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SummerSlam XXXV - 7/30/2022

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Rousy/Morgan was great for a five minute match.  I loved the finish.  Liv Morgan selling as a sympathetic babyface made me realize the match they should be working for- Roxanne Perez vs evil Ronda Rousy, BROADWAY.

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Roman Reigns versus Brock Lesnar was good but I believe there is an old wrestling addage: "If you bring in a tractor, EVERYBODY better bleed."  So yeah, two and half stars.

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2 hours ago, DEAN said:

Roman Reigns versus Brock Lesnar was good but I believe there is an old wrestling addage: "If you bring in a tractor, EVERYBODY better bleed."  So yeah, two and half stars.

Wait. Everyone? Even the popcorn vendor?

(let me guess the answer is "ESPECIALLY the popcorn vendor!")

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Gave this show a shot with low expectations, and I have to say it was quite enjoyable. I wasn't expecting direction-changing show, I was just hoping for some signs of life and to catch up on the roster in case WWE starts to get good again under HHH.

Becky/Bianca was pretty good. Disappointed to see Dunn-style production still in full effect, but once my eyes re-adjusted to it, I was digging the match. Glad to see Dakota back and Io getting a featured angle on a main show. Probably would've played better as a sneak attack, but an angle with these 5 is definitely a sign of life I was looking for.

Logan Paul is amazing for having what? 6 months of training? The early sell of that back elbow in the waist-lock where he made it Miz cracked him right in the orbital bone was some of the best selling on the show. He's also just incredibly smooth and has a sense of timing and stage presence of a 10-year vet. I know the cliche is we all want indy/international guys, but if WWE can find a D-List celebrity that can work like an indy guy, I'm all for it. On a side note, hopefully HHH with the book means Ciampa can get away from being the new Mizdow.

Theory/Lashley was good for what it was. Theory is a great stooging heel, but doesn't feel like a serious MITB guy yet. He feels like a guy that cashes in at a B-ppv then jobs at the show before Mania, although I don't know how that fits into Roman's reign of terror.

Not terribly impressed Judgment day, despite liking all the members. The presentation doesn't make a lot of sense. Match with the Mysterios was ok.

McAfee/Corbin was fine, but a step below Miz/Paul. McAfee is a great athlete, but he kinda seems like a spots guy while Logan really seems to work on the in-between stuff. Corbin's also probably not quite as good as Miz for role like this.

Rousey/Liv was pretty weird. They were obviously trying to turn Ronda, but it ended up as a botched double turn with each woman ending up in the opposite role they were going for. Liv was kind of working like an overmatched heel who gets lucky in all their defenses. Liv looked completely undeserving by the end, and Ronda came across as extremely justified in her post-match destruction.

Show ended on a good note with Brock and Roman finally had their first good match in 7 years. Brock actually showed up to work and looked like he was actually enjoying himself for a change. Roman hit the right balance of being a credible threat but also looking vulnerable. The ring-lift spot was epic, mostly thanks to Roman's hilarious bump. Top-level performance from both guys.

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 McAfee reminds me of what Shane McMahon wanted to be in the ring - but just couldn't. I absolutely love his WCCW style Superkick. That was fantastic.

Logan Paul / Wahoo... I like it. The dude is a natural and could be a WWE Champion if he wanted to commit to the project. 

New Valentine? Man... that's tough... I think it'd be easier to find a modern day Muraco. 

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