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Hopefully I don't fuck this up too bad

A Total of 26 Ballots were submitted

A Total of 1246 Movies were named in some form on ballots

As mentioned 361 movies made the final reveal. This represents 29% of the movies voted for. I think that is a decent representation without going all NHL playoffs on the list.

Any movie that had 96 or more points made the list. This means that everyone's Top 5 made the final reveal. (I felt that in a poll like this - if someone felt strongly enough to put something in their Top 5 it should make the reveal.) It only added 22 movies beyond the traditional 100 point cutoff. (As a reminder 1st place vote = 100, 2nd place vote = 99, etc...)


1) Honorable Mention

1a) Fewer # of votes

2) Highest Individual Vote

3) Magic

(I think Honorable Mention votes and Fewer # of Votes will basically always end up falling the same way but I am not 100% sure because it is easier to break the ties as I go)


Please don't reveal that you voted for a movie that hasn't been revealed yet. I do want to keep some of the mystery

Full list of votes will be posted at the end

I will keep a separate thread that will contain just the list that only I can post in. Mainly to keep the size of individual posts down to a manageable load time. (See the results of the 90s poll to see what I mean). I will also create a page on the main site as another backup.

Goal is to do at least 10 movies a day and 10 movies over the weekend. Since I am trying to get this down before March 1 - if I am feeling good one day I am going to try and push a bunch out at once.

I will start the reveals later today after I eat lunch and do one last last check of the list


Turned out to be only 360 matches. Math is hard

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Okay - that's the start for now as that was all the films at 96 points.

I still might fiddle with the formatting.

If everyone hates the concept of putting a trailer in I won't do it.

Please take this as a blanket statement that a trailer might spoil the entire god damn movie

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I'm a huge unrepentant JFK fan even though most of Stone's other work has aged poorly and he's a shell of himself now. It's a master class in the feature film as persuasive essay. The specifics mean much less than the notion that something extraordinary happened in Dallas. I'd also argue its influence has been far reaching, especially among fringe partisan pseudo-docs (for better or probably worse.)

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If you accept that it is the usual Oliver Stone version of history then you are good to go.

I used to like it a lot more than I do now. This is partly because I finally saw most of 13 Days a few years ago and that is the much better Costner JFK film

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