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  1. They could find an excuse to finally hire Little Miss Amazon KiLynn King. Whoever it is they should be taller, larger or just more physically intimidating than Dr. Britt. I know it wouldn’t make sense but Britt’s backup better not be Nyla Rose. WWE, WCW and TNA would try and tell us just how much this nonsensical move makes perfect sense for someone so smart. Then they talk up her education or something.
  2. The only drawback would be the almost complete absence of calling moves. Everything is a “type of” something or just described using some form of onomatopoeia like “Ohhhhh!”…or a better example that escapes me at this time. It is a living nightmare for someone with low vision as myself. Too often I remember them in the 1980s calling the result of the action …but rarely what caused it. Even in these modern AEW years Tony Schiavone can still be guilty at times. The 18 years off between wrestling gigs appears to have reinvigorated him considerably though. Whether it was the long rest or Excalibur just being the great and exhaustive wrestling nerd that he is has kept Tony S on his toes more often than his WCW coworkers ever did. Schiavone also sounds like he is having a lot of fun out there. Whether he is directing traffic on Dynamite or mentoring Paul Wight on Elevation this sounds like a YOUNGER Tony than we got on late 1990s WCW. David Crocket has been out of the game even longer than Schiavone. We probably shouldn’t expect the same recharging of batteries with Crockett though. Just call it a hunch.
  3. Good, that is a relief to read about. There were a few moments in that recent Nyla match where it looked like someone involved in that match was going to feel extra roughed up the next morning. I honestly can’t recall an individual example…because there were just so damn many to pick from. That picture is from a women’s bare knuckle fight event. That just makes Britt even more of a badass. Perhaps she is scouting for the next Frau Stroman. Mark Henry probably gave her a ride to the show.
  4. As per F4WOnline…, Dr. Britt Baker, broke her wrist on Wednesday.
  5. IT CAN BE TWO THINGS! I’m sorry for the outburst.
  6. Unfortunately they did a second 40,000+ fans at the Georgia Dome. I say unfortunately because the second dome show was 1/4/99. Main event saw the WCW World Heavyweight Title change hands. The finish was a little something dubbed “The Finger Poke of Doom” by a few online. The entire show was garbage with no card announced before and 40,000+ fans in attendance. All those LOYAL WCW fans in their home venue were treated to an afterthought of a card and a show long angle that set up the sham of an angle in the main event. It was almost as if Bischoff and Pals were passive aggressively trying to take the company down intentionally.
  7. Tony K should go full hype mode for this. He can do as much press as he did for 2021’s Revolution, possibly more. He can actually claim that AEW has signed TWO of the best wrestlers of the past twenty years. Unlike with Christian Tony K would actually be UNDERselling it for once. Punk’s presence on a GOAT list is highly questionable at best. He was a great talker and he had a really strong run in ROH (02-05) and WWE (06-14) and has since been canonized as the Pope of Wrestling Daydreams for the next seven or so years prior to his return in 2021. Danielson has no such debate. While he wasn’t as dynamic with his speaking roles he more than made up for it in consistency, match quality, versatility and then he became a pretty good speaker as well in his own right. I would even take broken down Danielson over the rested and presumed much healthier CM Punk today. Punk might mean more in drawing and ratings but then this IS AEW here. If a guy like Darby can be a ratings success maybe fans will treat Danielson similarly. The name change is going to be an easy target for the AEWtheists. Cornette will make fun of nearly every name in AEW and how to improperly pronounce them for cheap thrills. Just watch him turn Danielson becoming Danielson again into another reason that Tony K runs an outlaw mud show….brrrt, just typing that made me feel 3% more sleazy and 4% slimeball enhanced. I apologize for quoting Corny. I can’t apologize for listening because the historical portions of his podcasts is almost unparalleled in online wrestling coverage. I just shake my head in confusion and disgust whenever Cornette veers from his encyclopedic knowledge and falls into the category of unhinged paranoid delusions about current pro wrestling and probably anything else unrelated to wrestling.
  8. In a much crueler timeline Nick Khan engineers a deal with New Japan to save their relationship with Daniel Bryan. A couple months later New Japan shows are showing up on the network to the delight of many many people. Unfortunately their “forbidden door” only swings one way like all WWE’s alleged partnerships. New Japan is gutted and becomes a worn out husk. Like Progress and ICW before them, the New Japan many have enjoyed over the last ten years will be transformed into just another puppet regime like those UK groups mentioned previously. Long story short: It’s a good thing Bryan Danielson signed with AEW!
