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  1. Didn’t enjoy the finish of the main. Anticlimactic. Enjoyable card all together. Talk all you want, but right now there isn’t anyone in the UFC with the drawing power and stardom of mcGregor. Poirier can fight him 10 times and the star power won’t rub ofF on him. anyway, poirier for the title seems about right. McGregor, if he recovers, shoulD fight Diaz. Proper money match.
  2. Chiesa fight reminded me of that period in the UFC where guys line Fitch and GSP dominated with a very uninteresting wrestling style. Sure grappling purists fawn over it, but man is it uninteresting to watch 5 rounds of it with no attempt to finish it.
  3. That Cage/Allin table spot was amazing. I’ve become desensitized by most hardcore spots in wrestling over the years, but this one really made my cringe.
  4. AEW Dark is liking watching an indy show with good production value. Bear Country and Nick Comoroto need to be signed and secured. It's good to know not every hoss is already signed by WWE.
  5. Nightmare Family look like a bunch of jobbers. Dustin is still a fucking stud, but the wrong team won. All in all, good show. AEW is still the best wrestling show today, but man, this Covid era can fuck right off. This needed a hot crowd.
  6. I call shenanigans so Hangman can lose without hurting his cred. Omega vs Hangman in the finals seems too obvious.
  7. Loved the 12-man. Can’t wait for the inevitable Hangman vs Brodie Lee match. Also: I fucking hate this era of sports without a crowd.
  8. Brody Lee is dope. Outfit is slightly better than last week. Matt Hardy isn’t for me. I dug the delete shit couple of years back, but this is just hard to get into. Jericho is the GOAT. It is not even up for debate anymore. True MVP of AEW.
  9. Yeah Dark was pretty good. They should keep this format for Dark, but have the main-event be something meaningful. Speaking of which, do the wins/losses of Dark count in the rankings?
  10. Brody Lee's pants reminded of the indy phase around the the early 2000's were every wrestler wore pleather.
  11. Same old shit. Watched it with a buddy who has the Network. I liked Balor/Gargano though. We turned it off afterwards and read the results this morning. Mauro is fucking insufferable.
  12. Great episode, can’t wait for next week’s show.
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