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41 minutes ago, Blue Dragon said:

Black Tiger is coming to AJPW, there were few black tigers who appeared in AJPW years ago


Takiawa, maybe? I think the last one was NOSAWA.

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Well it seems AJPW and NOAH reverted back to not doing so much with each other. Well even less. One time Sugiura was gonna be in the 2020 CC.

If Tajiri isn't the booker of AJPW anymore then we are not getting the non natives he wanted to book.

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To some fans, NJPW is further moving away from Workrate. In Japan Workrate isn't a real word to wrestlers and it's just called working hard.

Before BushiRoad, most considered NJPW as not a workrate promotion for decades. At least not on the level of pre split AJPW.

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Royal Road tournament starts soon. This tweet has the brackets:

Who you think is gonna take it? Winner will challenge Suwama for the TC at Budokab.

AJPW booking has been wonky lately, so it’s hard to say. Likeliest winners:

1. Kento - it’s a big show and he’s their biggest draw. 
2. Nagata - go the NOAH route and have a recognizable NJPW guy in the main event
3. Jake Lee - vengeance for his quick TC loss earlier in the year
4. Yuma - a lot of ppl assumed that the big show would have been the stage for Yuma beating Kento. Him versus Suwama doesn’t have the same effect, but getting the belt on him remains a good idea.



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8 minutes ago, Curt McGirt said:

Tajiri was in the main event this week so I guess so? They really are kicking scraps down to AJ if it's Daniels, but I guess he wants one more trip to Japan before full retirement. 

Who would we want in AEW from AJ? I'm at a loss. 

Suwama, Jake Lee, Kento Miyahara.  Lots of guys would be great in AEW.

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10 minutes ago, Blue Dragon said:

New trainee named Yuma Anzai (23) will debut in AJPW at the budokan show. His size is 188 cm and his weight is 105 kg.


N.Nomura has a super new move, Infinity (transformed face crush). 

Joe Doering is coming back.

All of this sounds good.

They mentioned a few months ago that Suwama had scouted a heavyweight amateur wrestler. Is this the dude? 

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