Sanchez (184.5) - Smith, KO (head kick and punches), R3 (3:52)
Zak Cummings (170) vs. Nathan Coy (171) - Cummings, SUB (guillotine choke), R1 (4:21)
Ashlee Evans-Smith (136) vs. Ketlen Vieira (136) - Vieira, DEC (unanimous)

Event Bonuses ($50,000):
Performance of the Night: Robert Whittaker
Performance of the Night: Demetrious Johnson
Fight of the Night: Tim Elliott vs. Louis Smolka
Attendance: 12,171
Gate: $1.1 million
Rating: 1.99 million viewers

Cancelled Fights:
Renan Barão vs. Doo Ho Choi - Bout Nixed

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On 4/13/2017 at 2:26 PM, muhammedboehm said:

I will be there!

I would suggest you get there to see the Tom Duquesnoy fight. He might be a next level talent. Williams is a solid fighter, but I think Duquesnoy has fought tougher guys on the way up. It still should be a good test though.

TBH the whole card is solid from top to bottom. I'm very interested to see if Aljamain can rebound against Tanquinho. Anthony Smith is probably the best opponent Andrew Sanchez has faced so far. Ellliot vs. Smolka should at the very least be fun. Clark vs. Collier is a solid, middle level fight that probably would've headlined a RFA card in previous months. Green vs. Magomedov is a crossroads fight. Magomedov really needs to redeem himself the performance in the Dariush fight. Volkov vs. Nelson should be alright.

Stephens is a pretty tough matchup and step up for Moicano. Jacare vs. Whittaker should be really good. If Whittaker has clean up some of his technique, he might have a punchers chance if it stays on the feet for an extended amount of time. The strawweight fight should be really entertaining. Reis should show some resistance against Mighty Mouse. Probably not a whole lot, but he can fare better than DJ's recent slate of opponents. I don't see why Wilson Reis can't have a decent round in the opening frames like Tim Elliott did at the last TUF Finale. 


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What a deep card. <3 <3 Mighty Mouse but Waterson/Rose is the main event in my household.  Duquesnoy is a hell of a cherry on top, plus Jacare/Whittaker, Green/Magomedov, Elliot/Smolka, Aljamain Sterling trying to get back on track and a somewhat-intruiging Heavyweight fight

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In a sane world, a win like that would get Robert Whittaker a title shot.  Fuck Mousasi, UFC should be giving Whittaker the big bucks.  Mousasi never did that to Jacare.  He got a fluke knockout in DREAM with an upkick.  Whittaker destroyed Jacare.  No one's done that to him.  Not even Luke Rockhold, who himself got an iffy decision over him.  Instead we have all shitty super-fight business with Bisping.

Thug Rose looked outstanding tonight.  The woman is scary when she's on.  

I think pound-for-pound debate is generally stupid, but you can't deny that Demetrious Johnson is one of the greatest of all time.  No one can deny that now.  Only two men have defended their titles 10 times.  One is Anderson Silva.  The other is Demetrious Johnson.  Plus, Johnson is still only 30 years old, and he still arguably has several good years left in his career.  If anyone is going to go 11 title defenses it's him.  Baby Pettis?  Sorry about yo damn luck.

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Seeing as there is a chance Bisping/GSP might settle in August (we're coming up on decision time), they might as well do Whittaker/Romero for the final title eliminator. Personally, I think it would make more sense to get Mousasi a new deal and have him fight Rockhold or just make the Weidman rematch on the Long Island card. The latter might not be the fight you wanna make, but it gives you a legit headliner and hopefully ends whatever controversy there is. As much as I would be of the mind of having title contenders available, I very much favor having the guys underneath the immediate title fight to be active and not have 2 or 3 key guys just sit out. So any combo of Whittaker/Romero/Rockhold/Mousasi, I would be happy with because one person is at least solidifying their case to be the next guy in line. In the case of Rockhold, it would rebounding from the second Bisping fight.

If Benavidez dominates Ben Nguyen, then it's probably a third fight with DJ. Ray Borg may get it next by virtue of being able to get DJ back in there ASAP, and that would be a decent TUF Finale headliner. Sergio looked great in his last fight, but the Cejudo matchup is tough. Either way, the winner would probably need one more fight unless there was a decisive finish.

