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  1. I will never forget the finish to this match: Hashimoto hits the absolute best brainbuster I've ever seen him hit. Tanaka is killed DEAD. Top tier extended squash.
  2. Thanks, Matt. There were a couple people with better first hand info than I had and so when I was on the radio, I was just relaying what I could. But yeah, it was crazy. I still haven't really come down from it.
  3. I can't believe people don't get this by now. US attendance for WWE events has stagnated across the board the last few years. International attendance has gone up. When they've done things in India from a PR perspective, they've gotten a nice boost. So they put the belt on Jinder until they feel like they've gotten either India on board full time and they want everything on the brand and not just Jinder, or until they lose favor in India.
  4. We got through it, but the fire was about a mile away from my house in two different directions. Same with my brother. One of my best friends had the burn line literally get within feet of his house before it was put out. It's been a ridiculous ordeal. I was on the radio for 60 hours reporting on it the week it happened. Just mass pandemonium at some points, but we got through it.
  5. Eh, the aping there is good-natured while what Cole and Will and all them have been doing is trolling Orton out.
  6. Considering where Cole is heading, that seems like a weird thing to put on film right before you go to the company that's about to sign you.
  7. Never thought I wanted to see Bob Sapp at EVO in July but now I do.
  8. Also, you go to Korakuen to see the Champions Carnival:
  9. Because when you go to Japan, you go to Kawada's ramen house:
  10. Alas, there are no more kickers/punters that Phil might be younger than.
  11. The Super Smash Brothers missed out on a glitch gimmick. Especially in PWG.
  12. Shinobu Kandori vs. Bull Nakano - 7/14/94 - Chain Match, LLPW http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1badp2_bull-nakano-vs-shinobu-kandori-chain-match-llpw-7-14-94_sport An absolutely insane match, with the stretch run being one of my favorites ever. Cements Kandori as an all-timer in my book.
  13. Here's Jeff Cobb taking on local brute Drake Frost in a fun match, featuring two Cobb power spots that had me and EricR losing our collective minds.
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