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  1. Exactly THIS. Movie is a mess but Octavia Spencer goes ALL IN on it. I would recommend it.
  2. Go see Brightburn. Go see it now! Soooooooo fantastic
  3. In my head the dragon takes Daenerys to the forest people who make her The Night Queen and it all starts over again. I enjoyed the last episode more than the final season.
  4. On the second viewing that hit me. Did he continue to pay her cell phone bill for five years? Did he leave her cell phone on the charger in the house where she got dusted? What happens if you got dusted while in an elevator, do you just show up where the elevator was and plummet to your death?
  5. Went and saw The Intruder last night. Paint by numbers movie elevated by Dennis Quaid going ALL IN on the movie. Definitely check it out when it comes out on DVD.
  6. I turned my TV on for the first time since yesterday and it was still on HBO and I thought things were brighter and then I thought I was being crazy. Just watched the last half again and it definitely seemed clearer
  7. I tried to go see Captain Marvel a second time because of how much I actively disliked it and I couldn’t make it all the way through. It’s no Thor: The Dark World but definitely in my bottom five.
  8. Been sitting here thinking about the dynamics of the snap. Half the world mourned. Some moved on, remarried had kids. Then out of nowhere five years later everyone comes back and to them it was only a second of time. World leaders gone for what they think is a second and now we have a new president. Just absolute anarchy.
  9. The Infinity Stones in our time were destroyed by Thanos and no longer exist. Collector is still dead.
  10. All they did was bring back everyone that was snapped. To the people snapped it was a second but it was still five years. Tony demanded this compromise so his daughter still existed They never changed their past, they just collected the stones
  11. Box Office Toy Story 4 The Lion King Spider Man: Far From Home Fast & The Furious Presents: Hobb & Shaw Aladdin The Secret Life Of Pets 2 Godzilla King Of The Dinosaurs Detective Pikachu John Wick Chapter 3 Men In Black International Dark Phoenix Shaft Dora & The Lost City Of Gold New Mutants Stuber Rotten Tomatoes Toy Story 4 The Secret Life Of Pets 2 The Lion King Rocketman Godzilla, King Of Monsters Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw Spider Man: Far from Home John Wick 3 Chapter 3 Aladdin Men In Black International Shaft Stuber Dark Phoenix Dora & The Lost City New Mutants Tiebreaker: Stuber $18 million
  12. So scared of how much this game will cost if I can’t get tickets when they go on sale but this is the game I’m targeting to travel to next year.
  13. I really enjoyed this one but found myself wishing there were more songs. Highly recommend checking it out though.
  14. I went and saw it. It was fine but completely forgettable.
  15. Two QB league, I picked up Matt Ryan and Eli Manning late. Didn’t want to play Eli against the Jaguars. Had a choice between Joe flacco Ryan fitzpatrick Sam Bradford Sam Darnold. guess which one I picked.
  16. Gotta make it a four score game. Also, you get to practice a two point conversion in a real game.
  17. Total small world moment. It was fun to watch a show with a crowd getting into it like I did back in the day for WWE PPV’s before the network.
  18. Saw Searching last night. Absolutely amazing movie that was uniquely presented. Highest recommendations
  19. Ronda Rousey proving that women can draw on a large level in UFC was a huge part of the Women’s revolution being a thing. i like Lufisto as much as the next person, but c’mon
  20. Saw Happytime Murders last night at 10:30 and saw two parents which young children there that did not last past ten minutes. Movie was ok.
  21. Saw Mile 22 last night. Absolute shit with crazy cuts, a weird five minute ad for a divorce app (Not a joke) and a plot that makes negative sense.
  22. As someone that works in the copier industry, that segment really popped me. He is a lot like our top two salespeople.
  23. I couldn’t get a feel on Christopher Robin so I left it off of both lists. Only smart thing I did.
  24. Signed up for the AMC A-List gimmick. It is really fantastic. If AMC got all the quirky films and one offs I would switch to that exclusively. Going to give Moviepass a little more time to get their shit together before I cancel. $15 a month to be able to see the indie movies/special screenings like I did with Alien a few weeks back is worth it and use the AMC card for the new releases on the IMAX screen.
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