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  2. With the July 2016 brand split, Carmella and Corbin (SDL) won MITB two years ago. Alexa and Strowman (RAW) won them last year. So's there a pattern. Plus, there are more women to choose from on SDL. But I can easily see McIntyre winning the briefcase this year for the men.
  3. 100% forgot that had happened. Thank you.
  4. Those stats are cool, but using the same data, you'll see that he didn't make a shot beyond 35 feet all season. So that shot technically wasn't good for Dame until just last night. Regardless, I thought George was playing too soft anyway.
  5. There's a show in the Atlanta area that's running Anthony Henry vs Fred Yehi on Friday. I think I'm going to try and make the drive to see it
  6. I haven't got a clue this year. (Or previous years going by my results). This year especially all the movies I think will be utter crap like Aladdin and Rocketman have the possibility to do annoyingly well. The stuff I want to see like Hobbs and Shaw and OUATIH could go either way. I may as well just randomize it for the good it will do me to actually decide.
  7. Reality is often disappointing.
  8. Well Jesus, I wasn't expecting to set this up so early, but the East is all set. Boston/Milwaukee Toronto/Philadelphia Golden State should finish off the Clippers tonight. Houston should end Utah's dreams soon. And it looks like Denver is going to get by the toughest out in the 1st round in the Spurs. And of course, lol, Bye OKC. Games start on Monday 4/29.
  9. Is there really enough precedent to support this assumption?
  10. Were casey's spoilers right? I feel like I'd hate that ending.
  11. There was a bit of time when I got the same notification that someone had like my post 3-4 times over the course of a couple hours.
  12. Starrcast has also announced that Bret Hart and Tom Magee will be doing a panel to discuss their match
  13. Wrestling needs more deadly earnest/batshit crazy promos.
  14. Now that we have the Eastern Conference Thunderdome we expected, what media markets are going to be clutching their pearls in 2-3 weeks? I'm guessing Philly & Boston, since who knows what Embiid's knee will let him do against the 3 legit bigs Toronto has, and Boston's still missing Marcus Smart while Malcolm Brogdon might be back for at least some of this series. On the other hand, if anyone can stymie Giannis, I wouldn't be surprised if it's Horford. Just not counting on it.
  15. This weeks MLW is another really fun show. Lucha Bros v Horus / Air Wolf is exactly what you would expect. Great faced paced opener. There are a couple of really great Salina de la Renta promos on the show, she is fantastic as MLW's queen bee and a real highlight for me. The look of disgust on her face when Mance turned her down was something else. As Hail Sabin said, Mance v Sami was probably Mancer's best match in MLW, Cornette was on fire on commentary as well. The finish and post-match was all kinds of goodness. Mance's music coming on while the brawl was ongoing and then fading to black was such a cool way to end the show, made it feel like a Roadhouse style brawl. Contra Unit continue to be booked like the baddest men in wrestling, they destroyed Ace Romero & Barrington Hughes. There was also another crazy Hart Foundation promo that featured Davey Boy Jnr. corpsing after Teddy said "pecker". Gringo Loco v Puma King was also on this show. Court has booked some really great "gang wars" at the moment with The Dynasty, The Harts, Promociones Dorado, Contra Unit and now Mancer and Sami. It makes sense for a promotion maybe lacking a little in both star power and TV time. In one hour they manage to make everyone feel important. Lawler has hardly been on the show but still feels like a legit champ. Easily my highlight of the wrestling week now.
  16. This is the entire RAW women's roster right now (not counting Becky and the injured/vacationing folks) Alexa Bliss Alicia Foxx Dana Brooke Lacey Evans Naomi Nattie Ruby Riott Sarah Logan Sasha Banks Tamina So "legit" heels are Alexa, Ruby and Sarah - unless they convince Sasha to return and as a heel This is all based on a lot of assumptions A) that RAW wins the match B) that Becky is still RAW champ C) the winner can only cash in on their brand (since we know the WWE will change their rules on a whim) Normal WWE booking would seem to indicate SDL winning this year (since RAW won last year) Also - I am almost positive that they will save whichever SDL person wins the briefcase (man or woman) to cashing in on the first FOX show
  17. If Vince would have known, we probably would have ended up with Charley 2 Championships instead.
  18. Deadspin: They Are All Good Shots For Damian Lillard, You Absolute Fool
  19. I haven't enjoyed a SHOUT/SCREAM Factory sale in forever. The last time I bought from them was when I picked up that Dark Angel BluRay for 6 bucks, which is 10 bucks for this particular sale. They've got great stuff, but their site sales just don't get me psyched like any of the other site sales(WB Archive, KINO, Criterion, Vinegar Syndrome).
  20. Balut. Nothing like a fertilized duck egg and a beer to separate the men from the boys.
  21. I've found brand new, still sealed copies of the 8 disc blu-ray Universal Monsters boxset, and the 30 disc DVD Universal Monsters boxset for around $80 combined. The 8 movies from the bluray set are on the DVD set obviously, but there's enough extra stuff on the 8 disc one to make it worth while. I wish I could find the 30 disc one for a good price but they're still going for a lot of money.
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  23. Hey, I didn't realize ZZ Top was on the second day. In that case that would be the one I'd go to if you had to hold a gun to my head and make me. I could throw shit at Ghost, too!
  24. We managed to kill one of them the first time we tried it - fuck if I remember HOW we killed it though
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