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  1. Lita looks like one of those transgender Mexican wrestlers in these.
  2. If you have a wrestler as a hero, then there's something wrong with you.
  3. Big time powerlifter. Has visited Mark Bell's gym in California several times.
  4. One thought, if Jerry Blackwell didn't get cold feet at that St. Louis TV taping, would he had been a credible threat to Hogan or would he have been a part of the Hillbillies gimmick?
  5. What kind of career Barry Windham would've had if he didn't flake out on the WWF in 1984 and burned bridges in the NWA? Multiple time NWA Champion?
  6. Is that Johnny Rich, Davey Rich (Haskins) & Steve Armstrong?
  7. Ok, I don't look there. It's still part of wrestling.
  8. Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned Colby Corino — who is set to begin training at the NJPW dojo next month — was arrested Saturday night in Tennessee for possession of a controlled substance. According to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, Corino was taken into custody around 12:45 am for possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and a few counts that are classified as “drugs general category for resale.” An officer at the station didn’t have access to the arrest report, but explained the last charge generally means the person is suspected of selling drugs due to the amount found and other various reasons. Colby announced last month that he would be leaving for New Japan in January. Corino is due in court next week and is being held on a $40K bond.
  9. From here, the black fella in the right hand corner looks a lot like Bobby Lashley.
  10. Gorilla/Heenan is at the top of the list Vince/Ventura really good Tony/Crockett wasn't bad. Wasn't that good either Solie/Piper were awesome JR/Hayes in UWF underrated Mauro/Josh Barnett underrated also
  11. That Carmella chick needs to eat a burger or 10. She looks undernourished.
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