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There are no words for how much I love Onryo.


From Japan's Christian persecuting past comes a wrestling fed and a worker with names containing the Number of the Beast.




We will tie the awesomness of Onryo in with the awesomeness of previous WoTD, The Brahman Brothers!



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Well this one was (and I found it quicker)







Mixed Barbed Wire Board Tag Match: MENs Teioh/Kyoko Kimura vs ONRYO/KAORU: Oh hell yeah, KAORU is fuckin hot. Take it from me. I'm old and know hot. Kimura and Men's are sporting afros. KAORU is sporting leather pants and they are splurtacular. And there is ONRYO- all dusty and sans Shinnigami. KAORU and Kimura collar and elbow to tease going into the barbed-wire boards and KAORU is still pretty limber for entering Sherrie Martel older dream girl territory. And she will go backless and back first into the barbed-wire. KAORU will also bump like fucking KAORU when you throw her into the chairs. They kinda go into a straight tag match which isn't so good since Men's Teioh and ONRYO haven't had anything in the tank since the turn of the millenium. So yeah, I watched this and definately STILL remember MEN'S TEIOH vs Tiger Mask 4 from Michinoku Pro and I STILL remember KAORU vs Akira Hokuto from GAEA. Barbed-Wire Board sandwich with KAORU Twisting Senton was a fun finisher but they kinda keep going after that. KAORU with a roll-up and I was hoping to see an Excaliber after all these years. Oh well. This really felt like a Tom Brandy versus Vladimir Koloff wash-up indie mail-in but with KAORU making a few parts cool. 

- DEAN (ISSUE #166)

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Curry Man vs. Onryu: 

Mmmmm gimmicklicious. I really hated the Curry Man gimmick the first time I saw it, but Daniels has goofed it up and made it fun. He cut the rockin prematch promo, about how he was going to turn the J Cup into the C Cup. This was right after Daniels signed with WCW so he was getting jobbed out in Japan. Onryu may be my favorite of the Indy sleaze guys, he isn't a bad worker, has the super cool revengeful ghost gimmick, and he has a seemingly unstoppable urge to LIVE HIS GIMMICK and actual die in a wrestling ring. What more could one want. Fun little match, with Onryu doing all of his goofball spots. Curry puts him in a sleeper, and Onryu collapses immediately like he died, confusing Curry and the ref, he uses this confusion to take an advantage, and he hits his shoulder destroying springboard tope-con-hilo to the floor. Onryu also hits a super nasty Tiger Driver '91 which seems like waaay too brutal a move for a first round J- Cup match in front of 1400 people between a guy with a plate of curry on his head and a Zombie. The end is pretty funtastic, as Curry Man hits his Spicy Drop, and to break the count, Onryu grabs the ref's arm. When Curry gets up to complain, Onryu hits his Onryu clutch (freaked out La Magistral) for the big ole upset with the crowd going batshit. Curry had the classic curse filled interview afterwards (FUCK! SHIT! MOTHERFUCKING TANABE ... YOU WIN NOW CIMA... YOU WIN... FUCK).
Schneider - DVDVR #120


Also of note - as per usual, we spelled his named wrong for like half the issues/500


So having to look for both Onryo and Onryu is time consuming

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I tried to find the DDT match between MIKAMI and Onryo that was on one of Phil's comps to no avail. Pretty good as I recall.


I really don't know what's a weirder (or more potentially racist) gimmick, Curry Man or Kyoko Kimura, what with the afro and bellbottoms and the whole Jamaica/weed thing. What the fuck is she supposed to be?

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I picked up a tape of the 2000 Super J cup despite not being that familiar with Japanese wrestling or many of the guys featured (all the text on the box was in Japanese and I was just going by the pictures on it).  Onryo probably impressed me more than any of the guys in there with the exception of CIMA.  His wrestling was nothing to write home about but his gimmick and the way he incorporated it into his mannerisms, body language and selling was top notch.

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What JRV said.


Has anyone else used the Onryo Clutch? I'm surprised that the whole sequence hasn't been stolen in latter-day WWE. 


Madison Rayne of all people broke out the Onryo Clutch once or twice during her big feud with the Beautiful People.

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