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2022 FIFA كأس العالم (WORLD CUP 2022)


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27 minutes ago, cubbymark said:

Mexico finally scored in Honduras. Curious if there's a weird way Mexico ends up in the intercontinental playoff.

It would require them losing at home to El Salvador and Costa Rica winning by enough to pass them in goal differential but not enough that the US drops below Mexico so I definitely would categorize that as weird

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Okay - here are the official scenarios

US - clinches WC with a win or draw or losing by less than 6 goals to Costa Rica

Mexico - clinches WC with a win or draw or maintaining a +4 GD over Costa Rica

Costa Rica - clinches WC by beating US by 6 or more goals or beating US and Mexico loses while making up a -4 GD


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Okay - AFC wrapped up most of their qualifying

Iran, South Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia all automatically qualified

United Arab Emirates vs Australia (as the two third places teams) will take place on June 7 in Qatar with the winner playing the 5th place CONMEBOL team in the inter-confederation playoff a week later

(5th place CONMEBOL will be either Peru, Colombia or Chile - that will be decided late tonight)

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I saw Barnwell make a comment about the fiasco of the laser pointers during penalty shootouts but now I can see what he was talking about 

Now - I will also point out that there a bunch of folks in the comments that the same exact thing happened last week during the first leg in Egypt

So long story short - I am almost amused when a federation is just as bad as CONCACAF

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Pots are now know for tomorrow's draw (all based on FIFA ranking)

US and Mexico are both in Pot 2 (Mexico would have been in Pot 1 if Portugal hadn't qualified). Apparently, if Canada had beaten Panama (instead of losing 1-0 last night) they would have been in Pot 3 instead of Pot 4

The are 3 "place holder spots" that were all put in Pot 4 - the 2 inter-confederation playoff spots and the one remaining UEFA spot


Pot 1:

Pot 2:
United States

Pot 3:
IR Iran
South Korea

Pot 4:
Saudi Arabia
Wales or Scotland / Ukraine
Costa Rica or New Zealand
Peru or Australia / United Arab Emirates


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1 minute ago, alstein said:

How the hell is Ghana Pot 4?  Watch US get a group of Argentina, US, Iran, and Ghana.

Because Ghana is ranked 60th by FIFA

In fact they are the lowest ranked team to automatically qualify (and, at best, they will be the third lowest team as out of the remaining teams only UAE (68th) and New Zealand (101) are lower than them)

Obviously FIFA rankings aren't the greatest metric but Ghana's highest ranking was 16th in 2010 and they have been going down since then 

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(because of the draw constraints - the US has to have at least one of Serbia/Poland in their group or the unknown UEFA spot (they could have one of each))

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And here are the probabilities for Canada

Obviously because they are in Pot 4 - Canada has a high probability of being drawn into a Group of Death

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