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  1. Ice-T's the more puzzling one. I would have thought the residuals from SVU being shown 200 times a day would be enough to pay his bills.
  2. Not an upcoming game - but going off the Far Cry posts - someone recreated GoldenEye in the Far Cry 5 arcade mode: Far Cry 5 Player Completely Recreates GoldenEye 007 Using Arcade Mode - Game Informer
  3. One slept on aspect of FC5 is the "arcade" mode. A lot of cool levels/mini-games in there, like zombie, sci-fi, etc. If you like FC5, check out New Dawn. The base/vehicle/weapon building adds a nice bit of depth, and the replayable side missions to take out bases around the country (like at the Grand Canyon) are really fun. I'll be picking up FC6, but I'll wait for it to be on sale with all the DLC.
  4. I don't have PS+ anymore but online play was "free" last weekend, so I got online. Ended up doing a bunch of the Simeon missions. They were actually really fun as you could tell there was a bunch of old farts like me spraying and praying everything and anything that came around versus the newbies who were scared to even get in a car.
  5. Congrats on the sobriety. I'm in recovery myself and know how tough it can be.
  6. They're still making tons of money off of it, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars per year. It's one of the top 5 most played PS4 games and they just had their biggest month since 2013 for transactions.
  7. Amazon.com: The Legend Of The 7 Golden Vampires [Blu-ray]: Peter Cushing, David Chiang, Julie Ege, Roy Ward Baker, Cheh Chang: Movies & TV FYI if you guys have a Roku, the Midnight Pulp app has a good amount of kung fu/martial arts on it. HBO Max has samurai movies in the TCM section.
  8. PJ Masks is the worst cartoon my kid watches. Thankfully he moved on from it pretty quickly. I am starting to hate Camp Creataceaous (or "Sharptooth Kids" as he calls it) after watching the whole series like 3 or 4 times. I do enjoy watching the older Marvel cartoons on Disney+ with him like Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. I hate Frozen but it is cute hearing him sing along.
  9. Yeah, pretty much everything that supposedly works for 100% of babies does the opposite with my son. He gets a lot more play out of the random cheap stuff I got him from the clearance section of Target than anything else. My son never had an issue with boogers when he was an infant and now tat he's three, he just picks his nose... and eats it. Ugh. He's totally gonna be the weird kid who eats paste in kindergarten.
  10. Headbanger's Ball wasn't that great. The videos were basically the same hair metal stuff they played throughout the day with a couple of heavier ones like Megadeth or Slayer thrown in. The MTV2 version with Jamey Jasta did actually show a lot of heavy music, but of course it didn't last long.
  11. The Progressive ones are awful because they show the employees as annoying and totally inept. Like why would I buy anything from creepy-ass Flo or weird Jamie? Also they are on pretty much every commercial break on Hulu.
  12. I've been hearing lots of of bad things about the Arcade1up pinballs. Like people getting boxes that don't even have all of the parts. That being said, if I had the space for one, I'd get one or the AtGames table. I love pinball and I really miss not being able to play real tables now. For the console versions, I prefer Pinball Arcade/Stern Pinball versus Zen.
  13. Or you give an answer and they don't take it. Also masks don't protect against pinkeye. Found that out this week.
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