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I really liked Orton around this time but RVD is RVD and I don't really like that guy at all but damn, something happens when those two work each other and this is probably their best match. RVD's best selling and bumping ever goes hand in hand with some crazy Orton stuff. The rolling thunder into the powerslam was a spot that they revived in their series on Smackdown last year but it was absolutely insane here and more proof that Orton's ring timing is just about second to none. The stretcher finish is always dumb but this, opening a PPV, was pretty great.

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That was him replacing Goldberg last minute for an absurd amount of money, wasn't it?

Not to mention getting a bad (aren't they all?) concussion or two from it.


I worked with Kawada twice, once in 1991, once in 2004.

The 1991 match was just a spot show and went pretty well. The 2004 match for Monster went well... if you don't include the part about me kneeling in front of a toilet and throwing up because of the concussion. It really was, at that point that I should have realized that almost every new match I had was going to have a concussion to go along with it.

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