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  1. The same mentality that got him from being undrafted to a long time starter is the mentality that will make him keep going. Fly out to Jacksonville Saturday morning for my annual Packers away game. Might hit up Redskins this year as well since it is only an hour drive.
  2. I saw this in the movies as a kid. The marketing for it made it out to be a cute comedy with the kid from Home Alone. This broke my nine year old heart
  3. Thanks as always for running this. It makes me pay attention to all the Summer movies and is a lot of fun. Appreciate it and Suicide Squad rotten tomatoes can suck it.
  4. Vince Russo is a guy who is still trying to make a living in a business that has passed him by. In order to do so, he says outlandish things that gets people riled up and repeating his name. Do not get mad at Vince Russo, pity him as a guy that can't let go. As much as him and Jim Cornette hate each other, they are very much alike.
  5. AKA the Rockin Rebel in Philadelphia wrestling promotions.
  6. If Kaepernick didn't have that big contract, he would have been shipped off like RG III was and would possibly be starting somewhere else, given another chance. It would cost far too much to cut him and no one will trade to take on that big of a contract. Thus, they keep him around but have no intention on playing him.
  7. Yeah I thought hand over heart was just for the pledge. I stand how the shot putters stand.
  8. It was completely different from Eminem in real life. That isn't fair. His daughter was his sister in the movie. ACTING
  9. I've been saying for years that Power & Glory and The Nasty Boys should have switched positions. Power & Glory beats the Hart Foundation at Wrestlemania VII while the Nasty Boys get squashed by LOD. Then at Summerslam 1991, LOD beats Power & Glory for the tag belts.
  10. Stupid Suicide Squad got me 14 points. IT WASN'T EVEN THAT BAD. I AM PETITIONING ROTTEN TOMATOES
  11. Saw Sausage Party Insane. Absolutely insane. Shockingly deep take on religion as well. If you don't get offended, I highly recommend it.
  12. Here is my problem. He went to Towson High. I went to Dulaney. I was bred to hate Towson High. We went to our schools at the same time. He could have been at the football games cheering them on. I can't root for him. It feels gross
  13. They were for the most part happy stories about life on the road.
  14. It just reminds me how upset I am that the Hasbros never did managers. As a kid I wanted Bobby Heenan and Jimmy Hart at ringside so I had to use Ninja Turtles figures to play their parts.
  15. I went to this Mania weekend in Dallas and it was pretty dissapointing. His opener went 45, he went 45 telling about six stories. Three of them I had heard before in either his HOF speech or elsewhere and one was really terrible.
  16. Bought a big ol Mini-Van on Sunday and now we are THOSE people. It is pretty sweet though.
  17. Looks at my list I put it as fifth. Those three weeks I was in first sure were nice. RIP my chances.
  18. Roman is actually pretty solid as a worker and a character. He needs to get more of a violent edge, which seems to be where they are heading. Minimal promos, just destroying dudes and he will be over in no time. You have him work Zayn in a face/face match where he loses and snaps and beats the piss out of Sami and you will have solid heel heat. You don't abandon someone who is getting a reaction from the crowd, even if it is not the reaction you want.
  19. Might as well make the Usos the next challengers for the World title to kill some time. Ambrose trying to survive the 2 on 1 assault might work for a month or two until Cena or Styles are available.
  20. I wasted a ton of money on X-Men cards back in the day that aren't worth anything. I don't see it as a waste of money though because I honestly enjoyed the collecting and hanging out with like minded people setting up trades and the thrill of getting a new pack.
  21. He has been working training people at a wrestling school. Maybe he is being signed as a "Player/Coach" type of thing. He was always a solid hand.
  22. I could imagine his fate being like the mayor and governor he was based off of, Martin O'Malley. An extremely failed run at a presidential bid.
  23. Remember that Kima spent all day interviewing the families of the homeless "victims" which might have came into her reason for snitching.
  24. Is this it? Sounds about right https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paperman
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