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  1. Wade Barrett's absolute joy at yelling "TSUNAMI!!!" is my favourite thing in wrestling
  2. Can't imagine The Collective $140 package selling well. Individual shows like Bloodsport will sell, but with WWE running 4 nights and IWTV showing a lot of cards that look better, there's a glut of wrestling already available for less money. I can't imagine there's that much demand for six different Allie Kat matches
  3. 99% of the time with people leaving the WWE, it's guys who've either reached their level (FTR, Harper, Rusev) or even surpassed what should have been their ceiling (Ambrose). A guy like Andrade, who looks like that, has a physical charisma like that and managed to get a potential "best match in company history" out of Johnny Gargano was nowhere near his ceiling.
  4. Lovely bit of business with the Ruff title win. I really liked the crucifix he won with, it looks great and made it believable that it would keep Gargano down. Joseph and Barrett sold it beautifully on commentary too
  5. Sadie Gibbs, who is stuck in the UK and can't fly over
  6. Isn't part of the Carter issue that his visa won't let him work in America (hence working for free in AEW), whereas he can work for NXT UK, get paid, then be able to come to NXT proper when the pandemic subsides? Signing with the only company who can currently pay him doesn't feel that stupid, plus he'll be able to attend a full time training facility to improve, which AEW can't offer.
  7. The smallest member is Slapjack, who's still bigger than Seth. Unless you're including Mia Yim and Mercedes, but I wouldn't buy those two putting up with Rollins's shit.
  8. Danny Burch using cockney rhyming slang to get away with calling their opponents a wanker and a c**t on national TV was delightful, especially as that was the only way to make Regal understand Fandango
  9. Aside from the fact Kip Sabian is a better wrestler than Penelope, his claim to fame should be that he holds the first ever pinfall victory in AEW history, I don't know why that's not mentioned more as part of his character's cockiness.
  10. The end of the Battle Royal, with Bayley and Banks trying to screw over Asuka, but accidentally helping her when Asuka landed on their backs rather than the floor, was some lovely business. Bayley's Twitter troll game is on fire too
  11. According to Cagematch, Sadie hasn't wrestled since October last year, when she was on Dark in a really terrible tag match (Allie/Gibbs vs Swole/Mercedes Martinez). Don't know if it's because she got injured or if that tag match exposed her greenness (though TBF only Mercedes looked competent in that match)
  12. When you're in a match with a man called Oney Lorcan, you can get away with being called anything
  13. It's also a bit more impressive to beat someone who's picked up a few wins rather than "Here's Corey Hollis with a record of 0-14"
  14. Dark ended up OK this week with 2 decent Dark Order tags and the fun Hollis/Sky match, but the one-two punch of that Janela tag and the Abadon match was the worst sequence of back-to-back matches I've seen this year. Both utterly abysmal
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