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AEW Full Gear - 11/9/2019

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20 hours ago, TheVileOne said:

I can recognize the artistry in the Joker, but I didn't love it and rate it 4 1/2 stars. '

There's definite artistry in the way Quentin Tarantino immerses you in 1969 Hollywood for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. DiCaprio and Pitt's performances are great. However, it's still dull and overly long at points, and it gets overwrought with flashbacks within flashbacks. It's heavily padded. and does not need to be 2 hours and 41 minutes. Those things bring down the movie to me and affect the overall score. 

I didn't hear him say really anything complimentary about the match. All I heard from Meltzer and Alvarez was them rail on how it was too violent and how no mainstream promotion ever based their product around matches like this. Their pearl clutching over the match was bad enough. Meltzer put off that he didn't like it and then rates it 4 1/2 snowflakes. That's an absolute joke.  

'Directed by Todd Phillips' was the first and only indication I needed to skip the Joker.  Tho, admittedly I haven't seen a comic book based film in years - wrestling fills whatever my campy stories and action needs.  'Hollywood' was entertaining enough, and the performances were fantastic, but yeah, it too suffered from the lack of Sally Menke.  QT films miss her dearly.  

I agree completely on Meltzer and Alvarez's bellyaching and this ridiculous star rating.  I accept Meltzer for the, umm ummm like ummm ummm, frickin' incredible nerd he is, but this verbiage to written word star classification lacks integrity.    

14 hours ago, West Newbury Bad Boy said:

Surprised he didn't give Spears-Janela four stars like everything else on this show. 

I didn't see a rating for this.  I liked his verbiage concerning this match.  The Spike Piledriver was one of the highlighted spots of the night.    

1 hour ago, alstein said:

NJPW has felt pointless the last 2 years from the end of the G1 to WK.  I unsubbed this year after October , not even Taichi-Naito could make me pay for November.  I'll resub in January and go to at least BOSJ (I like BOSJ more than G1, BOSJ is more unpredictable)

Hold on, pointless is too far.  This year's G1 was the most fun I've had watching wrestling in 15 or so years.  Tho, I was only back and interested due to AEW.  And I have no comparison to previous tournaments as I'd never seen a G1.  And yes, yes, yes to whomever mentioned, or the few who have mentioned, that AEW should do their own version of the G1.  They should also do their own version of the Tag League, BOSJ etc.  NJPW's laid out year to year schedule formula is so logical and should be copied by all.  It's such an easy and simple reason for a huge number of matches.


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I agree on the schedule being good, the problem is the tag divisions really suck, which makes the tag leagues kinda meh as well.  The issues isn't so much the leagues but how poor the tag division is treated.

With how many guys are stuck on the ceiling in NJPW where they're really good but not good enough to be IC/IWGP-level, they could be doing great things with the tag division.  EVIL/SANADA vs Tekkers should have been a lot bigger deal than it was.


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The idea of having specific events that always take place the same month every year, that's a good idea. Except when it's annual PPVs themed around specific gimmick matches.

Although even then, that can work. The idea that everyone's desperately trying to get a X Division title shot because Destination X is in three weeks and Option C is a thing, or being in the World Title match at Summerslam is daunting because the next defence is going to be Elimination Chamber, that works. Challenging someone to a Ladder Match because it's June, not so much.

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