  9. Signing these two only means one thing..,,LOTSA LOTSA LOTSA 60 Minute Matches in AEW. Hopefully both will keep that fetish hidden. It couldn’t have been all because of Gabe Sapolsky’s overworked lack of creativity. Punk’s trend towards long matches started years before he ever got into ROH. Danielson might have more creative ideas but that Aries match was supposed to go at least two falls of 60 minute draws. Danielson and Aries had a super-hyped 2/3 Falls match in August 2004. Everyone anticipated it going long when the match was announced. Thankfully the match capped off as “good” while ONLY going between 75-85 minutes, IMSMR. It is entirely likely that they haven’t even had sixty minute dreams as years pass and both pass the age forty milestone. It might be even more likely that those two would see it as a great challenge for their 40ish bodies to overcome. The early 2000s had almost deified those who would dare follow the ring steps of Jack Brisco, Harley Race, two dudes named Funk, Flair…A lot of the times the “modern classics” that went the limit were ***1/4 matches that took an hour or more to view. For those agnostic to the star ratings scale I’d guess that ***1/4 can be either 63% or a C-. Basically a match like that could be “alright in parts, maybe a bit boring due to time given. A match half as long might be a very good match but sixty+ is..,,” and so on. While times have changed I am hoping that tendency to go too long was curtailed as part of WWE training. Just keep that possibility in mind should Punk and/or Danielson sign. Those 60+ matches were nearly a staple in early 2000s Indy circles…with Punk and Danielson serving as the stapler…or something.
  10. She might just be talking about those two having sex…I mean that imminently and so does Miro by the that look on his face. Or is that John Silver sitting in the upper right corner in the picture? Whoever it is I could have sworn that bald bulldozer of manliness was sitting “wearing” just a magazine on his lap and possibly nothing else. Maybe they just rented another tank for a blast from the past. Ugh. Every double entendres was unintended. The subject being what it is I can now see more. All unintended, I swear.
  11. I actually thought she was released last year at the start of WWE’s pandemic release epidemic. I could have sworn it happened..,oh well, that’s all good for her.
  12. The tape watching me would welcome any talent from anywhere in the world as long as they had a career of consistently reliable matches at a high level. The 2021 version of myself would concede that this hypothetical yet realistic ideal veteran workhorse needs to be fluent in English. The sort who can put the likes of green as grass Anna, Velvet, Hirsch, Abadon and Jade through countless reps. Then they are on their way to becoming several of the newest generation of US-based female fighters who set the pace, at least continentally, for women’s divisions anywhere…anywhere on the continent. Of course! She can have blips of being a star or main eventer but it is more important to be able to work heel or babyface, maybe has a WWE run, worked tours of Japan/UK/Mexico and perhaps a stint working in SHIMMER/WSU/etc as an “Indy darling”. Amazing/Awesome Kong would have easily checked all those boxes. I think she still works for AEW. Did she retire because acting, injury or burnout. I guess Ivelisse and Sara del Rey fit the description with bonus points for both being theoretically available. Ivelisse already had one go around with AEW. She probably won’t be an option either because she is a really disruptive presence in the locker room and acts like a diva over everything. I tried to use vague terms when mentioning Ivelisse’s name. We don’t know her entire narrative as a professional except to say that she left early and/or on bad terms in almost every place she worked. So…we are talking realistically maybe 3 places for a rep like hers to take hold. Who knows what Sara del Rey occupies her time with nowadays?
  13. Why are they using so many rookie women to begin with? Anna Jay and Red Velvet have worked out better than one would expect. Two rookies on the babyface side show star potential. That’s ditto for the heel side starring Jade Cargill. They can’t book the rookies as the stars, even though they are some of the biggest stars already. The experience in the division is left to vets like Serena Deeb 15 years, Allie/The Bunny 16 years, Riho 15 years, Rebel 7 years, Penelope Ford 6 years, Nyla Rose 8 years, Leva Bates 14 years, Hikaru Shida 12 years, Thunder Rosa 6 years, Brandi Rhodes 10(?) years…if Cagematch can be trusted everyone else has 5 or less years. Most would still be classified loosely as “projects” or “prospects” in the Women’s Division. The division’s prominent names including Dr. Britt, Abadon, Leyla Hirsch, Anna Jay, Red Velvet, Diamanté, Big Swole, Julia Hart, Jade Cargill, Kris Statlander, Tay Conti and then all that other non-contracted ladies of AEW that have a frightening lack of experience and ring time. I don’t think Brandi can help the rookies do much of anything. Maybe she can be an expert on walking to the ring and looking like she owns the spotlight. She is actually great at those things…just not the wrestling portion of this pageant we call professional wrestling. Leva Bates has a lot of years but she would be better served helping with gimmicks or honing a personality. With all due respect whatever I have learned about Rebel usually relates to just how bad she is in the ring over her career. She is a good second for Britt - so she has 7 years experience and still looks clumsy and untrained whenever she actually does wrestle. AEW sure could use someone like Meiko Satomura on their roster. They really need…the female equivalent of a Christian Cage-quality worker. If they can pull someone younger but still versed in the styles of different companies from SHIMMER/SHINE/etc or WWE’s discard pile then that would be even better still. Which veterans are even available at this point in time? Who isn’t overexposed or settled into retirement? They could probably get a long AEW-style program with the supernova of the division, the AEW Word Women’s Champion…somebody with a freakin’ day job for crying out loud.
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