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  1. It is a TNT tradition dating back to the flagship event back in 2000. The man who brought war games to TNT is of course, Vince Russo! Truthfully, they killed the gimmick the previous year. A three team war games ruins the concept. Having it end with the ONE person making the PIN(?) That ONE person in a team event then received a title shot. What the...why did WCW allow those idiotic stipulations on a regular basis? WCW had several matches over the years where it was said to be every man for himself. It would be legal to pin a member of your own team. I swear sometimes those s
  2. AEW hired Mike Tyson, convicted rapist. I really hope they don’t do any grandstanding when Tessa eventually signs with someone. They don’t have the moral high ground simply by not hiring someone who might be a locker room distraction. They employed a convicted rapist who most likely abused his then-wife, Robin Givens. Then he went just a LITTLE nuts for a few years after the biting sting of losing after biting Sting...I mean Holyfield in 1997. Mike Tyson in the 90s was a bad dude. I don’t mean that as some sort of colloquialism for “badass”. They could have approached any numbe
  3. Quality sarcasm. I’d rather be seen as out of touch with current gossip from the kids these days. I was worried more about being confused as someone with similar beliefs as someone who is a conspiracy believer or those who don’t believe there is racism or inequality in society. The sad thing, that we can actually speculate, is that a Tessa/Daga twofer would probably involve turning Dr. Britt Baker to babyface. She might be able to make it work. Britt has a lot of goodwill with fans after the awesome match against Thunder Rosa. Fans probably want to cheer her. Online buzz alon
  4. I am not the focus of Tessa Blanchard’s controversial moments. It doesn’t affect my life or sense of well-being and/or safety. Most of us are probably similarly singularly minded. Tessa and even Daga are more talented than many in AEW. If Tessa doesn’t have any criminal or other cases against her legally then she should be given a chance. While it would be great if AEW could be the San Antonio Spurs of pro wrestling most organizations lack similar moral standards. Keep all the unprofessional disruptive and racist people out of wrestling that we can. Does Tessa Blanchard working for a pro
  5. I read the name “Cage” as “Gage” and I was a little worried but also a little intrigued at how Nick Gage would work on a mainstream wrestling show. Am I seeing things? M the M didn’t look like that way back in Lucha Underground, did he? There are a number of new faces on Dark Tuesday night. Do they just use whoever shows up at Daily’s on Wednesdays? It actually looks like some of those new faces (or heels) are from Atlanta. I guess we know where they came from...Kris Zellner’s house! Probably after listening to that little OutKast performance group. That is about as much about Atla
  6. Those two tag teams have ALWAYS wrestled like they do currently in AEW. They aren’t super serious focused characters. That was one of those things that I really disliked about both teams when I originally saw them in promotions like ROH, Chikara, PWG, Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE. The former Beaver Boys (Silver/Reynolds) and Super Smash Brothers (Uno/Greyson) wrestled like serious ass kickers in the ring while their “characters” are goofy (Silver), two video game personalities who dialed it WAAAAY back to nothing and Reynolds was a blank slate who complimented Silver’s style while tacitly enco
  7. I just looked him up on cagematch. Alex Abrahantes was trained by the Harts! That is....random.
  8. Damn! I totally missed the graphic typo. I just thought that you had made a typo, which is easily done and not worth mentioning unless it is a super meta situation like this one. Swiss w/tomato on rye was my default in university.
  9. Most of the stables are merely sets of trios. They have over thirty regular tag teams. A good percentage of those teams are part of a trio. If stables are only the teams with a gimmick then that gives us The Factory, Peter Avalon and Pretty Picture, Team Taz, The Pinnacle, The Inner Circle, Gunn Club, Jurassic Express, Death Triangle, Dark Order, The Elite, Hardy Family Office, Best Friends and whatever team Cody and the Nightmare Family want to contribute. That really isn’t too many stables to follow. At least half of those groups rarely works Dynamite. Some never work as a gro
  10. I’ m pretty sure it was mentioned both on the show and in this thread BUT of the popularity of the grilled cheese sandwich I will answer your question... Alex Abrahamtes is usually the regular Spanish language announcer for AEW, part-time BTE character and Penta El Zero M’s interpreter/translator. There are rumors that he is not translating Penta’s words honestly. He MIGHT be using the position to get over his problems with Cody. Penta wants to fight Cody but it is Alex who added the insults that pushed Cody’s buttons. Adding tomato to regular grilled cheese is a good introduction
  11. Would you settle for being Orange Cassidy’d? We gotta stay on brand with your preferred choice of punishments.
  12. I don’t know...AEW has a lot of bald wrestlers with beards already. If I can be serious for a minute... What is Hideki Nishida/HAYATE doing lately? AEW needs some Monkey Magic~!
  13. The AEW Bucks are the worst babyface in AEW. Callis is right. The best Bucks are the New Japan/PWG Bucks. They were really great as foreign heel flashy juniors. Their best matches are only in New Japan or PWG multi-mans. AEW Bucks are good but I’d rather watch two of the three Dark Order teams than Matt & Nick in two on two bouts. I always thought the Bucks were pretty likeable on BTE. I haven’t seen more than a couple BTEs since Brodie Lee passed away. Then again I used to watch WCTT’s show on the ‘tube way back in 2015-2016. Joey Ryan is pretty damn sleazy but he seeme
  14. I wish we could hang a big “Mission Accomplished” banner over all the AEW forums. Starting next week the “war” is over. Hey, I want as many eyes on wrestling as possible too. We are not advertisers. All it amounts to is people looking like children as they try and blow out their birthday candles so their wishes will come true. That is the relationship fans have with ratings. Thank God this horse race is over. Ratings can go back to meaning a little less than they did Wednesday nights in the before time, long long ago...in September 2019. What is important is the ridiculous “ ar
  15. Is there a rhyme, reason or mathematical formula for how they rotate the jobber class? It made sense using mostly Georgia-based talent for an extended period during the early months of the pandemic. Then there is a group of them female fighters from Thunder Rosa’s promotion. They seem to be searching the country with talent coming from all parts of the little neighbour to my south up here. They are still finding some interesting untested prospects who haven’t yet done more than a match or two on Dark. Last week Bill Collier, Chandler Hopkins and Rex Lawless foot added as potenti
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