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2022 FIFA كأس العالم (WORLD CUP 2022)


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On 12/18/2022 at 10:36 AM, supremebve said:

I had watched less than an hour of the World Cup until I sat down about 10 seconds before Mbappe made his second goal, and I feel like I got all the World Cup I could possibly want.  That was as riveting of a game as I've watched in any sport this year.  It's great that Messi got his elusive World Cup, but I have to say Mbappe is scary good.  I honestly thought he was going to score every time he got the ball.  The last time I remember an athlete making my heart race like he did is when they used to cut into every sporting event when Barry Bonds was getting close to the Home Run record.  He didn't hit a home run every time it happened, but it felt like he was going to hit a home run every time it happened.  He almost won back to back World Cups as a 23 year old.  He's the past, the present, and the future at the same damn time.  This felt like the rare changing of the guard where the veteran solidifies his spot in history, but the young guy shows that the sport is in good hands.  That was an incredible sporting event.

If you think Mbappe is scary good, you need to check out Haaland. He is a machine. 

Unfortunately he is Norwegian, and I highly doubt he will ever play in a WC Final.

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