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First - if you didn't see the thread below, I am going to try use the new site design as a reason to generate some content in areas that don't really fit a traditional DVDVR issue. This first one is about guys I love now that it took me a while to realize their awesomeness. This could be just me but it Dean ever gets a bug up his ass about something - we have a better way to house it now.


And a side note about that - I totally forgot that we used to have a DEAN HATES WRESTLING EMPORIUM page. God I wish I could find an old archive of that page. But yeah - don't screw Dean over on a tape trade.


Anyway - reminder that you should put in your rotation the checking of the main deathvalleydriver.com link as I will continue to feed older stuff onto it along with potential new stuff.


FAIR WARNING - IPB has upgraded the board again so at some point that means WE have to upgrade the board again. The reason I am mentioning this now is that this going to be a bigger upgrade and I already know that they said that things like board skins will not translate over. It promises "new features" - that terrifies me alone. I have zero idea when I am going to attempt the board upgrade (maybe during the holiday break???) but we will give notice when we are planning on doing it. Especially since I know how much you fuckers hate change.

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It's not that we can't rebuild them - just that they won't automatically copy over.

There are a couple other things that didn't make the cut. I will have to look it up at home

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