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  2. Danielle Harris ftw. And that opening at the football game is still one of the most surreal things I've ever seen in a movie.
  3. Completely agree on Hirsch. She has been wrestling all over and has a lot of potential. She gets more polish and refines her style a bit she could be lights out.
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  5. Yeah, I think that's nonsense. I think there's a difference between having empathy for some of Arthur's situation and not seeing him as heroic at the end. That's a pretty broad brush to say anyone who has empathy for him thinks he's being heroic at the end.
  6. I will never again accuse Carlos Correa’s Fiancée of beating him again.
  7. Cool behind the scenes Joker photos released:
  8. Draw of Days of Future Past to me was the old and new cast coming together and Bryan Singer's return to the series. Deadpool 2 had its moments but I preferred the first movie by some way, tighter and funnier. Deadpool 2's post-credits scenes were better than the movie. I also liked The Wolverine and disliked the ones you do. Yet to see Dark Phoenix myself.
  9. Some of my preference is a very specific age thing. Nightmare was just a little too late, and I a little too old when it showed up, for it to have the same mystical fascination that Halloween and Friday had. I would just not have those memories of being terrified by it (as I was by Halloween's first network t.v. showing and by Halloween 2's commercial) or of literally fleeing the room to escape the sound of it's trailers when they snuck up on me during SNL (like F13 parts 2-4 did to me). If I was maybe two or three years younger, I might not have any memories of Halloween in particular and have been highly traumatized by Freddy and who know what I would think of Jason if all my first memories of that series were of parts 6 or 7 or 8. It amazes me when I hear people who love the Friday movies and will then say "Yeah part 8 was the first one I saw and I loved it!" I cannot fathom that. It is unfathomable. I still think that the Friday series is the most consistently amazing in capturing a frightening mood and Halloween is by far the best individual film of them all...but I can't guarantee that those opinions aren't just from that added personal impact.
  10. Days of Future Past and Deadpool 2 would make my list from the FOX studio. Actually, I enjoyed The Wolverine too. I did not like The Last Stand, Wolverine: Origins or X-Men: Apocalypse. I have not seen X-Men: Dark Phoenix.
  11. I didn't list Magneto for that reason, Magneto out for revenge in X-Men: First Class (2011) was the highlight of it. Nice to get a great X-Men film again after X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) and X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009). I'd definitely rank X2 (2003), Logan (2017), Deadpool (2016) in that order ahead of First Class and possibly X-Men (2000) as well.
  12. The low blow might've been okay if it, you know, looked good, and was sold properly.
  13. I can freely admit that the Nightmare movies are better made, etc, but my heart belongs to Halloween and F13
  14. I did not enjoy it nearly as much as I wanted to. Damn. Wrestling must always (appear) to go forward, to remain au courant. You can appeal to nostalgia, even benefit from it, but should never indulge in it. If you present it as "classic", "traditional" , "retro" or "throwback", you lose some of the sports presentation that is necessary to actualize the believabilty of pro wrestling. Creating a niche product to market it to a niche crowd of consumers is a losing proposition and makes you seem small time. No matter how good a cosplayer you are, you will not be seen a true creator - just a consumer, fan, amateur. Things I Liked: - small ring - studio audience and setting - real interviews Thing I Did Not Like: - no good heels - the audience was too happy. Where were the (por ejemplo) jeering Girl Scout troops of the old TBS studios, that the heels had to work to get a real reaction from? - the workers were too much the same, with no flair. They all wanted to appear tough but no one was larger than life. - Aldiss is generic as heck, and his valet appeared to be catatonic - Tim Storm: yuck. So sincere as to be maudlin and business exposing as well. He shows every year of his age in the ring. He refers to himself as a "performer" - by thee great ghost of Blassie, that is some infuriating shiazit. That said, I will watch again to how (if?) this evolves. my free opinion, RAF
  15. I could be nostalgic too because 5 was one of the only ones that was always on TV when I was a kid, the others weren't. TBH I'm a Jason partisan. My real interests in Nightmare lie pretty much in the two Craven entries, Freddy vs. Jason, and that's it.
  16. The scary part is they still make Twinkies.
  17. Me too. I tried it and it wasn't for me. I don't know if you watched the movie or not but you could write down your issues with it instead of writing down your issues with me who again you don't know...
  18. 1. Death - Altering the Future This awesome track from Spiritual Healing sets up this great Chuck moment with a light galloping beat after a solo midway through the song and you don’t really see it coming, him screaming much lower tone “Altering the Future!” as the track then takes it’s cue anda much darker blast appears and then slows down and dirty for the close out stretch. Awesome stuff made by my one vocal moment. If you listen to this I gurantee you yell that the next time you give it a spin.
  19. I'm too nosy to have anyone on ignore.
  20. You don't know anything about me so please stop talking like you do. Just.... don't. You are also free to put me back on ignore.
  21. Fuck, Lee/Xiong ended in just about the most dramatic fashion. Xiong was seconds away from likely winning a decision until Lee got that choke. Lee's standup is super rudimentary and was teed up whenever they weren't grappling. Showed some great heart to persevere to get that submission. Damn. DJ, I literally couldn't see his punches at the start of the fight.
  22. Also, as the only person here to actually take down a superhero*, I can say that empathizing with a sad sack loser is not on my to do list. *Phoenix Jones
  23. Please stop talking about mental illness like you have any idea how it affects people. Just... don't.
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