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Week 1

- Video is played of Billie Kay and Peyton Royce assaulting Asuka in the parking lot.

- Billie Kay and Peyton Royce def  Sara Bridges and Macey Estrella. 

Post match: Billie and Peyton declare themselves the most dominant force in the division and say the Women's title belongs to them. A beaten up Asuka comes down to attack, but is laid out. Nikki Cross attacks Billie and Peyton, running them off.  Cross then attacks Asuka. 

- Elias Samson def. Jonathan Cruz

- Andrade Cien Almas def. Oney Lorcan. 

Post match: Almas cuts a promo in mostly Spanish, but called out Roderick Strong 

- DIY def. the Revival to retain the NXT Tag Team Titles.

Post match: The Authors of Pain lay out DIY.



Dark match --
- Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins defeated Adrian Jaoude & Cezar Bononi

Standing shooting star press by Ford for the pin.

NXT TV tapings --
- They showed Peyton Royce and Billie Kay attacking Asuka in the parking lot before the show started.

- Billie Kay & Peyton Royce defeated Sarah Bridges & Macey Estrella

The Aussies had a lot of heat with the live crowd. They won with a double team finish on Bridges with Royce dropping her on Kay's knee.

- Asuka ran down after the match while being held back by security to attack Kay and Royce but was roughed up until Nikki Cross made the save. After clearing the ring, Cross attacked Asuka herself.

- Elias Samson defeated Jonathan Cruz

Fans booed Drifter all match until he won with his finish.

- Andrade “Cien” Almas defeated Oney Lorcan

Almas got a decisive win with his leg sweep DDT.

- NXT Tag Team Champions DIY defeated The Revival to retain their titles

Great match with some excellent near falls and a hot finish. DIY won with the double running knee/kick to both men. The Authors of Pain jumped DIY from behind after the match and left them laying.


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DIY vs. Revival was great once again. Love the AoP attack after the match.

The women's segment was nice. I love seeing Asuka so thrown off by a situation. Also was the perfect way to make sense of the 4-way. I don't think Asuka has ever  looked so vulnerable as she did when busting into Regal's office and demanding the match.

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This was a really fun episode of NXT.

AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE -- Great sneak attack to start the show. I loved how there were just some randos watching going "ooooh" after Asuka got tossed into the van. It felt like what would happen at a Wawa parking lot in suburban Philly. Everyone would enjoy and watch a beating but absolutely do nothing to intervene. The pouring water on Asuka was a really nice touch, too. Good little tag match. Sara Bridges had a fun hot tag. Love the Aussies getting good heat. Love the NXT crowd chanting Sara and not her indie name. Asuka's run-in was a great sacrificial lamb bit. Nikki's fake save was a really good cheap shot. Fun segment and a good direction for the woman's direction.

SANITY - Was this their first promo? I really want to see more from them. Eric Young needs to cut a mission statement type of thing. They do have a good evil cackle. But I want to see some crazy. i got all-in on NXT because of all the crazy ass Wyatt stuff. Sanity has a great chaotic evil look and presentation. But I want to see more. I definitely think Nikki's a star though. She looks like some gutterpunk girl who would have a vegan dog and would shove a mother of two into oncoming traffic after some slight.

DRIFT AWAY - Elias Samson is such a good heel. That song is appropriately terrible. Is Jonathan Cruz an indie dude? I liked his facial expressions and selling a lot. Made The Drifter's stuff look really good.

CIEN VS. ONEY - Cien works really great as a heel. Total d-bag. You can really see in how he taunts with his body how wearing a mask helped him. It's so expressive with little things like his arrogant covers and points. Great, great, great wrestler. This was another keeper of a match. Oney was really stiff and fired up. He gave a good Cesaro vibe, even beyond the forearm stuff, in how he just flies with a really nice energy. He's close to really becoming something.

NAKAMURA - I've been over Nak for a while. Other than the Sami match, he hasn't done much for me except for some sporadic things. The Joe matches were snoozes. But I liked this segment a lot. Nak put over Roode as tough and strong but not the king. Very bad-ass. But I definitely like the beginning of whatever head game Bobby is trying to play with the ticket from NXT: Dallas.

DIY/REVIVAL- I love how they built this up throughout the show. Of course they should. Their last match was the 2016 MOTY, one of the best tag matches of all time and maybe even the best NXT match ever. We can have that debate for another time. But they really built this up to make it feel like a major match. I sort of wish they gave them a full show and a 45-minute match.

I love how The Revival are getting sort of a respect pop now. Perfect. They deserve it. DIY have become a good indie R'n'R Express. I still want to slap the taste out of Garagano's mouth, but that's more because of my failed boyhood dream of being in or managing a heel tag team and not because he's terrible at connecting with a crowd, because he's obviously not.

Man, Full Sail is ELECTRIC. Best crowd they've had in years. No dumb chants. No chanting the indie names of whoever is in the ring. Just a totally invested crowd. This feels like 2014 NXT tonight.

And it's another MOTYC from DIY/Revival.Who would have thought it. Impeccable match. Revival control early by using their great cheapshots and cheating and etc. Gargano's a great Ricky Morton and I loved the callback to his knee getting blown out in Brooklyn. I loved DIY's rally with Dash screaming for Scott while in the armbar hoping not to tap like they did in the 2/3 fall thriller. I loved the end -- Gargano gutted out a great dive to the floor and Tomasso nearly took himself out with a flying knee off the apron. Their spitfire and spunk was just a little too much for the wily Revival and their cheating ways. Great ending that settled it once-and-for-all, with DIY getting a double pin in another callback to their last match.

Authors of Pain jumping them from behind was perfect. Great long-form storytelling. AOP beat DIY en route to the tournament victory, but that was only because of The Revival's decision to hang out under a wrestling ring for a few hours to get just licks. And now AOP want some more.

The final shot with Regal was great. Heavy is the head for Asuka. She was always the huntress, even with the title. She was the intimidator. But Peyton and Billie aren't looking at her like Emma and Dana did. And Nikki cares even less. She was humiliated and angry and crying and now might want a little more than she can take.

Amazing episode of pro wrestling.

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6 hours ago, Wyld Samurai said:

Nikki Cross is going to be the breakout star of Insanity. 

I think that's been clear since about their third week. Damo could do well too (although I'm not sure if he joins them or not).

Cien and Oney have quietly been having one of the best rivalries in WWE. Their Osaka match was really good and this match was still solid and had a lot of energy and urgency you don't see too much in the WWE tv grind. Almas actually has been a top-flight worker since his heel turn.

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Great sell of the tag finisher by Sarah.

Daaaaamn, look at the guns on Nicki.

Yeah, how did Samson get back from Australia?

I would never have guess that Lorcan and Cien would have good chemistry.

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The tiny little thing where Gargano is on his back with his feet up trying not to take more damage and Dawson jumps through with a dropkick is the type of tiny little thing I love. It's like Arn Anderson meets Kazushi Sakuraba.

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