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When thee Runnels Clan was having their post-match face off, I shrieked at the TV, "Ia Ia Azathoth - please, oh Great Cosmic Entity of Chaos, please let Dusty bump and blade one last time! Hear my plea, Great Old One!". Even the most hopeless of prayers are sometimes answered, but, alas, it was not to be. Call me a vampire but that would have been great. For the kids!

I also liked the ease with which the Wyatt/Undertaker match was set up: tease, disappointment, heat, challenge, and then have the announcers point out how dangerous that was for Bray. Now he just has to add some depth and justification with some promos, have UT respond with some special effects (do the lightning bolt gimmick, please) and make a couple appearances, no contact, and it's WrestleMania.

Conversely, I have no interest in Sting/HHH and the strained reasoning for that matchup. HHH was never my Face Of The WWE, nor was Sting the face of his companies. The initial concept of the match is intriguing (but decades too late), but the buildup and in-ring will be torturous.


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