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  1. I assume that if something about your order is incorrect it's a Nip Slip, yes?
  2. Finished the main part of my Ghost of Tsushima playthrough so now I'm doing the Iki Island expansion instead. It wasn't available yet when I did my first playthrough. Some of the enemies in this thing are pains in the ass, and I suck at the archery challenges (so far, anyway).
  3. Saint Omni still sounds like the patron saint of 70s/80s Southern wrestling. Eff you weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell.
  4. My Switch has been in storage for about a year now so I'm guessing my island probably looks like something out of Apocalypse Now.
  5. The draft order has been changed to reflect yesterday's trade between Chicago and Carolina.
  6. Report apparently was not true. My apologies.
  7. If 90% of the teams in the NFL would have lost in that fashion I'd be upset about it. The Eagles fall well into that other 10%.
  8. With the Super Bowl in the books, the order for Round 1 of the 2023 NFL Draft is officially set.
  9. Yes. Particularly considering that the top team at CBS should be Kevin Harlan and literally whatever other warm body they choose to pair with Kevin Harlan.
  10. Draft order has been updated to reflect the rumored Sean Payton to Denver deal.
  11. Runs contrary to the old adage that no landmark legal decision ever came out of a courtroom with a ceiling fan in it.
  12. Draft order has been updated to reflect the results of the Conference Championship Games.
  13. Or the Dolphins can just sign him when nobody's paying attention.
  14. Gunther is gonna be a damn star if the WWE allows it to happen. And the Zayn/Bloodline storyline is the best thing that this company has done in at least five years and there's nothing else that's even close.
  15. I'm pretty slowly making my way through it. Just recruited the Straw Hats and will be making my way to Lady Adachi's estate the next time I pick it up. I mentioned it somewhere else, but the first time I did it I played the first half of the game in "Kurosawa Mode," which was cool for a while but really took away from the brilliance of the game world. That and I've upgraded to the PS5 version this time around so I started from scratch. Might try to see if I can find all of the hidden stuff (artifacts, crickets, etc.) because I didn't do it on my first playthrough.
  16. Draft order has been updated to reflect the results from the divisional round.
  17. Finally went back and finished the Kastor quest in Wonderlands and haven't felt any real desire to do the Chaos Chamber or any of the DLC, though I did give it a go a couple of times. So, I decided to do another Ghost of Tsushima playthrough. I know there were conversations about it here not too long ago but, man, this game is special.
  18. There was a video I was watching the other day that said that home field for the playoffs actually rotated by division once upon a time. Specifically, the video was on the 1974 Vikings. That year, the top 4 teams (Vikings, Niners, Cardinals, and Redskins) were all 10-4, but because it was the NFC Central's turn to have home field, the Vikings got home field advantage that season. So, with the Wild Card rule, the Vikings played the Cardinals and the Redskins played the Rams. Just seems a strange way of doing things, honestly.
  19. Everything seems just sort of random. Doesn't matter which browser or anything like that. Sometimes I can use the page thing to go through the threads, sometimes I can't. Sometimes my links to tweets automatically embed, sometimes they don't. Not sure whether the issue is on my end or the server end, honestly.
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