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  2. The Red Wings have waived Jonathan Ericsson. About four years too late.
  3. Seth is such a dork, you can’t say the words “White Gear” around Vince without him having flashbacks to his wild times in the 1980’s
  4. For God's sake man, it's after Labor Day!!!!!!!!!
  5. Except that's not what he said. This is what he said:
  6. I don’t know what happened but I know for sure it was Marko Stunt’s fault, he’s not been blamed for wrestling’s ills for what, 30 minutes now?
  7. Yeah that's the kinnikuman nisei protag.
  8. Thankfully, I don't think it will come down to that. This assignment's weird anyway. We were supposed to bring teachers together for a round table discussion on an ethical issue, then write a 1500-2000 word essay about it, with peer reviewed evidence. Not a biggie, but I burned myself out Sunday doing the transcription, and had a hard time doing the analysis section. The bigger deal was my blood pressure, as it was pretty high yesterday(based on the goddamn pain the ass HIGI station-I swear to God that thing raises my pressure 5-10 on its own) Anyway long story short, I was on Valsartan, then the doc put me on Valsartan with a diaretic that seemed to kick my butt. I ran out of my precipitation of the regualr one, then took the other one that seemed to wipe me out. Anyway i ran out of that about a month ago and have been putting off calling the doc for a refill of the regular Valsartan. I'm refilling it today, so that should help with the blood pressure/ non motivating/writers block thing. I have a pretty good frame put together, and just need to add in some more evidence and it'll be good to go. The problem with being able to put together an essay that will get an A at the last minute(Humble brag, I know) is i have a hard time motivating myself to do it sooner, thus I send up with this week's issue. Thanks for the concern, though.
  9. It also wasn't Nick Fury. Talos isn't nearly as smart as Fury and isn't going to be doing background checks and shit like that. They're not even using hellicarriers anyway. Plus, even if they did run a background check, who cares? That's for 616-Quentin Beck. They're under the belief that this other Beck is from another universe.
  10. God damn. about the 6th time you watch it, you realize two things: This guy didn't go up for it; Steiner is just really strong and understands how to suplex dudes. I mean the guy's knees don't even bend. Only that sweet mullet, absorbing all the impact, saved him from certain death
  11. FINALLY. When they got around to the Mysterio Is Only Fucking With Us reveal, I was like "Do they not have access to Equifax or Experian at mother fucking SHIELD? Were there budget cuts? How does Nick Fury information Is Power Best Spy on Planet Earth not know who this guy really is?" I guess that's supposed to be credit to Beck's team of technical co-conspirators. I suppose they were able to somehow purge themselves from SE's employee database before embarking on a life of anonymous crime.
  12. Well since it sounds like they lost a ton of their previous employees it isn't like they have a good basis to judge on previous versions. I can't imagine saying stuff like "these facial expression look so much better when the last people worked here" would go over well at 2K. But on the basics yeah someone should have seen it
  13. I liked Far From Home but how did Nick Fury not run a background check that would unearth Quentin Beck: disgruntled ex Stark employee in like 2 minutes?
  14. I guess I should take a bath with the toaster because I'm guilty of being Nice Guy Cibereddico over her cleavage.
  15. It may turn out to be like an episode of South Park and end up skewering everyone. One of the vigilantes that Sister Night works with is named Red Scare after all.
  16. Did this have ANY game testing? Did the staff even play it?
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