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Anybody here still watching Shameless? I'm shocked that it's gotten to an eighth season. You'd think the well would have run dry on how the Gallaghers get in trouble next but not yet. Watching some of the characters try and reach some level of maturity is nice to see, even if you know they're just gonna fuck up again. 

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Nope, not watching Shameless.  I tapped out two seasons ago.

I watched the first episode of SMILF since I have a celebrity crush on Frankie Shaw.  I expected a show about a struggling single mom to be a little depressing, but there could be at least some moments of levity in this thing. 

All three of the jokes from the first episode are in the trailer and the rest is just bleak and messy.

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This is a Piranesi special.

i’m watching The False Face episode of Batman 66 and trying to figure out who the femme fatale is. It’s Myrna Fahey, who I don’t know. But Wikipedia tells me

- she dated Joe DiMaggio and received a death threat by a guy who didn’t want to see DiMaggio with anyone after Marilyn Monroe died.

she was in Fall of the House of Usher and a bunch of 60s shows like Perry Mason,  the tv version of Father of the Bride, bonanza and Zorro.

she passed away from Cancer at age 40. 

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Yeah I watch Shameless. I remember one week at our local Bar where we do trivia on Wednesday Shameless was the show that got picked I made two of the rounds for it and the winning scores in both rounds was the lowest scores it every has been  when everyone had a Week to study a show. 

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21 minutes ago, Mickie Zeidler said:

Bryan Fuller hasn't been out before now?

He has. I was just making a crack based on recent events while silently hoping this is a dispute with the network and not one of those other things.

My sense of humour clearly needs some retooling. My apologies. 

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