I had a feeling before the strawweight fight started that Rose was going to land a big strike at some point. Waterson was giving her too many opportunities to land something. I don't know how Waterson survived basically turning around straight up and right into a head kick. IMO Unless it's two striking stalwarts like Joanna or Karolina or someone with a rough and tumble style like Jessica Andrade, Rose has a chance to beat anyone because her timing and reflexes are impeccable. She's very comfortable doing so many things as it relates to grappling, and that confidence rolls into her striking. 

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16 hours ago, TheVileOne said:

Except Rockhold is probably fighting Anderson Silva at UFC 212, which is in June, so that timing might be off.  Also, Weidman's team doesn't want him to fight in New York again after the Mousasi fight.

I think the UFC might be leaning Vitor over Rockhold. There was already a report out of Brazil that is the fight the UFC is working on.

Yeah, I don't see that self imposed NY ban lasting long. That's the decision the UFC makes, not Weidman.

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13 hours ago, Casey said:

It's time to start promoting DJ like the star he actually is. He might not bring the drama to fights like a McGregor or Jones or whoever does, but goddamnit, dude is making history and he's in contention for GOAT.

What could they really do more to promote him? The problem is you don't have that contender that people really care about, which makes it that much harder to promote someone who is extraordinarily dominant. I mean they've been saying he is the P4P best for at least close to two years now. In order to make a superstar, you need something beyond dominance. Ronda Rousey was really dominant, but that is addition to the multitude of other reasons she was popular (namely looks and a unique charisma that charmed enough people early on). Everyone else has that uphill battle if they want to be a really big superstar. You're going to get the superlative filled commercials and TV spots (along with the shoulder programming) featuring those champions, and that's the status quo with the UFC. Someone like Jon Jones is buoyed by the fact that 205 used to be the money division, and Jones over the last 3-4 years (w/ retirements, people leaving, etc.) is the last true vestige of that era who is still considered an elite fighter. DJ and pretty much everyone who might be champ (w/o a sense of anything that puts them over the top in terms of connecting with fans) right now or in the near future doesn't have that luxury. I think the best anyone can hope for is that Demetrious continues to dominate like tonight. That was an epic beatdown that showed every skill imaginable and about as exciting as it could have been. If you're some random person flipping channels between NBA playoff games and turned it on during the main event, that would've been something that made that person want to watch Demetrious Johnson again. It also helps that they did the full sell of him tying the Anderson Silva record and also promoted the chase to break the record and a possible superfight at 135. He cut a good promo in front of a really hot crowd to end the show. A large part (perhaps the biggest piece because the UFC can only do so much) of being promotable is on the fighter's ability to connect with fans, but he absolutely did his part tonight. Now, it's up to the fans to decide.


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Mighty Mouse is the real fucking deal.  He ties Silva's title defense record by submitting a man that up to this fight had never been submitted.

Mad props to Bobby Knuckles for knocking Jacare the fuck out.  I lost five bucks on that and didn't see it coming, but I was happy for the guy for winning a huge fight and being humble about it.  It was also nice to see the rankings get a slight shaking.

Rose is a fucking octopus and a student of the game.  She must've paid close attention to Waterson's fight with VanZant because rolling through the judo throw that Michelle used to set up Paige for the RNC and using the fall to preposition herself to take Michelle's back looked practiced and that head kick follow up before the finish was fucking bonkers.  

Rose has a sick Fight IQ.

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Just watched that match and agree with everything Loco said right before J.T. If any random viewer came across THAT, topped off with the natural charisma Mighty Mouse has in victory, then I don't see how they can't not be a fan. Reis was game but got picked apart (I'm sure his ribs still hurt from those kicks) and the flash armbar was gross. The way they shot it looked so final. And anyone paying attention to the commentary mentioning Reis never got submitted, that's an extra hook. Demetrious deserves it. 

Now I'm gonna have to wait to watch the other matches tomorrow because I slept through the first replay and only realized when I got to this thread "oh, that's what was on TV before I decided to go back to sleep" haha

Also, I think it's hilarious that UFC gave a fight between two 5'3" and 5'4" guys a ref that looked as tall as Great Khali

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Two of the guys I predicted would end the year as Champions won matches. One of which was pretty much a title eliminator... the other was against the faded gatekeeper, but it's Heavyweight. So good. I knew Whittaker would beat Jacare though. Jacare puts all his eggs in one basket - he only needs one takedown to finish, he only needs one big punch to finish. Super top level guys eat that style up, and I reckoned Whittaker was well on his way to being a top level guy already.

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